Adventures of a young Teen, cont……Yo

In my mid teen years our parents decided to send us to summer camp one year as they took their trip north to visit sick f****y. I was horrified, just what I need as if I didn’t get enough heckling in school, now I got to take it all summer too? You see I’m not a big k** even now I am only a buck fifty. Never was into sports hence the light weight syndrome. I just knew it was going to be a horrible summer. I never thought I would be so, so wrong.

After arriving at the camp and getting settled into the large tent set up for 5 and the designated chaperone. The quarters weren’t that bad lots of room. Though there wasn’t anyone in the tent while I unpacked, I could tell I was bunking with k**s my age by the look of their gear.

Off I went to find my place in this mass of k**s. There were mixed crowds and chaos due to it being the first day so I decided to just walk around and check out the camp. It was pretty big there were some cabins, mostly for the adults and older k**s to hang in but there were tents everywhere, but it was easy to get around as every direction was marked. After a while I decided to get back before I was missed and found my group. After the whole rules thing and boundaries set we were told to get acquainted with every one in the group, there were 20 in mine, and pick a buddy to team up with. Immediately we all scrambled to get the right person, I just kinda stood there, I decided to see what happened. Three boys huddled close to me and decided that the four of us would team up and work together throughout the trip during contest and stuff, Shane, Chris and Kelsey looked at me and said, what do you think? You in? I advised them I was no good at any sports and picking me prob meant they were doomed in the contests, but they insisted and it was agreed. Shane is thirteen and though a year younger than me, much more developed in the upper body and legs. He was on the wrestling team. Chris, same age as me was nothing special. Average k**, average build not bad looking though, blonde hair and dark green eyes. Nice k**. Kelsey was a year older than us and bigger than all of us. He played baseball and was already five eleven. Kelsey worked out all the time and showed it off. Wearing tshirts with the sleeves cut off and surf shorts and mid long sandy brown hair he looked the beach type.
Now if you have been following my stories you will have known that I have had my experience camping and was well aware of my new found sexual preference. So I was excited to find out that Kelsey was in my tent as was Chris. This was their third year there and they knew the assigned chaperone to our tent. Doug. Doug was 21, Kelsey told me he was cool and that we prob wouldn’t see much of him. As was the case last year, Doug’s girlfriend was at the camp as well and he spent most nights chasin after her tail or hanging out with the “others”. We had dinner and was told we could take the next three hours to familiarize ourselves with the camp and just relax until lights out at 9:30. Kelsey was with me and told me he would give me a personal tour of the camp. Hmmmmm….how personal? I wondered.

The camp was huge it took us an hour just to cover the tour and we met up with Shane and Chris. Kelsey said there was a place they had every year where they could go and get away from everyone and hang out and asked us if we wanted to go. Chris already knew of it and said he was in but Shane decided to head back to the main camp complaining he was tired. The three of us went of into the woods until we got to the place Kelsey was talking about. I have to admit, it was very secluded by heavy brush and a couple hundred yards off the main path with no visible trails leading to it and Kelsey had cleared out quite a nice space with a small pit in the center for small campfires. We hung out there for a while, Kelsey started a fire and pulled out a small cooler sized box from under the bushes, in it was water, snacks and a smaller box for which Kelsey kept his smokes and pot in. He had already been there earlier in the day and stocked it. He shot me a glance and asked if I was “cool?” and I replied in the positive. Chris smiled and took a smoke from Kelsey and lit it. I don’t smoke cigarettes but I have been known to smoke the weed every now and then. We just chilled for a while and talked about k** stuff, Kelsey talked sports as did Chris and I basically just listened. Suddenly, the talk got to girls and who was the hottest in the camp and who they might have a chance with. I noticed that Chris being pretty stoned started to grab his crotch saying, “just give em a look at this and they will run screaming, out of the faint light from the fire I could see Chris holding a sizeable cock, my guess was eight to nine inches and thick. Just then Kelsey let out a laugh and said, “that’s nice but take a look at this.” With that he stood up and pulled the string of his trunks and let them fall to the ground exposing what appeared to be ten inches of rapidly growing cock with more room to grow. I was in a daze, did he just say Chris’ dick was nice? What were their intentions? Do I drop my shorts too? Now I am not huge by any means I have a full eight inches and am not ashamed so when Chris asked me what I was packing I willingly stood up and dropped my drawers. The difference being my cock was already rock hard and touching my belly. “Not bad k** and you still got growing room to come” as he sat back in his chair and started jacking his huge tool. Chris was well into the circle jerk too so I figured what the hell and joined in the jerk session. It was pretty quiet while all this jerking was going on and in the faint light I could see Kelsey stealing looks at both myself and Chris. While Chris mostly kept his eyes closed, imagining some hot chick I assumed. Just then Chris stood up, aimed his dick at the fire and shot his load over the fire and close to my feet. He fired four or five more volleys into the fire and collapsed on the chair. Just then I stole a glance at Kelsey and his hot body was tensing up in preparation for his climax which put me over the edge as I shot my load and almost immediately, Kelsey was shooting his load. The first shot went over his shoulder and the rest soaked his hairless chest.
We cleaned up and relaxed by the fire for a while and Chris decided to head back to camp. I decided to chill a while with Kelsey before lights out. Kelsey lit the other half of the joint and stoked the fire a bit and pulled his chair close to me as we started talking. “So, you got a girlfriend?” Kelsey asked and I responded by saying that I broke up with her a couple weeks ago, knowing that it was a lie I figured he wouldn’t know the difference. “so you have sex yet?” he fired another question. I responded to the positive having already tried the female thing but already pretty experienced in the male, male thing. “well ***** dumped me last week saying I was a jerk and insensitive.” He grabbed his crotch again saying, “I’ve been horny as hell lately.” And started jacking his cock again. “I hope you don’t get mad but I think your pretty hot looking.” What was I hearing? Me? Hot? I laughed to myself and looked up at Kelsey. “really?” Really he said. And something in his expression told me he was sincere. Just then I felt Kelsey’s hand on my leg, it slowly crept up until it was resting on my dick which was rapidly rising to the occasion. “You cool?” Kelsey asked me, the only way I could respond was to place my hand on his tool and start to jerk it. A smile came across Kelsey’s lips as he leaned in to kiss me. We locked in the most intense kiss I could remember to date. After a few minutes of hot groping he released his grip on me and knelt down in front of me. He took my dick in his mouth and began to give me one of the best blow jobs, taking me deep down his throat without gagging. He deep throated me for what seemed like forever, giving my balls the treatment as well as the edge of my ass crack, I could take it no more and told him so as he just moaned picking up the pace. I shot more cum than I thought I would have, having just cum an hour earlier. Kelsey just looked up at me as he swallowed every drop of my boy juice without letting a drop escape.
“It’s your turn” he said as he came off my dick then kissed me on the lips, giving me a taste of my own cum. He sat back on the ground and spread his legs as I took my position between them. This cock was big, I just stared at it for a few seconds and decided there was no question what needed to be done. I started by licking his balls getting them nice and wet sucking each one, then both into my mouth and giving them the full tongue treatment I spent quite a bit of time on his loose sack soaking it thoroughly then working my tongue up the long shaft lapping it up as I go. All the while, Kelsey just laying back with his hands behind his head watching me give him the best head he has ever had. “Dam dude, you do that like you have done it a few times.” I just paused, looked at him and said, “a few” and went back to work on the task at hand, satisfying this horse cock in front of me. Kelsey just grinned as I feverously went to work on his tool. Taking almost all of it down my throat I felt Kelsey grab the back of my head encouraging me to go faster, more like setting his own pace. Before I knew it Kelsey was fucking my throat like a stallion, so much that I had to break for fear of passing out, just enough to get a couple of deeps breathes before Kelsey shoved it back down my throat. He started telling me how hot my throat was as tears started coming down from the ferocity of his face fuck. I could feel the head graze my tonsils every time he pulled out and shoved it back in when finally he told me he was going to shoot his load soon. “You got one hot mouth k**” all the while picking up the pace. I was ready to receive his load when he pulled out and to my disappointment shot his huge load all over my face. Shot after shot hit me in the face and dropped onto my chest and crotch. It kept coming as I grabbed it and took the last few shots down my ravaged throat. I have never seen so much cum from one person. I was soaked in his juice. I tried to clean him up as best as I could but there was just too much cum on my face. He pulled a small towel from the box and I cleaned up best I could. We sat there for another half hour catching our breath trying to recover.
Kelsey popped up looked at his watch and said, “dam we gotta go, we are almost late and that’s not cool the first night. Let’s get back.” We straightened ourselves up and headed back to camp. Kelsey put his arm around me as we walked and whispered in my ear, “ I think this is gonna be a great summer vacation, don’t you?” I grabbed the far cheek of his ass as we walked and said, “you have no idea Kelsey, Licked the side of his neck and just walked back to the campsite leaving Kelsey standing there giving me that, “You hot little bitch” look………………..

To be continued…………………………………

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2 years ago
Well damn your summer vacation must have been fucking awesome I might just have to go to Camp America if I will meet someone like Kelsey :D
3 years ago
wow great story!
4 years ago
this is the kind of story that i enjoy thanks
4 years ago
like the story got me nice and hard
4 years ago
God this takes me back to earlier place and time, while My "Camp" experience was church camp, nothing ever happened there, I have many similar stories with the hot young Cowboys I grew up with from age 10 to Well, honestly now! While I do so like Teens, I also like complying with state law, I still love young men (18 + now that I'm over legal age)I have to admit I'm one of the few that still loves both sides of the street! I'm 54 now, and still have the occasional 18 to 21 y/o visitor! This was a great story, and hope you share more!
4 years ago
very hot story nice one
4 years ago
This story is fucking awesome!!! More! Please! AND SOON