Adventures of a young teen….continued, Fir

Me again, I thought I would share another adventure in my early teens. Now if you read the previous story, I have already decided that boys were the thing for me early in life. I still flirt with the girls but I’d much rather hang with the boys.
We lived near a lake so most summer weekends mom would drop us off to go swimming. On this particular weekend Eric who lived in the neighborhood was there with his buddy Shaun. Now Eric is 19 and was permitted to bring his Dad’s boat to the lake. They did a lot of skiing and tubing but never really let anyone on the boat cept the girls. That way they could show off and stuff. The lake is huge, barely see one side to the other so plenty of room to open the boat up.
They were getting ready to pull out and had Carol and Bev in the boat, I was seriously bored and asked if I could tag along for the ride. Instantly Shaun was like no way and Eric was leaning the same way when good old Carol speaks up, “Awww come on Eric he’s a friend and prob wont cause problems”. Eric relented and advised me to be the lookout guy in the back of the boat while they ski. The day was flyin by the guys took turns on the skis then pulled the girls on the tube. I was watchin everything and everybody in the boat. I noticed Shaun was wearing boxer shorts and was sportin an average piece. Eric was more athletic of the two, better built and wearing a pair of boxer trunks but when he went in the water he shed the long shorts for the boxer brief type swim trunks. There was no hiding anything on him in those, I expect that’s why the girls hang around him. Bev was very plain looking but had a nice rack and Carol wasn’t too busty but was nice in a two piece, Just as I was giving her the once over she saw me staring at her ass and spoke up, why don’t we let him try it. Pointing at me. I was really content just sitting in the back of the boat and Eric once again wasn’t warming up to the idea but after hearing, “yeah, it might give us a laugh” from Shaun, they hooked me up. Falling what seemed like 10 times I finally steadied myself as Eric increased the speed a little at a time. Before I knew it we were going at a pretty good clip and Eric turned, I did good into the turn but caught a ski comin out of it and wiped out. After getting my bearings and swallowing a lot of lake water I could hear them comin back whooping and hollering what a nasty wipe out it was. The two guys hauled me out onto the boat and off we went. I think I just made some friends.
It was getting close to 4pm and the girls had to go. Eric took the girls back and asked if I wanted to go with him to take Shaun home, he lived across the lake. I called Mom to let her know and Eric assured her that he would drive me home when we were done. Since Eric graduated with my oldest b*****r our families knew each other, so it was no big deal. So off we went full speed across the lake. Eric still in his short shorts and blonde hair blowing and Shaun sitting up front I parked myself right next to Eric. Giving that crotch a glance every now and then. Had to be careful, didn’t want to get my skinny ass kicked. We finally got to the other side and dropped off Shaun, they did their chest bump and away we went full throttle. We got just short of midway back and Eric idled down, He asked if I had a good time and I replied absolutely, better than stuck on shore or at home. Yeah he says, I hear ya. Then he says, “Carol said she caught you checkin her out? Staring at her ass eh”? I cant help it I said, teen hormones and all. Again he replies, I hear ya. She said you were checkin us all out. That true? Well how am I supposed to respond to that? I thought. “Nah she’s seeing things” I decide to reply. Things got quiet and he idled up a little. One hand on the wheel he drops the other to his crotch to adjust, but instead leaves his hand on his piece. He begins to massage it looking ahead. It starts to grow. I cant help myself and am staring at it. He sees me and cuts the engine. “you sure you weren’t checkin me out? Cause I could use a hand with this, grabbing his cock and pulling it from his body. “ why don’t you grab it k**, you know you want to. He was right, I couldn’t fight it, something about hard cocks on hot guys just did it for me. So I grab it and start kneading it in it’s confined space all the while looking around to make sure no one can see us. He just sat back and let me jack his cock through his shorts for a bit when we heard another boat approaching, he quickly brushed my hand and started the boat, Dam, I thought missed my opportunity. Just then Eric steers the boat to an area of the lake with lots of reeds. He gets us in to a spot where no one can see. Cuts the engine and pulls a beer from the cooler. “ok k**, lets see what you can do.” I started to give him the treatment, jacking his dick and putting the head in my mouth through the shorts. He stood up, looked around to make sure no one was around and shucked his shorts, His thick dick slapped me in the face and there it was, 9 inches, cut and beautiful, I wasted no time, I went to work on that cock, slow long strokes over it, I wanted this to last a bit. I love sucking cock. Eric just sat there, all he could say was “dam k**, not too bad”. This gave me encouragement and I took him to the base. This drove him crazy and he held my head down tryin to stuff even more down my throat. Then he grabbed my head and started fucking my face like ther was no tomorrow all the while saying, “ I knew you were a little bitch from back a few years ago and I been wanting a piece of you for a long time, now suck my cock bitch boy.” He fucked my face with fury, I thought I would pass out then he shouted, “ you ready for it boy? I could only moan in reply. Then he pulled out his cock and splashed me right in the face with his first shot. I quickly got control of the spurting cock and was rewarded with another five volleys of cum down my throat. He was so spent he collapsed on the seat. “holy crap k**, that was amazing, you sure can suck a mean dick.” I just laid there, cum on my face and catching my breathe. Eric got up and put his shorts on and fired up the boat. “ don’t tell anyone about this squirt, maybe we could do this again.” He put his arm around me and headed home I just smiled, From then on I was known as squirt when I was around Eric, and yes, we did it again a week later but this time was much different and Shaun was along for the ride. That story will be the next to come……..stay tuned………..

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2 years ago
SO what happened with Shaun you finished Eric off but what about Shaun?
4 years ago
great start to new set of stopries thanks
4 years ago
Nice start, I'm waiting for the next story