Antonia's Submission

Antonia's Submission

Speeding along the busy dual carriageway I took a moment to glance down. What I saw was a pair of legs clad in the tightest shiny black pvc boots, knee high and with 6" spike heels that made it barely possible to operate the pedals. From the tops of the boots came fishnet stockings that rose to disappear under a zip fronted pvc miniskirt. It was all hot, tight and incredibly sexy. My black gloved hands were trembling at being dressed in such a way, and in broad daylight. But that was not the sole cause of my nervousness, for all of this was hidden from all but the tallest vehicles. What increased my excitement was the clothing on top – all again in tight black shiny pvc, zipped and buckled in place, a thick severe black leather collar, a burgundy bob wig and the harshest of makeup that my limited talents could manage. It was apparent that my appearance was drawing a few stares but what the hell, let them stare!

It dawned on me that I was taking a huge risk... a married man, sneaking out of the house dressed like I was, with not one piece of 'normal' clothing to fall back on if anything happened. I was also travelling into the complete unknown to meet someone I barely knew. Fuck though, what a thrill, my cock was straining inside the red lacy panties I had 'borrowed' from my wife's extensive underwear collection, and my mouth was bone dry. A brief look at myself in the rear view mirror, a pout of my deep red lips and a flutter of heavily made up eyes, and back to concentrating on the journey.

I had been given a set of motorway services to drive to, but after that nothing. I was still a few miles from them and dusk was someway off; I knew I would be left waiting there in the car park in full view of anyone around, and that heightened my trepidation to almost an unbearable level.

I pulled off at the services and drove into the usual expanse of tarmac, thankfully quiet, but still so exposed. I decided to park in a corner farthest away from the buildings, in the hope of affording myself some privacy from prying eyes. I reversed into the space so I could face the incoming traffic, turned off the engine and sat back to wait.

Barely had my engine stopped than my phone beeped a text message – black car to your right, get out and walk to it. I looked round but the only car that could fit the description was about 50 metres away in the opposite corner beside a few picnic tables clumped together. No way could that be him, could it? I was tempted to reply to the text but had been told never to respond to messages, simply obey them. I looked again and as I did the headlights flashed twice, shit, that really was the car and he wanted me to walk to him. I thought there and then of backing out, of simply driving home and putting the whole thing down to a perverted fantasy, but part of me was urging me on, pushing me to go that little bit further. Almost as if in a trance I opened my door and swung my legs out onto the ground. I leaned out and stood up in those almost impossible heels, teetering for a few seconds to get my balance. The miniskirt was tight and restrained my legs, and the tight boots helped to steady my ankles. I straightened my clothing and closed the door, locking it behind me. In that moment I had never felt so exposed or vulnerable. Despite the lateness of the day there was still traffic entering and leaving the services, although I was aware that I was quite tucked away from most of them. I dropped my keys and my phone into a trashy little black handbag also borrowed from my wife, if only she knew, and started the long and humiliating walk to the black car.

One foot in front of the other, heels clicking, bum wiggling, my heart pounding and my mouth dry again I did my best to strut rather than stagger. I wanted to impress him as I walked those 50m feeling every piece of tight black pvc clinging to my body, the collar feeling as if I was being strangled. My cock though remained rock solid and throbbing away under the slutty skirt, my wife's panties doing a job for which they were never intended. By 10m into the walk I was enjoying it and developed a nice style to my walk, my head held high and a confident air, not even noticing or caring about the vehicles moving around the area. And then I reached the car. The windows were blacked out – unusual for such a cheap car, but I did not stop to consider any of it, I simply stood by the driver's door looking at my own reflection in the glass. Even if I say so myself, I looked damn hot. As I stood on my 6" boot heels, the window lowered and a hand was extended through the small gap. It held what looked like a dog leash.

"Clip this on," was the only command and I obeyed. The other end of the lead remained in the car and the hand returned inside. "Now take off your wife's panties and pass them to me."

Fuck, was he serious? My moment's hesitation was met with a sharp tug on the leash, and I knew he was. I had no choice but to unzip and wriggle the miniskirt up to my hips and then tug down the red panties, my liberated cock springing free as I did. I felt cool air on my bum, my thighs and my cock as I wiggled the lacy little panties down. I dropped them to my ankles and stepped out, one sharp heel at a time. I handed them through the window and set about tidying myself up, a visible bulge now present in the front of my tight black skirt.

"Good girl Antonia," came the reply, "now come round and get in beside me, it's time to put you to the real test." The leash dropped from the window, setting me free, but once again I was powerless to resist and I dutifully stepped around the car to the passenger door, opened it and in as female a manner as I could I slid in beside the anonymous driver. Now I was about to meet the man who had successfully lured me away from a safe, happy vanilla marriage with the certainty of being used and abused however he saw fit.

As I closed the passenger door and swung round to take the first look at my 'Master' I had barely enough time to take a glance at a man in his late 50s or so before the leash was tugged hard and my head was pulled downwards. The musty smell of sweat, leather and cologne filled my nostrils as my face was pulled towards his lap. My eyes were open and I was aware that he was wearing a leather pouch type affair that was bulging quite menacingly, and leather thigh boots of some kind. As my face contacted the bulge in his lap a gloved had came down onto the back of my head and pushed me in still further. He bucked his hips and drove the pouch against my face, grinding against my mouth as he laughed at me.

"Oh fuck yes Antonia, you have done so well so far, but are you going to back out now? Are you going to chicken out and run back to wifey? Or are you really ready to serve me? So many have got this far and then pissed their little panties, are you to be the special one?"

I moaned back that I was ready and he ordered me "Kiss my cock you perverted little slut and show Master that you are ready to serve!"

I lifted my head a little and placed a thickly lipsticked kiss against the black leather, gave it a little tongue flick and then kissed it again. He moaned a little and then tugged my head upwards again. As I rose to a more normal seating position I was able to see that he was wearing a black shirt and nothing else. He was distinguished looking but with cold hard blue eyes and a look of calm dominance on his face. He knew he had me just where he wanted me and that I was powerless to resist. In his free hand he had my wife's panties and he was sniffing them and licking the crotch, "Mmmmm you did as I instructed Antonia you good little bitch, you got me a dirty pair, I can smell her cunt on them. Her tight little married pussy must taste delicious. I look forward to finding out one day."

This last comment made me shudder – the thought of a dirty old man like him with his hands on my wife, but my cock did not soften, in fact it gave an involuntary twinge and stiffened even more. He took the panties and stuffed them roughly into my mouth. "Keep them in until I tell you otherwise, I don't want to listen to your idle chit chat as we drive."

Drive? What the hell did he mean? He was taking me somewhere else, away from here and my own car, my means of 'escape', I had not imagined this. It was supposed to be a meeting here, nothing more. What had I let myself in for?

"Unzip your skirt Antonia, let me see your darling little clitty as we drive, but don't you dare touch it. If it goes soft I will stop the car and put you out on the side of the road right there and then, do you understand?" I nodded in agreement and reached down to pull the zip up until my cock sprang free and stood there, hot and hard, the coarse edge of the zip rubbing against it. It did not look like it would ever go soft; it simply betrayed my enjoyment and excitement of the situation I had found myself in. He smiled as he started the car and pulled away, taking me out into the darkness and the complete unknown.
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3 months ago
Crazy hot! I have been to two different male doms that made me prepare before the visit, made me follow their orders when we met, and proceeded to put me through multiple ordeals once under their command. Great job writing this erotic passage to submission!