First experience with black women

Two nights ago I expanded the horizons of my sexual life.
I hosted two girls and one boy, who arrived from Egypt on a journey through Europe.
A relaxed group of people with an average age 25. which is eager for new experiences, the type of people who are just like me so we immediately agreed in all possible spheres of life.

My story is related to Jasmin, 24y, long black hair, pure negress, tall around 175cm.

Sexual chemistry is felt from the first moment we saw each other.I could feel her penetrating look as soon as we entered my apartment, where I show them where they will sl**p.
Night fell. I took them on a hill, where young people normally grill until dawn, with alcohol and a constant party.After 2 hours, her colleagues went to walk and so this story began.
I approached her and through humor and her poor english language, we are bonding using humor.As time pass i already could touch her hand.

Then we she came close to my ear and whispered, lets go to your car to show me some more staff.I said to myself she will get best possible thing, and e****ted her whispering with gentle smile.
We sat in the car and drove to the apartment. She send message to her colleagues that we going back for more drinks. My 22cm to overload the bl**d, which is literally just flooded in and spread the veins on it.We enter in apartmant, and i just drop her on my bed.We started kissing, i move down to her neck and with lips and toungue start making her wet.She pushed me from her and grab me so we move to a wall. She set her leg around my.Few min after that she started to moving down...

Unzip my pants and pulled out my dick. She stoped for a secon, looked at me with a smile on his face and a little stare look and then compared her hand with my cock. Cock was so hard that it was the same as its lower part of hand when we exclude the fists.She started to suck him. Ooo... best bw i ever get.

She took off her clothes, so I grab her in amrs and pull her from gound in air.
With one hand i hold her and with other trying to set my cock inside of her.
It was hard it was too much big for her in start.
I started to move slowly my cock inside, damn she was really wet!
After 15 seconds, I started to band her hard, as she hold her legs around my hips and her arms around my neck.She got that phat round ass, so i said i wanna band her from behind (not anal).
I like doing it rought I must admit...but damn, she like that too, she that was wild fuck!She wanna smack,and say loud fuck me with that monster dick

It lasted an hour.At the end we are knocked out from exhaustion and satisfaction.We get some small rest and move on as we vent on that hill again.
That was best fuck in my life, and I feel like a new person. :)
78% (8/2)
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