Dual sex drive

TunnaldiggerAt the very base of dual sex principle is the understanding of a woman's psychological need for a variety of sex partner's. Psychologically, women are hardwired differently than men. A woman has a dual sex drive. The first is centered on finding a mate for life to help support her and her offspring. This is why (and when) love is such an important part of a women's sexual desire. The second is a desire to obtain a variety of the best genetic material to produce the best c***dren. This second desire begins to grow once a woman has found her life mate and grows stronger as time with him progresses. Eventually, this later and more powerful drive overpowers her sexual desire for her life mate. This is why a woman's sexual desire for her husband diminishes over time. At the same time her sexual desire for other men is increasing. Often this desire for other men becomes so strong she cannot deny it. This does not make her immoral or mean that she no longer loves her husband. It is simply part of her genetic code.
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5 years ago
Actually Surfme 37, from a scientific stand point, all that was said above is true. Why do you think couples get into swinging. That affliction hits both sides of the sexual coin. Men cheat because they want a variety of Pussy. Women cheat because they desire a variety of Dick. In order to facilitate the desire to stray from both partners, they swing. Apparently guy like yourself is single, and will possibly remain that way for a while with that attitude, because by your narrow minded views, you are cheating on what ever mate you have by being on a PORN SITE! Do the grown ups a favor and STFU and let the intellectuals discuss this properly.
5 years ago
Heard something remotely similar on the german science channel: in the few days of a month when girls can get pregnant they are more into the strong and aggressive kind of guy, rest of the time they tend towards supportive guys due to hormones or something. Nothing to do with variety per se in that scenario. Nor does sex drive towards the husband have to decrease over time(with exception after first two weeks or so).
As cute that explanation may be- don´t lie to yourself!
Maybe your relationship needs romance, maybe your sex needs variety.
But, because your theory sounds like a huge crying vagina,
probably you should stop making love to her and FUCK her for a change. Not beg and please her in every possible way so she lets you in, nor do everything to make her love you, but make HER please YOU if she wants to have some fun and fight HERSELF to keep YOUR love. And if she doesn´t want to, tell her you will find someone else to please you.
And if that doesn´t work and SHE still hasn´t started to fight to stay with YOU go ahead and make out with another girl. You ARE etitled to be treated like someone special. Then she will be turned on by you and will want to plaese you. Bet her desire for you will regrow? Or else you just trash her and look for someone else. You deserve it. You can do it.

Please wright me how you liked this lengthy comment and if i was right calling you a huge crying vagina!

Sincerly yours,

5 years ago
Bullshi* - sound like a cheater to me. Variety's the spice of life sista, Why do you think so many MEN cheat, genetic code pshhh - cute explanation though - can't say the post was entertaining though