A Summer's Night in Texas (True Story)

I was young it was in the summer late night.
I was horny and tired of jacking off to porn.
So i went on craigslist just to see if a girl was on there and maybe wanted to make out or something.
All the girls were fakes so I went to the guy part. I have never been with a guy or looked at gay porn so iwas hesitant.
I put an add titled Young First Timer Looking to Experience something new
So i get an email a guy in his mid40s is willing to drive from north houston to pasadena to pick me up and we go talk on his car.
he comes and we go in this deserted place in the back of my neighborhood.
We talk about and he asks why i decided to post that. I tell him. Honestly I have never really done anything with a girl or guy so i wanted to see how it's like. He says that makes sense. He asks "would you like me to start touching your body". I say sure. He starts touching my arms my neck and my face. I say, "you can go under the shirt if you like." HE does, he starts touching my nipples and my stomach. I let off a little moan and he knows he has me. He pulls me close and I was done. We makeout for about 5 minutes. His old man scruff feels so hot against my face.
He starts slowly touching my ass through my shorts and then creeps his hand up to my cock. its rock hard. we stop making out for a second. He stares at my cock hard as a rock through my shorts and just asks the words, "May I?" I nod my head. He starts stroking it and i lean my head back out of pleasure he starts kissing and biting my neck. It's summertime and we are in a deserted house and it's hot. I said before we go any further, "I'm fucking hot." He just goes fuck yeah you are. I jokingly said "Not that way but would you like to take off my clothes." He doesn't even say yes, just goes after me very slowly and eroticly removing my shirt and shorts. I stopped him before he took off my boxers. I go your turn. So i take off his shirt and jeans> I didn't realize how big he was but he had to be at least 9 inches.
After seeing his cock and he saw the look I had he said, it's your first time, I'm gonna do all the work this time." I said sure but when i cum i wanna see that thing. he laughs and agrees. I'll be honest mine is 6.5 inches with a nice set of balls. He pulls down my pants and gets on his knees. I just about exploded the moment his wet lips touched my young cock. it was my first time and after about a minute i came. I have always made huge loads and i hadn't jacked off in a couple days so it had to be a lot of cum because it kept cumming for about 45 seconds. he had to take a second and swallow all of it. I kind of felt bad and said "hope I didn't make you choke." he laughed and said no that was amazing. I was happy and now he's like guess it's your turn. You only get to give me a handjob. then i get to suck you off again. you will last a lot longer than that time i promise. i nod my head, so i tear off his boxers and i was really close and slapped me a little. he looked embarrassed and i was enraged. I started stroking. I pretended it was my dick and then he really liked it. before he came he said move i want to cum on the floor. you get my cum the second time (i thought that was a little weird.) i did so and he jumped quickly and came on the ground. was a nice load and kind of wished it was in my mouth.
He said I was good at that. I gave him a smile and i glided over to him and held him by his cock and said "Next time it's mine." He says fuck yeah it is. He gets back on his knees and starts rubbing my getting hard again cock. He sits me down in a chair and says, this time your gonna be a while. and when you are about to cum tell me i want it all over my face. i want it to stay there as i drive home. I said ok daddy. He liked that. He started to lick the tip of my penis until it got fully erect. then he started licking it everywhere. the shaft the head and then started to lick my balls. i was in heaven at this point. He started to suck in it while playing with my soaking wet balls with his hand. I said thank you daddy and he stopped for a second and said any time with a little cum still from the last time in his beard. he went back to sucking. god he knew how to use his tongue. while deepthrooating my cock he would use it to lick the head. after about 15 minutes i was ready to cum all over him. i said it's time time daddy he leaned back i got up and kept stroking it. i came all of his face luckily his closed his eyes because i caught him in the eye. After it was all said and down with he said get dressed. I said no i wanna suck you off. He said no. He goes, "I know your not as old as you say you are, I don't want to see you again till you are mature enough for me." i said yeah you win. So we get dressed and he drives my back to my house and as i'm getting out he pulls me close hugs me and then gives me one of the most passionate kisses i have ever had in my entire life.

(Sorry for the bad grammar, first time to post a story and kind of just wanted to get it out)
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6 months ago
8 months ago
awesome story! :) did u meet with him again? :P
1 year ago
Very hot; great job!
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Good story. And a good experience for a first time.
1 year ago
ps If any man or women would like to message and talk to me go ahead. i love talking.
1 year ago
hot storie sweet heart. loved it