Alphabet city, part four

Part four

Janey and I fooled around a lot that summer, but most often with our clothes on. Our group had gotten used to seeing Janey and me together.

About a week after that first time with Mrs. A. my mom told me Mrs. A. needed my help with something. She’d told my mom that she needed my help buying a birthday present for Freddie, but it was supposed to be a surprise so Freddie couldn’t know.
The next day I climbed into Mrs. A’s big station wagon and we headed out of town to the nearest big city, about 90 miles away. About five miles out of town Mrs. A., who was wearing a short skirt, heels and white blouse, pulled to the side of the road. She moved across the seat and took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply. She had to break the kiss a couple of times giving me instruction: ‘not so much tongue,’ ‘just gentle,’ ‘OK, now a little more,’ ‘put your hand on my tit.’
My heart was pounding hard and I could feel my erection growing.
Finally she leaned back, sighing “God, I needed that. She was running her fingers through my hair. “This is still our secret, right?”
I nodded my head.
And she slid back over behind the wheel and pulled out onto the road. After another mile or so she told me to slide over next to her.
“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said and hiked her skirt up a little, then took my hand and slid it under her skirt, pushing the skirt higher. She wasn’t wearing panties and my fingers found her wetness as she instructed me: how many fingers to use, how deep to go, “now taste it off your fingers,” “let me have a taste.”
She had to pull over again shortly and leaned back in the seat, spreading her legs wide, unbuttoning her blouse and rubbing her tits through her bra. I could see a light sheen of sweat between her tits.
“Use all your fingers,” she said. “Faster, faster … now slow, deeper. Yes. Yes. YES!”
She orgasmed and I could feel her pussy contracting and expanding around my fingers. She pulled my head to her chest and held me like that a few minutes.
“Take your fingers out, handsome,” she said. Then took my hand in both of hers and slowly licked each finger. She kissed me again, ruffled my hair and then adjusted her skirt and blouse.
Pulling back onto the road, with me still right beside her, she d****d one arm over my shoulders and caressed my cheek, neck and ear.
“I hear Janey is your girlfriend now,” she said.
I blushed and nodded.
“Lucky girl,” she teased and winked at me.
About 30 miles down the road, she turned off, away from the town we were supposed to be going. We pulled into a motel parking lot and she told me to wait in the car. She rented a room for her and “her son” and came back out and we walked into the room together.
She closed all the blinds, put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, locked it and deadbolted it.
I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she came up and kissed my lips lightly.
“Did you know I used to be a dancer,” she said and started moving around the room. She turned on the radio, dialing around until she found a song she liked and started swaying back and forth.
“Are you watching me, pretty boy,” she said.
Moving over in front of me, she started moving her hips and legs. She had on heels and her legs looked so good as she moved, I could see every muscle.
Before long she was down to just her heels and bra, then she unhooked the bra and let it fall. I hadn’t really gotten a good look our first time, but now I could see her body. She had a very small tanline on her tits and pussy area. She must have been wearing a lot smaller bikini’s than she did around us k**s.
“Come dance with me,” she said, holding out her hands. The music changed to something slower and she pulled me against her body. Wearing the heels made her a few inches taller and my face was against her breasts.
It wasn’t long before my mouth was on her tits, sucking and licking.
“Use your teeth, baby. Just a little, good boy,” she said.
I got a little carried away and she yelped when I bit down a little too hard, but then smiled at me and kissed the tip of my nose.
She helped me off with my shirt then pulled down my jeans and underwear, running her tongue quickly over my shaft and balls.
Then she led me to the bed and laid down beside me. Facing each other, bodies not quite touching, but hands moving over each other.
I remember looking down to see the bl**d red nails on her perfectly manicured hands as she squeezed my balls and stroked my cock. I came quickly sending a load over her belly and hands. She licked her fingers and then smeared the cum around her stomach.
We kissed and made out a little more and she started asking me about Janey, what we’d done, did she like it, did I like, were we going to do more.
She made me promise to be a good boyfriend to Janey – then laughed and said ‘just don’t tell her about us.’
Saying she was going to teach me how to be a good boyfriend, she told me to move between her legs.
I could smell her perfume and her musky scent. She spread her pussy lips with her fingers and told me to lick.
My first taste of pussy straight from the source, if only I’d known how good it tasted before.
I licked and nibbled as she instructed me, her hips lifting and falling, pussy grinding against my face. Then she d****d one of her legs over my shoulder, I could feel her high heel digging into my back. Her moans urging me on until she was gripping a handful of my hair tightly and orgasming on my tongue.
She slowly pulled me up her body until we were kissing again, my cock hard against her thighs.
Without even trying, my cock was sliding easily into her pussy. My cock still too small to fill her pussy, but I remember how good it felt feeling her warmth around my cock.
She reached down and held my cock so I’d have something tighter to fuck. Stroking my cock between her fingers and into her pussy, I came hard and fast, collapsing on top of her.
She was caressing my back and playing with my balls.
“Listen, baby. It’s fine right now, because you’re not grown yet. But gentlemen do not put all their weight on top of their lovers … you’d be crushing Janey.”
We cuddled a little before she said we had to clean up. Getting into the shower together, both of us getting soapy – with me making sure her tits were completely clean - but my young cock already ready for more.
Turning off the water she got to her knees, but was still a little above where she needed to be. She sat down on the floor of the shower and took my cock in her mouth, one hand cupping my balls, the other squeezing my ass until I shot my load into her mouth.
It was a quiet drive home until I asked what about the present for Freddie.
“Oh I bought that weeks ago,” she said.

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6 months ago
O M G I am so horny right now I hope you write a new chapter to finish this incredible story
10 months ago
nothing quite like an older lady teaching you about fucking
1 year ago
GREAT SERIES!!! Can't wait for chap 5!