Once a Boss, Now a Bitch

I'll try to keep this as short as I can, but when you talk about mind-blowing, incredible experiences, how is that possible? First time writing a sex story so it will be filled with a lot of info, but it's a good (and true) story.

At the time I was at my old job I had first met my job and he was your typical guy from the South; cowboy attire, big truck, Southern drawl. He was my type, too; goatee and mustache combination, tall, chestnut hair and from what I saw, pure man. Being the horny slut I am I thought it would be difficult to work under him, as I always have a hard time being around attractive men professionally. However, time passed under the job and as what happens with most people you get to know them the charm wears off. He was still cute but he was open about his life; his divorce, moving the West and his dating life. He tried hard to be happy again, I could tell, but I kept to myself. I didn't want to get in trouble with him as I did with another boss for accidentally hitting on the guy.

So word slipped I was gay (not that I hide it) and he seemed fascinated. He revealed, easily, that he was 'bi' and that he was dating a guy at the moment but was unsure. And lo and behold, here was my boss, easily twice my age (I'm in my 20's myself) asking me about dating advice! I did my best to keep it professional but it never seemed to work. From then on my co-workers (lovingly) teased me about how the boss would always seem eager to talk to me, smile when we talked and gave me a lot of attention. He would even give me the days off I needed and such, but I thought it was just because I did my job, so I shrugged it off. Another girl got hired with me and was taking over fine, so I decided to look for another job since I myself didn't agree with a thing the company did.

After a little over a year I found another place and told my boss about me quitting. He seemed sad to let me go, but understood as he wasn't fond of the company himself. During my last week I had it easy since he put me behind the customer service desk, isolated in a little area from the rest of the store. I knew it was isolated because I dragged many men to the back to suck them off before returning to work, so you could imagine the possibilities. It wasn't so, however, even when one of my last nights he was closing and we were short handed on staff. I was leaning on the desk, scribbling who knows what when I get a text. I see it and ask who it is, and wouldn't you know it? It's my boss! He says he needs a way to keep in touch with me for the night, and it was true- the story was hectic and he had to get in contact with my multiple times, and if not then I had to get a hold of him. The store closed and we were alone, counting the money and closing up. The last week I was there the sexual tension between us was more then I could stand, so we avoided one another on purpose, I think. Here, however, we couldn't so my body got warm and I felt over heated. He had to get up on a shelf for a moment and his supple ass was in my face. So many temptations but nothing happened finally, as I said, and we said good night.

I had my last day and moved on to a nice guy, though anything but my idea of boyfriend material. He socialized and stayed with his exes too much and just wasn't on the same page as me. One day I finally arrive at his house and to my surprise I see my boss getting down with groceries. He stopped and saw me with a grin on his face, and while I tried to pretend that I didn't see him he called my name. "Is that you?"
he called, and I turned and half-waved. I wasn't really in the mood but went ant talked to him, anyways. I told him briefly about my job and a few other things before I headed to my then boyfriend's house. We spent the evening doing nothing but disagreeing and I got tired of it. Finally he told me he had to 'pick up a friend' and left, leaving me infuriated and slightly d***k. During this time my boss was texting me small stuff, but when I told him I was leaving the area he asked me to meet him in the park real quick. I hesitated, but seeing as how my boyfriend didn't really care at the moment I got up and walked to the park.

He met me outside with two drinks and we sat on a picnic table. We talked and I told him about my current situation. I'm not sure how it started but he confessed his attraction to me and I told him I thought he was a good looking guy myself. Before I knew it he was whispering in my ear, his heated breathe making me weaker then I thought. My heart beat quickly; here he was, and older gent and my former boss whispering in my ear how he always craved my body and how hard I made him. He admitted, also, that he had a guy in his loft, but he was passed out hard from the d**gs and liquor the idiot took earlier. I gave in since I'm a sucker for unplanned things, and we moved to his loft. Before I knew it our drinks were gone and I was pressed against the wall. He unzipped my pants and out sprung my rock hard, 7 inch dick. I may not be the biggest but I never need to apologize; especially when he practically worshipped it like most men do when they see it. "Pretty dick," he says, and I'm told often, but I thank him anyway. He goes to town, sucking the head, cradling my balls, moving on the shaft. My whole dick is being enveloped by his mouth and I'm loving every minute. I just wanted head but he moves to the couch and lays on his side. "Fuck me." he demands. I move over and he continues to suck my dick, lubing himself up and applying a condom to my stiff member. I lean over him and enter him, his warm hole hugging my dick. He moans but stops himself, the other guy still in the room.

I slowly gain momentum in fucking him, my fuzzy balls slapping his ass and him grabbing my arm and holding on to it with a tight grip from his large, manly hands. I exit and enter his furry ass, splitting it and making him roll further onto his stomach. I stop and pull out, also pulling off the condom. He thought I was coming but I wasn't ready yet; I was too filled with lust and on going on my primal urges. I told him to get off the couch the laid down myself. I lifted my legs in the air (mind you, I was nude except my combat boots I wear) and demand that he sucks me off again. He obliges happily and starts to suck me off, me trapping him with my feet by placing him on his shoulders. My boots keep my feet locked from falling so he has no choice now, and he continues to suck again. This time he gets brave and starts to play with my ass, fingering it and entering me. I moan, not caring about the other guy in the room. I admit that he is doing a good job but I grab his head and push him lower.

"Eat it," I demand. He doesn't ask why, or complain or anything. He starts to spread my cheeks and lick my hungry hole, my whole body paralyzed with pleasure. I'm iffy about getting rimmed (but love the hell out of it) but I let go and open up, letting him dig deep into my asshole. He licks around, in, between my crack. I keep him trapped but can tell he is getting tired. I check the clock and we have been at it for an hour and a half! I curse my stamina but he continues to suck his cock. He moans loudly and I feel his warm, gooey cum fall on my hole, dripping down my crack in into my puckering ass. He apologizes for cumming but I tell him it's fine and to get on his knees on the floor. I grab his laptop and put on a porn I love, two beefy men just massaging and moaning. I know, I know, I should of came, but I have high endurance usually and porn helps me cum faster.

I order him to eat me out again and he happily does it while stroking me off. My mind races with pleasure and the thought of this porn, the guy sl**ping in the room and my then boyfriend and his thoughts on why I'm not in his apartment but my car is still in the parking lot. I can't hold it and shoot all over, moaning loudly. He takes this opportunity to clamp his mouth on my dick, swallowing my seed. I try to push him off but my cum only gets on his beard and face. Now he's done it, I think. I lick it off and we kiss and rub one another before I tell him I need to go. He agrees and he remarks how "he hopes he can see me again."

I nod but doubt it. Such is the life of a slut like me; once you had a man you're good and don't need him again.

To this day we haven't again, but when I'm really horny and need to jerk off I sometimes go back to that memory and the cum comes rushing from my balls...

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What a hot slut you are!!!
1 year ago
very nice ;)