My first male bj

My wife loves to fuck other men. We have an arrangement that she can fuck whoever she wants as long as I get to watch. I don't join in, just sit in a chair and stroke myself as she gets fucked hard. Over the 20+ years we've been together I have trained myself not to cum until after he left and she sucks me off.

We never invite anyone to our home. We have a standing Saturday night "date" where we get a babysitter and check into a hotel. My wife changes into sexy lingerie and we wait for her "date" to show up. They know the rules before they come. They are NEVER left alone with her and they NEVER fuck her without a condom. Most nights we drive together, but last night we had to take separate cars because she was meeting her s****r for a drink.

Her type is usually a professional man about our age so I was shocked to see last night's choice. I opened the door to see a young black man standing there. I trusted her judgment, so I let him in.

She walked up to him, unzipped his pants and dropped to her knees. That's when I saw his monster cock. I knew then why she invited him tonight. I have always been turned on my seeing another man fuck her, but seeing his cock made me hard.

I loved the contrast of his dark skin compared to my wife's very pale skin. I loved hearing her moans and screams with every thrust. I loved seeing how turned on she gets hearing him call her a whore and slut. It was one of the longest sessions she's had in a long time and was totally exhausted by the time he came. That's the point where the men would normally leave but he said he had to wait for a taxi. My wife suggested I drive him and just meet her at home. My cock was rock hard and I was dying for my relief from my wife's mouth but I figured the quicker I got rid of him, the quicker I get to cum.

I walked my wife to her car and told her not to shower. I love the smell of other men on her skin. The guy and I made small talk on the way but my cock was threatening to rip my pants open. I had to keep readjusting myself. He obviously noticed because he asked me to pull into a parking lot for a minute. I am not gay but when he placed his hand on my crotch I thought I was going to explode.

He kept looking into my eyes as he unzipped my pants. I wanted to say no but I couldn't. I needed to cum and that's all I could think about. His mouth felt so good wrapped around my cock as he sucked me like a pro. I kept telling myself I wasn't gay, that it was just a blow job but all I could think about was his huge cock and how bad I wanted to feel it. I usually can last awhile before cumming but I couldn't stand it. Within 2 min I shot my load deep down his throat. Just then my wife called to tell me to hurry home because she needed me to fuck her again. I thanked the guy for the bj and told him I would like to do it again. He took my phone and put his contact info into it and sent himself a text from it so he has my #.

This morning, he sent me a picture of his cock...with a message saying.."this hard on is for you"
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