The Wildwood Beach Babe

For my entire life, I would spend my summers in a beach town with my f****y. I've been all over the U.S. and some other parts of the world, but I'd have to say that Wildwood is one of my favorite places ever. It may not be that great to other people, it's just a small island off the bottom tip of New Jersey, but to me it's amazing. Most of the best memories in my life happened in Wildwood and it will always have a place in my heart.

Personally, I prefer to go to the beach later in the day after the lifeguards and crowds leave. You're able to surf during those hours, and to be honest, I can't stand most of the tourist crowd.

One day not long ago, I was playing around in the water on a Friday evening. There was maybe 20 other people on the beach. What started out as a beautiful day quickly turned into a heavy rain storm. When I saw the clouds turning gray, I ran out of the water and started heading back to my apartment, but before I could even pick up my towel and backpack out of the sand, the rain started to fall. It was pouring and by the time I got to the street, it was like someone had dumped a bucket on me.

I decided to take a rest under the canopy of a hotel I used to work at as a lad. As I turned around, I noticed this beautiful girl running up the beach toward the canopy I was standing under. I guess she had the same idea as me and decided to wait out the rain a bit before heading home. She stood about 10 feet away and turned to look at the storm and ocean. She was completely soaked and I noticed her shivering. Unfortunately for her, her towel was soaked and of no use... so she just stood there staring out at the ocean, arms wrapped around her tall, slim body, shivering. I reached into my backpack for the extra towel I brought. I walked up behind her and put it around her shoulders.

"Here, I think you could use this." I said.

I must have startled her because she jumped as soon as I wrapped her in the towel. She turned to me and I saw what could have been the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. They were large and round with a bluish-green tint to them. I was captivated.

"Oh... thanks." She said.

"You ok? You were shivering pretty hard."

"Yeah, I'm ok. Better now, thank you." She winked at me.

"No problem. My name is Trent." I put my hand out to shake hers.

"I'm Jade." She shook my hand.

Her hands were so soft and smooth, but I felt like I was lost in her eyes. She was quite tall. I'm 6'1" and she was at least as tall as I was. Her legs were so long and slender.

"So... you here with anyone?" I asked.

"No, I'm alone today. I was here with some girlfriends but they went home to go to work and I have 2 more days off till I have to head back to work. I decided to stay and get a little more sun."

"Where you from? You have a lovely accent."

"Glasgow, Scotland. But, I moved to New York City a few years ago."

We stood under the canopy and made idle chit-chat for a few minutes until the rain died down. I looked down to check the ring finger and saw no ring on her hand during our chats. Score...

"Hey... you got plans tonight? If not, would you care to get a few drinks with me?"

"Sure, where did you have in mind?"

"How about this? I'm gonna head home and get showered and changed out of these beach clothes. Wanna meet me here in an hour? I'll show you around town before you head back to New York."

"Ok, that sounds great. See you in an hour."

I hopped on my bike with a smile on my face and headed home to wash and get ready for the date. I called up my friend Wally, whose father owned one of the tallest hotels on the island. I told him about this girl and he told me to come on by and he’ll make sure I show Jade a good time she’d never forget. I took a nice quick shower, sprayed some cologne, threw on some clothes, and headed out again to the meeting spot.

I showed up before her and sat there looking at the ocean on a bench at the end of the street. It was the last fading moments of sunlight for the day and the sky was lit up bright orange and red with hints of purple on the horizon. A beautiful sight for the start of a night that I’d never forget.
I so was enraptured by the beauty of the sky that I didn’t even notice Jade sit down on the bench next to me for a good few seconds.


“Wow, you look amazing.” Like an idiot, I think I dressed too casually. She was in a long slender black dress that ended right above her knees and just a little bit of cleavage was showing. She was wearing black heels that made her long legs look even more amazing than they seemed before.

“Thank you,” she grinned at me. “So, what did you have in mind for tonight?”

“I figured we could go out for a few drinks and grab some dinner.”

“That sounds great.”

I lead her to my car and opened the door for her. She seemed surprised by this but got in the car.

“And they say chivalry is dead.”

“Not dead, dormant.” I replied.

We headed to the hotel and bar that my friend’s f****y owned and sat down for a nice meal. I was digging this chick. She was beautiful with a great personality. I couldn’t wait to get her alone…

Around 9:30, my friend Wally spotted me at the bar and came over to say hello. After introducing the two and making idle chit-chat, Wally pulled me aside and said “Dude… nice score.” Then he handed me a set of keys. I looked down at the tag on the keys that read “Roof”. “Be up there by 10, you’ll see,” and he walked away. I looked at Jade, held out the keys, and shrugged.

“We have to be on the roof in about 15 minutes. He didn’t tell me why.”

“Ohhh… how exciting.”

After one more drink at the bar, we made our way to the roof with a few minutes to spare. We could see almost the whole island from the roof of the hotel. It was an amazing view. I was happy my friend hooked me up. Even I’d never been up there. Jade was amazed at the view. The boardwalk was 2 blocks away and quite a sight to see from up so high. We stood at the edge of the building and talked some more. After a few minutes, there was a sound like bomb had been set off. We both turned quickly to see the first set of fireworks bursting in the sky. How could I have forgotten?! Every Friday there were fireworks… and we had the best view on the whole island.

Jade and I stared at the beauty of the pyrotechnics for a few minutes and I decided to make my move. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her from behind. I rested my chin on her shoulder and kissed her neck softly.


She turned her head and stared into my eyes. Those eyes, God damn, those eyes. I kissed her softly at first and then parted her lips with my tongue. The combination of the sparks in the sky and the sparks on the roof was too much to bear. She turned herself toward me and wrapped her arms around me.

“You know… I recognize you.” She said.

“What? How?”

“I saw you on the beach a few days ago and I thought I recognized you then but I couldn’t remember how. When I got back to the hotel room, it hit me; I’ve seen you on xHamster.”

“Oh shit… really? And, you were still interested in going out with me, huh?” I was hoping this was leading somewhere…

“Mmm hmm. When I realized where I’d seen you, I went back and looked up your profile and loved everything I read…”

This was unbelievable. I had posted some of the craziest sexual fantasies on that site and she was still interested in seeing me? I was getting excited over the thought of having some of my dreams realized.

Before I knew it… I was on my back looking up at Jade. She hiked up her skirt and straddled me and started kissing me again. Jade was amazing. Her lips were so soft and her tongue was making waves in my mouth.

I grabbed her wrists which were trying to pin me down and pushed her off me.
“Who do you think I am? I’m in control here…”

I stood her up and pushed her back against the edge of the building again. I turned her around and kissed her neck again. I pulled the straps of her dress down off her shoulders and let the top fall down a bit, exposing her satin black bra. Was there anything about this girl that wasn’t amazing? Her tits were so perfect under her bra that was barely holding them in. I bit into her neck and shoulders…

“Mmm… I love that.”

I cupped her breast in my left hand and undid her bra with the right. I bent her over the side of the building and lifted up her skirt, revealing her beautiful, curvy ass in a matching black thong. Wally was right, tonight would be a night I’d never forget. I pulled down her thong and started fingering her pussy. She was already soaked to the point that it was dripping down her legs. My fingers slipped in with ease to the point that I could get 3 in very easily. She started moaning over the edge of the building. Luckily, the finale to the fireworks had just begun and no one below could hear her moans, though the thought of them hearing was kind of hot.

“Reach back and spread your ass for me, Jade.”

She did as she was told like a good little slut. I continued to finger her pussy but while she was holding herself open, I started to rim her. She moaned even louder, to the point that I could hear her over the fireworks. I switched between tonguing her ass and pussy.

I grabbed Jade’s hands and pulled her back from the edge of the building. I threw her down on her back on the roof and lifted her legs up to the sides of her head so her ass was in the air. I tongue fucked her ass for a bit while still holding her ankles to the side of her head. She was close to cumming… so I moved from her ass to her pussy and before I knew it she squirted in my face.

“What the fuck?” I looked down at her and wiped my face off.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” She really had read my Hamster profile…

“You’re going to pay for that one.”

I lifted her head off the roof and sat her up. I knelt down to her level, kissed her again, so she could taste her cum on my chin then stood up again. I unzipped my pants and told Jade to open her mouth. She did as she was told. I put my hands on the back of her head and rammed my cock down her throat. She started gagging for a bit and when I saw her eyes start to roll up in her head, I backed off to let her breathe. Her drool was running down her chin so I wiped my cock in it and fucked her mouth again. She tried to back off and I decided to be nice and let her take a break. I was pleased with the next words to come out of her mouth.

“Fuck me, Daddy.”

What could I say to that? I lifted her up again and bent her over the building again. My cock was dripping with her drool as I aimed for her tight little pussy. She was so tight, but the combo of her drool and cum made my cock slide in so smoothly. She felt amazing. I was fucking her hard over the side of the building, pounding her tight little snatch hard and deep and I could feel her pussy tightening up around me again. Before I knew it, she squirted on me again. Her cum was now dripping down her legs and into her heels…

I turned her around again laid myself on the roof. I beckoned her to me and she followed like a good girl. She straddled me and aimed my cock right up into her.

“Oh God… you make me feel so good. Please, fuck me harder this time.” She begged.

I pulled her down to me and kissed her hard. I pulled her arms back behind her and pinned her wrists to her lower back with my left hand and wrapped my right arm around torso, keeping her pressed to me tightly. I thrust up into her hard and fast until she squirt all over me again. Her pussy was squishing with each trust from how wet she was. Jade was amazing. I could have fucked her all night. Until…

“Fill me with your cum… I want to feel your cock filling me up…” she moaned.

I was shocked. I had planned on cumming in her mouth at the end… but since she asked for it, how could I say no? The fact she said it brought me to the edge and with her matching my movements I couldn’t hold back. I filled her pussy with my load until it was dripping down both of us. She fell off me and laid spread out next to me on the roof, looking up at the stars.

“Oh my god…” she breathed.

“Let’s go back to my place for round 2.” I said.

“Oh hell yes.”

The next morning, I woke up in a bed still wet with our cum and Jade putting on her clothes. I looked over at her and she saw I was awake.

“I lied,” she said.

“About what, beautiful?”

“I said I was leaving in 2 days. I have to get back to New York today. I didn’t really expect all this to happen.”

“Well… when can I see you again?”

Jade left me her number and told me to call her the next time I was in the city.
A few minutes after she left, I picked up my phone and called Wally.

“Dude… thank you. You’re a God send, man.”

“Ahh, I heard you got some last night.” Wally said.

“How did you hear that? She just left, you’re the first person I called.”

“Well, the fireworks apparently weren’t as loud as you and Jade and some of the renters in the floor below called the front desk.”

“Man, you have NO idea. It was THAT good. I can’t wait to fuck her again.”

“The fireworks on the roof thing works every time… I know.”
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Great story and well told. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for sharing the experience. I live about an hour away from Wildwood. I'm going to head down there this weekend and look for the tallest hotel on the island and ask for Wally. Trent sent me ;)
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Enjoyed your story.
3 years ago
Enjoyed. Nice story!
3 years ago
Really hot story!
3 years ago
Great story. I got fucked many times in Wildwood, that place is crawling with hot pussy, for sure. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Great story..