His son's ex

When she was in her teens she was his son's girlfriend. And she and he got on well - really well. If she only knew how he lusted after her and wanted her so badly. His son didn't treat her all that well, if only he had the chance, way over twice her age, but he would have treated her well with everything that he had.
But now that was many years ago and they were together again. She a glorious young woman, being a bridesmaid at a wedding that he and his wife attended. She was absolutely stunning - outshone the bride and the other bridesmaids. Her dress was very low cut, and yet short above the knee.
When she saw him and his wife she greeted them joyfully and the hug she gave him drew the attention of others. As she hugged him, he could feel her hot body pressing against him, her breasts in his chest and his hands on her bare back. And as he nuzzled her neck she whispered - see you later outside in the gardens.
An hour later, his wife tired and the dancing continuing inside he was out in the cool garden, and there she was. "Gwen, its so, so good to see you" he said and she held out her arms to him again. She melted this time into his body.
"I've missed you so much", she said, and this time he took one hand from her bare back and pressed against her bum through the thin material, tracing his fingers in the crack.
"Gwen, I've missed you so much as well, and wanted you so badly, just to hug and feel you near me, you do great things for my body" he said. And he felt her body squeezing even closer - "Yes, I think I can feel something waking up" she giggled. And he humped against her.
She responded by pressing her legs and parting them a little so his hard cock lay between them.
They moved to the dark shadow of a large bush ... "May I ...?" he said. "I've always wanted you to kiss me ... I thought if you became my father-in-law that I would want to sl**p with you as well".
"Oh, Gwen, please let me ...." and his words were stopped by her red lips. Soon his tongue found his way deep into her mouth. "I don't know about sl**ping with me", he said, "but I really want to shag you! And I want to now!"

"I'm all hot for you" she said and took her hands to his trousers. She pressed him as he released his cock from the confines of his clothes. He took his hand to her short dress and hiked it up. Her white legs shone in the darkness, and he was soon near her damp patch. His fingers massaged her.

She mumbled something. "What was that?" he asked. "Nothing, but I dreamt of this when I first saw you when I was sixteen," she said. Soon he was finger fucking her for all she was worth. Her legs were weak, and he lifted her up and got his cock through the side of her panties. He didn't want to tear anything of the wedding clothes she wore but soon he was humping her.

Her eyes were closed. "David, David, fuck me .... you are so good to me". "I have had no one better than you ... worth the wait". His thick cock felt good in her tightness and the rubbing of her panties against his hardness only made him ready more quickly. But she was almost there herself. He managed to hold her and get his head to her nipple over the edge of the low dress. He bit it lightly and she moaned.
"Fuck me, shag me so hard ..... yesssss like that" she cried quietly as he rammed into her. She seemed not to have had a lot of it recently or perhaps not at all. "I'm coming ....." and she came, clamping her legs round his body and almost squeezing him to a pulp.

"I'm cumming too - inside you, cos I don't want to get it over you or your dress." he replied. And he spurted his cum deep inside her. She moaned and became a little limp. He was tired from holding her too and he let her down gently, her feet touching the florr but his cock still insde her. He held it there for longer until he began to soften and pulled its wetness out.

"I think you had better clean this" he chided, and she went down on her knees on the grass and licked him and put it in her mouth.

He still had the strength to push her head down on him until her mouth was full.

"Gwen .... you are the best," he said. "I want you again, very soon," she said.
"Try to stop me ..." he replied.

"if you come to stay with me - that is you and the Mrs. - we should find plenty for her to do while you fuck my brains out," she laughed. "Sounds brilliant to me. I'll find the Mrs now so you can invite both of us, my darling, darling Gwen."

Perhaps tell you about that next time ...
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