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I told you about Lori (in the first story - "At last"). That was the first time they had actually come together in a sexual way - Lori as a young woman, he as a retired teacher. Both had yearned for each other years before when she was in the Sixth Form. He had watched her grow up and develop. He guessed she had lost her virginity as a schoolgirl - but both of them had to wait for that moment when his wife was sl**ping upstairs and she was with him downstairs. And that time was so good for both of them.
Now they were in an empty house together ... this time she was dressed in the briefest of shorts and a very low top - so low that the tattoo on her breast was visible in part.
"Lori, you look so lovely, but you are sad, and I think you need another cuddle from your old teacher," he said as he kneeled near the chair where she was sitting. She simply smiled, and those sad eyes looked at him. He moved closer to her, and his lips crushed hers as he took is hands behind her, feeling and rubbing her smooth skin on her back and the flimsy straps of her bra and top.
He pushed his tongue into her mouth. Shw as reluctant at first, but as he sqeezed her breast and felt her nipple through her clothes she opened her mouth a little - her lips were the most gorgeous ones, full and yet so fine and perfect.
He whispered, "Lori, I need you ... I think you need me too ..." One hand pulled her straps down and one gorgeous breast, firm still and a handful was exposed. He pushed his tongue again to her mouth and then took his hand fingering her bare nipple hard. She moaned, he placed his thumb in her mouth, she sucked, and he sucked her nipple, massaging her other breast which was also bare by now.
"Lori," he said, "you were so beautiful as a schoolgirl, I know some of the boys had you then, but I'm so glad you are here with me now."
She moaned as one of his hands rubbed her legs and he put his lips back over her other nipple. Lori said, "You are so much better than those boys back then, they would cum so quickly and just dump it over my body."
"You tell me what you want exactly, and I'll do it the way you want," he said, "for I want to please you. But I will want to get off - and I'll do that wherever you want me too".
By now his fingers were inside the shorts and he felt her wetness. Soon those shorts were on the floor and those fingers were pulling off her thong. "Did you wear these for me?" he asked. She just smiled, and moaned as two fingers went deep into her.
"Do you want me to finger-fuck you, my darling?" he queried. "I want everything", was her reply.
He stood up beside her chair, his cock now straight out and so near her lips. He too his hand behind her hair and pushed her face to it. She looked up at him, smiled once and then took his purple head into her mouth.
He couldn't wait much longer, but took his other hand and f***ed her head down onto his hard pulsating cock and began pushing into her mouth, out and then in, out and then in.
Her legs were open and he placed his knee between them, and pushed up to her cunt with the whisps of black hair, and he pushed his knee into her. She as well as fucking him with her mouth responded by knocking her cunt against his knee and clasping her legs around his leg.
"My, my ... someone needs it badly" he said.
"Please, please, .... will you do me now?" she mumbled taking his wet slimy cock out of her mouth.
"Anything for you, when and as you want it" he replied.
She brought herslef to the front of the chair, and he went down on her - pushing his thick cock into her still wet but tight hole. Soon he was in her to the hilt.
"Ahh .... that is so good .... its a good fit .... this was made for me" she went on.
He closed his mouth over hers and twisted his tongue around hers. The kissed with deep passion, almost out of breath as he rammed into her. Pushing and coming out, pushing and coming out, waiting a second and then ramming her cunt again.
She began breathing very heavily, and mouthing, "OOOOO .... I'm almost cumming, sir" she said. She was back in school!! Her girlish dreams were coming true.
"I so wanted to have you, to fill you, to fuck you like this" he said.
And she came, he felt her wetness and she held him so tightly.

"Now, take this" he commanded. He took his cock out and placed it at her lips again. She opened, and rubbed him and in a minute he was filling her mouth. He took his cock out and placed it over her face, her eyes and nose and mouth and splattered her with is cum. She licking and smiling and he out of breath.

Lori, Lori you are so perfect. He wanted her again and again. And she was his!
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