At last

I knew her as a schoolgirl - but now, many years later she was with me in my home having called for some comfort cos she was in a bit of a mess. Her partner had abused er physically, and her daughter had gone away from home.
He hugged her close to him and she responded by pressing against his body.
She had a lovely figure, she still had perky breasts under the thin material ahd a low cut top showing a lovely cleavage. It was a hot day and her skirt was flared and short.
They talked, but obviously she found the hugging of comfort. They did some more. His wife was upstairs sl**ping, and yet he wanted more of this young woman. As they hugged he pressed his lips to her bare neck and then moved his hand under her bra straps on her back.
She responded by hugging him even closer and he dared to take one hand and pressed it on her skirt feeling her lovely bum beneath it.
He murmured in her year that he liked her, and she said a quiet "thank you" and tightened her grip on him.
Could he risk getting more involved so soon? His hand on her skirt pressed harder and his hard-on pressed into her lower belly. She must be able to feel it.
He looked into her eyes and his face came so close to hers. She smiled and opened her mouth rubbing her tongue across her lips. He took the hand from beneath her bra straps and slowly held her cheek, trailing a thumb into her mouth and moving his face to kiss her softly and then sucking her cheek.
She quivered a little. He said, "You need some tlc". !"Mmm" was her reply as she sucked his thumb. He pressed his hard cock against her skirt and at the same time took his hand to her cleavage pushing his fingers down and feeling the soft skin of one breast.
He fingered her nipple, and she raised her face to meet his lips. And with that both of them were gone ....
His fingers picked at her breast while his tongue collided with hers and fought a battle in their mouths as their lips sought to swallow each other.
"I want you so much ...... and I think you need it badly". "I do", she said, "I want you to shag me slowly".
His trousers fell, and two hands were at her wet panties, pulling them to her knees. "When you were my teacher, I wanted you. I've had to wait so long" she said. "At least I can have you legally now, and not let my wife know - please dont't shout if I make you cum".
She was almost coming already ... his fingers worked their magic. She was tight but two fingers were pushing in and out of her cunt and a thumb rubbing her clit.
"I want your cock there" she said. and she sat on the edge of the table. He pushed her legs open, and saw her lovely fresh vagina - the cunt of a young woman ready to be fucked deeply. His cock entered her, she made a low moan and he put two fingers in her mouth to silence her.
O god .... Eleri ..... you are so so good. He humped her and soon despite the thickness his cock was deep deep inside her.
They kissed passionately, eating each other ...... when he felt the rush of his cum he took it out - she was not on the pill, and took it to her face. I splashed on her face and tits, and then he placed it in her open mouth. She took it and sucked and pulled more cum from him and swallowed, looking up and smiling.
"Was that good, or was it good?" she laughed. "I so much wanted that". He smiled. "At last - because I wanted you when you were my sixth form pupil too - and eventually we've both had what we wanted!"
And this was just for starters!!
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3 years ago
Good start... tell more!