The Mentor (reposted as per terms)

The Mentor

Part 1

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For those not familiar with my previous writings, this is not a loving d/s story. Like my other stories, this one is extreme and there are heavy amounts of cruel and abusive treatment in this one. If that’s not for you, look elsewhere. All are welcome to write me with comments and ideas. Females who enjoyed the story are especially encouraged to write. For those that have written me previously and didn’t get a response or we lost touch, you are welcome to write again.

In hindsight, I should have kept her for myself. Or at least gotten some use out of her before I handed her to him on a silver platter. Ah but hindsight is often 20/20, and I just didn’t see the potential at the time. She was another young newbie after all, and I, an experienced Master, and user of women, had no great interest in another untrained cunt who thought she was submissive. Still, if we hadn’t met on the internet and she hadn’t lived so far from me, I like to think I would have at least had my fun with her first.
She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was upset about losing him. That had been another thing I didn’t want to deal with. Its not that I have an problem taking advantage of a vulnerable girl, I just didn’t feel like dealing with some emotional slut that was still hung up on her ex.
Still she intrigued me somewhat, she claimed she had been submissive all her life. She told me stories about how she was always putting herself out for others, how she tried to be submissive to her boyfriends. And I’ll admit, she was fucking hot. I had been skeptical she had sent fake picks, until the first time she showed me her self on cam. She was 21, petite and slender with small perky breasts. She had long hair down to them middle of her back, and a face that was both cute and fuckable.
She was impressed with my experience as Dominant Man, and asked me if I could please train her. She had never had a real Dom and wanted to learn to be more submissive. I agreed to be her Mentor and she my student.
It turns out she broke up because she caught him cheating on her. She had gotten off work early and came over to surprise him, when she saw the other car in the driveway. She peered in the bedroom window and saw him fucking some other cunt. She left, cause she somehow felt bad to interupt him, but the next day confronted him. He admitted fucking that girl and others, and they got in a fight about it, at which point he yelled her to get out. It had only been a few days and she was very depressed over the breakup. Apparantly he was a real jerk too, cocky, condecending and selfish.
What did you do wrong?, I asked her.
Me? He was the one that-
If you had been pleasing him like a proper girl, would he have needed to fuck another cunt?
But I-
would he?
I guess not. I guess I could have done more. I never thought about it like that.

Exactly, you weren’t thinking. So who’s fault is this?
Right. But you need to really accept blame 100%, not just say it. That’s the first step in repairing this.
So bitch, who’s fault was it he was fucking other cunts?
My fault.
It was entirely your fault wasn’t it?
It wasn’t his fault at all was it?
No Sir.
And what do you when you are at fault?
I don’t know.
You apologize, for starters.
Right, ok so I should go apologize to him? But I don’t know what to say.
Tell him you are sorry. Tell him you are sorry for coming over unannounced, for spying on him, for raising your voice to him, and most importantly for not pleasing him enough. Tell him it was all your fault, and you know he is not to blame. Say that you will do anything to make it up to him. And then beg for his forgiveness. Then accept his answer.
Ok, I can do that.

I finally worked up enough courage to go over and apologize. I was scared cause I know I was wrong and he has a bad temper. Anyway, I went to the door and he was still mad. He called me a stupid bitch, and slapped me a couple times and told me to get my ass out of there. I had been thinking about what you said all day, and it really sunk in. I had tried to be submissive to him, but I should have done more to please him.
Good slut, so what happened.
I dropped to my knees, crying and begged him to forgive me. I told him that I know I was a stupid bitch, and am so sorry for disappointing him and not being good enough for him. I told him, I was willing to do anything to make it up to him and that I know I deserved his punishment too.
And then?
He grabbed my hair and dragged me into his house. It hurt and I sc****d my knees, but I was just happy he let me in. He unzipped his pants and told me to “suck it bitch” and I did.
Did you do a good job?
I tried Sir. I tired to give him the best blow job I’ve ever given. I licked his cock all over and sucked him deep into my throat. And I massaged his balls too. He stood there for a few minutes just holding my hair, then he began to fuck my face. I was choking and gagging, but I couldn’t help it. He was very rough with me. He came in my throat and I started coughing, but I tired not to cough any out, cause I know he wouldn’t like that.
You should never spit out a man’s cum.
Yes Sir, I agree.

Before I even finished coughing, he dragged me to the door by the hair again and tossed me on my ass onto the porch. He told me I was too fat, ugly and stupid to be his girlfriend, but that if I was serious in making it up to him, he would consider using me as his slave. He told me to come at the same time tomorrow, if I was going to serve him, and then he spat in my face and slammed the door. I cried all the way home.
Good bitch, sounds like it went well.
Yes, you need to look at the positive here. You accepted blame and apologized, and he gave you another opportunity to service his cock. And he’s going to give you the opportunity to stay in his life and service him further. Doesn’t that make you happy?
Yes Sir, I guess it does.
Good cunt, the first step in repairing your situation is complete. And you will now have the opportunity to be the kind of slave whore, you should have been to him all along.
Yes Sir, I am happy about that, but nervous too. I mean I’m submissive but I don’t know how to be a proper slave.
Relax bitch, I will guide you.
Thank you, Sir, I appreciate all your help in teaching me.
Now in order to be a proper slave for him, you need to have the right attitude and demeanor. You must be completely selfless. Do you understand slut?
That’s like I don’t think about myself at all right?
Exactly, only him. Only his needs, wants and whims matter. You are nothing, you are shit and you don’t matter at all. You exist only to please him. You got that cunt?
Yes Sir, I’m shit, I’m nothing and I don’t matter at all.
Exactly bitch, and you need to remind yourself of that all the time.
Yes Sir
Its extremely important you maintain your place at all times, if you are going to be a proper slave bitch for him. You really need to embrace your inferiority to him.
Yes Sir, I want that very much.

And she did want it, bad. I still probably could have snatched her away at this point for myself, but I didn’t realize her potential yet. After I sufficiently ran her self esteem into the ground, she was ready to be and do anything to please her ex. And the son of a bitch had me to thank. I guess I considered it like charity work, making the world a better place one cunt at a time.

She was crying at the end of my instruction.
Tomorrow when you show up, you will wear a properly whorish outfit, something you know he likes.
Yes Sir.
What will you wear?
Umm, I have this really tight short dress, that he told me looked really slutty before, and my four inch fuck me heels, that I know he likes.
K, bitch and now makeup. You will where very bright red lipstick and deep blue eyeliner. Paint your face like a whore.
Yes Sir.
And be ready to do whatever he wants and expects of you. Remember this is all about him. As his slave your life is now going to revolve around him and his pleasure. Do you understand?
Yes Sir, this is what I want.
Good, you may find serving at times, difficult, degrading and painful.
It doesn’t matter what I want or whether I like it or not.

Exactly bitch, you are learning fast for a dumb cunt.
Thank you Sir.

The next day she was kneeling on his porch, and he had her crawl in. Then proceeded to beat the shit out of her. He kicked her, punched her, slapped her and threw her around, thoroughly abusing her.. By the end she had a black eye, split lip, bruised ribs, and was sore and bruised in several other places. He told her that’s what she had coming for pissing him off and being a stupid whiny bitch. She apologized again profusely. After which he made clear exactly how he felt about her. He didn’t love her or respect her. He told her she was stupid,, not much to look at, and that he fucked much better whores. He would never think any better of her and never treat her kindly at all. He expected complete and absolute obedience to him and she would service him in all ways.
Do you accept to being my slave you fucking whore?
On her knees, slightly spread, her hand behind her back.
Yes Sir, with al my heart.
And that’s how it began.

He ordered her to crawl to his bedroom, and he took off his belt and whipped her all the way there, stroking his cock. By the time she got there he unceremoniously shoved his cock down throat and face fucked her for several minutes. He vice griped her hair, and slapped her several times, telling her not to gag. Each time he would purposely thrust deeper into her throat. She tried her best not too, but it was futile effort. His cock was big and lodged deep down her throat. There was no way around choking. He gave her no air, and he seemed to want her to somehow breath around his cock. She dutifully held her wrists behind her back, never once removing them. His slaps kept her conscious more then anything and finally on the verge of passing out, he pulled out of her throat and threw her face first on the bed.
Open your fucking legs and spread yourself for me.
She spread her legs, and pull and reached her hands behind her pulling her ass and cunt wide for him. He plunged deep into her cunt, with all the gentleness of a stranger, **** fucked her increasingly sore hole for a good 20 minutes.
Through her pain she reminded herself how she was just some holes for him to use, and that she was happy to be here serving him. He told her to keep herself held open, so she kept her hands behind her, spreading her sex the entire time.
He used her back and sometimes her head to place his hands and brace his weight so he could really drive into her, sometimes slowing down to catch his breath and taking slower deep jabbing thrusts, as if to penetrate her cervix, but most of the time, he fucked her like a rabbit on roids.
Being a slut, she was wet the whole time, but still his savage use left her cunt with bruises and small tears. When he was done r****g her cunt, he pulled out and just as quickly slammed into her ass, causing her to scream louder then she had been. After a couple thrusts he was buried to the hilt and circled around a bit before beginning her ass ****.
She concentrated on holding her ass open for him as he pillaged her hole. This is what you want she told herself. This is what your deserve. Make it good for him. No pleasure for you. Please him like a proper slave should.

Another 15 minutes or so later, her dry ass suffered multiple tears, evidenced by the bl**d on his dick. He finally shot his load buried to the hilt in her ass. With a groan of satisfaction, he pulled out of her.
Clean me cunt.
Immediately she spun around and met his cock with her mouth, gently licking and sucking it clean.

I had not realized she was such a natural submissive, especially during fucking. We discussed how fucking was purely for the Man’s pleasure, and how she should have no expectation for pleasure or relief. She readily agreed, and said she had always felt this way. She always felt that women were meant to serve Men in all ways, but especially sexually. She felt that sex was supposed to be rough and degrading and painful. So she needed little guidance from me there. She did absolutely everything she was told in bed without hesitation or complaint.

But there were other areas where she needed more instruction. He had her on some strict rules. But I didn’t feel they were enough. He had her keep her own place, cause he told her he didn’t want to see her ugly face all the time. So she was only called over to service him at his convenience multiple times a week. She had to keep a pager with her at all times, and was required to be there within a half our of any page. She had to come over to clean his house, top to bottom, twice a week. And she turned over half her gross paycheck to him every month.
She endured his loveless fucking and constant abuse quite well, but I thought her slavery to him should be more complete.

Why do you only turn over only half your paycheck?
Cause Sir, half is barely enough for me to live on. I want to give him more, I would give it all if I could, but he doesn’t want to live with my dumb ass.
Well you cant blame him for that.
Oh no Sir, I completely understand. He only wants me around when he needs me.
Ok, slut, lets look at some way you can bring him more money. He obviously wishes to exploit you financially, so you should be doing your upmost to maximize what you can give him.
Yes Sir, I agree completely.
So lets start with your expenses. What can you cut back on in order to give him more?
Hmm, well Sir, I guess I can cancel my cable.
Well that’s an obvious one.
Yes Sir, and my internet too.
Good bitch, those are luxuries you don’t deserve.
Umm, Im not sure what else to cut.
What about utilities bitch? You don’t really need heat or air conditioning do you?
No, Sir, I guess I don’t.
So cancel them. And lights. You don’t need them either.
My apartment will be dark Sir.
So? What do you need light for? Your life revolves around him, you don’t have a social life or friends. You’ve nothing to do but wait to service him. If you need to buy a few candles, that’s much cheaper then paying for lights.
Yes Sir, that’s a good idea.
In addition, you should purchase all his groceries and cleaning supplies.

Yes Sir, I do much of that now.
And your car, that honda you drive is too good for you.
Its an older car Sir, not very expensive.
Yes but its too good for you. Sell it, find something much cheaper and shittier, befitting you. Sell your car, getting something really cheap and give him the difference.
Yes Sir, he will like that. Sir, I have a confession to make. I have a small savings account, from before I met him. It only has two grand in it. I have kept it for emergencies, but now I’m thinking I don’t deserve to have it and I should maybe give it to him?
Your damn right you dumb slut. You have been holding out on him.
Your right Sir, I feel so stupid now.
You were being selfish and thinking of yourself, you are only supposed to think of him.
Yes Sir, I screwed up again, I’m so worthless.
Drain the entire account and bring it to him. And apologize for holding out on him. Expect him to punish you.
Yes Sir, I deserve it, I was a selfish cunt.

Another issue that came up was his fucking other cunts. It became obvious as he did nothing to hide it. When she cleaned his house, she found other woman’s panties, phone numbers, used hygiene products, etc. She didn’t dare raise the issue with him, as she had learned her lesson there. I made her see that she was a slave now and was owed no fidelity. He was free to fuck all the cunts he wanted, and any jealousy she felt was to not to be shown at all. She should be happy for him to get his rocks off on other sluts, and as a proper slave should help him find other cunts to use.

I’m being selfish again aren’t I Sir? I have to remember my feelings done matter at all.
That’s right skank, As a proper slave you need to start embracing his use of other women. From now on, whenever you see, a girl he might like to fuck, you are to try and get her number to give to him. Or at the least tell him where he can find the slut, if she works somewhere. You should be looking constantly for him. You know your pathetic cunt is not enough to satisfy a real Man like him? You know you are lower and more pathetic then anything else he sticks his dick into?
Yes Sir, I know. I’m lucky he uses me at all.
That’s right, so from now on you should bring him at least 5 phone numbers a week, And if you bring any less you should ask to be punished.
Yes Sir. And Sir I was thinking, I should ask to serve his other cunts as a cheap maid, that, way he can charge then a small fee for me, and make more money off me.
That’s a good idea cunt, I’m sure he will like that.
Yes Sir, and this will really help me remember that I am not important to him
Good bitch.

I learned later that he started having her use his internet to find porn for him, when she cleaned his house, which was increased to 4 times a week. He became more or a perfectionist over time and harder to please. She had to redo many chores, and he began making thing harder for her on purpose. She had to clean the floors on hands and knees with a sponge, dust until there was none at all, and clean his toilet with her toothbrush, though she was required to lick the rim clean.

At some point he branded her ass with the word slave. Not very creative, but it illustrated what she was, and she was proud of her brand. Running her fingers over the indentions of the letters, reminded her of her place and purpose in life.

Between his sexual use of her, her maid duties and her job, I was able to talk with her less and less. But she still kept in contact with me for ideas on how to improve her slavery and how to better her service to him.

I learned that he required her to use his internet to find other bitches for him and also to start whoring herself for him. Apparently he still didn’t feel she was bringing him enough money.
She was successful on both accounts. She regularly began whoring for him. But there were certain rules.

1. No enjoying herself, no touching herself and no cumming. She was there to please and service other Men, and she should concentrate only on that. She hadn’t come since before she met him, and didn’t expect to ever again. He talked about having her clit removed so she wouldn’t be distracted by any pleasure, but as of yet he hadn’t done it. After a long chat with me, she concluded that she didn’t deserve to have her clit anymore, and so began begging him to remove it for her, so she could more properly focus on him. He has promised it will be removed soon and done quite painfully

2. She was only to whore her self to sadists, misogynists, and other cruel and abusive Men. No nice guys, and no one that would appreciate her or be the slightest bit gentle.

3. She was to whore herself only to men she found unattractive. This meant mostly fat or out of shape men, old men, or just ugly men. She had to turn away a few good sadists because of this, but she wasn’t the least bit attracted to anyone she whored herself too.

4. She could only charge a small set amount, and no more for herself, because she wasn’t worth anything let alone what she was paid.

5. Despite the limited pricing of herself, she had to bring him a weekly dollar quota and she was punished severely if she didn’t. He got greedy and kept raising the amount on her, but she learned to meet his quotas.

His sexual use and abuse of her continued to grow as well. He tired her up in numerous ways, stretching her till she learned to spread her legs as wide as he wanted, till she could put her feet behind her head, till she could fit whatever he wanted to shove in her cunt, ass or mouth. His brutality never ceased nor did his debasement of her. She spent countless hours sucking his cock while he watched tv or talked to other sluts on the phone. He sat on her face and she tongued his ass while he mauled her tits and beat her cunt. There wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t carry bruises welts or cuts on her. And he was never nice to her. He always talked down to her, yelled at her, spat on her, told her how stupid, ugly and worthless she was. And the more he told her, the more she knew he was right.

At my urging she began starving herself to lose weight for him. Not that she needed too, she was already in decent shape, but it was an added degradation and pain for her. Plus he had called her fat so that was reason enough to starve herself for him. She would go days with only his cum and piss in her belly.

Her excessive whoring to meet his financial demands finally caught up with her and she got busted for prostitution. She spent days in jail, until he decided to bond her out and get her an attorney. She of course took the full rap and kept her owner out of it. He in return wanted to be paid back for the attorney fees, and of course she was to go right back to whoring.

Her selflessness had reached a good level, but every once and awhile she needed a kick in the cunt to remind her of her place. This was one of those times. While she was nothing but polite and humble to him, she felt it a little odd for him to ask to be paid back for the attorney, after all the money she had given him from whoring and everything else. The only reason she couldn’t afford one is she gave him nearly everything but rent and gas money,

You’re being selfish again bitch, I told her.
I know I am Sir, and that I shouldn’t even think of myself at all.
The money you earned whoring was his money, you cut into his profits, by getting busted, its your fault, and now you need to pay him back in full.
You are right Sir, as always. But he says I am not allowed to count any of the money I am already giving him towards paying him back. I really want too, but how can I?
Sounds like you will need to get another part time job. Get his permission to get one, then turn over that check in full to him. He likely may have you keep it though even after you pay him back.
Yes Sir, that’s true, but if that’s what he wants I am happy to do it.

After she got her part time job, It became real difficult to stay in contact wit her. She had virtually no free time, not that she should have any, so our talks became infrequent. But she had progressed to the point where she barely needed my guidance anymore.

I heard from her a few more times. She finally had her clit removed, and now had a painful itchy scar where it used to be. Apparently it was badly beaten, pierced with needles then burned and cut off. She was immensely proud of enduring this feat and despite her grueling life, was content in her slavery and happy to serve her Owner.

The last I heard from her she was saving up to get giant porno tits for him. I had no doubt she would get them. One day I got a letter with some pictures of her. The pictures showed, a starving waif thin bitch, pale skinned whore, covered with marks and bruises. Her tits were huge and were no doubt causing her back pain. She was naked except for a corset and high stiletto heels that I could tell by looking at were not comfortable. The ridiculously tight corset cinched around her waist, was to hold up her up straight, and to help along her starvation. It also pinched her waist so much it made her tits look even bigger, if that were possible.

The letter thanked me for mentoring her and for helping her become the worthless slave cunt she is today. She thanked me profusely and told me that although she had no comforts or pleasure in her life now, and that she was in constantly fatigued and in discomfort and pain, she was eternally grateful for teaching her how to be a proper slave bitch and for helping reunite her with her ex.

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