One way to spend a sunday

It's the first time you've ever dared to exit your small apartment dressed up like a girl, but after chatting with numerous people and becoming convinced that you were not only passable as a girl but mistaken for a girl until your pants came down only gave you more confidence to not only go outside dressed up, but meet a fan of yours from your online videos and pictures. After trading a few messages and finding out how close by he was, you jumped at the chance to meet him. Entering the small coffee shop that was your meeting spot, you quickly spotted him reading a book quietly in a far off corner of the shop, quickly you make your way over to him, feeling excited and nervous at the same time as you sit yourself down across from him. At first he didn't notice you but then he suddenly looks up from his book when he felt your stare. " Can I help you-. . Oh, Hailey! Great to meet you. " He said smiling before extending his hand across the table, feeling the urge to be a bit naughty, you press his hand down onto the table and lean forward slightly giving him a brief kiss before pulling away " The pleasure is mine. . " You say, feeling your cheeks lighten up as you take in the stunned look on his face. The stunned look quickly shifts to a grin as he stands up, grabbing your hand and leading you off to the bathroom.

Once inside, you find yourself pressed onto the wall, His much stronger hands holding yours up and away so you were unable to resist " Naughty girl. " He says before leaning forward, shoving his tongue into your mouth as he kissed you roughly, enjoying the weak protest you made by attempting to giggle free, a minute into the kiss he releases your arms and they drop to your sides like bricks. Pulling himself away from you. He grinned as you attempted to catch your breath " W. . wow " You mange to breath out before you notice the grow bulge in his pants, just as you point it out he's quick to point out yours as well, flicking the head of your cock with his finger. You twitch from the impact as he guides you into the bathroom stall, as you enter you notice the amount of writing on the walls, mostly phone-numbers, and people asking for free blowjobs, below one such request sits a hole. . the perfect size for a cock to slip through just as you wonder whats about to happen you hear him unzip his pants, turning your head towards him, you see his throbbing cock. Twitching and pulsing in the air as you look at it with envy, it was bigger then yours could ever hope to be and nearly as thick as some of your toys. You stare at it for a moment before you hear your lover speak " Are you going to stare at it all day, slut? Get to work. " He said in a surprisingly demanding voice. " Yes sir~ " You reply teasingly as you drop to your knees, one hand slowly stroking the prick while the other cupped his balls. You lean forward giving the cock a few licks before taking the head into your mouth, moving your hands into your lap as you rolled your tongue around the head before slowly bring your mouth down around the massive prick. " Oh fuck. . " You hear him say quietly as you get nearly half the prick into your mouth " You really know how to please a man, don't you slut? " He said gripping the top of your head, pressing down gently until you feel the entire cock enter your mouth. Thanks to your practice you don't gag, and instead slowly pull yourself up before sliding back down the massive meat-rod again. After a few minutes of sucking you feel his cock tense up and start spraying glob after glob of cum into your throat, your f***ed to shallow most of it. As you pull away from his cock, you let out a loud sigh licking your cum stained lips. " Stand up and turn around slut. " You did as ordered, hoping he didn't intend to fuck you without any lube. You sigh loudly once again as he hear the top of a bottle pop off, a moment later you feel his hand hiking your skirt up before the hand moved down and tugged down your panties. Slowly his hand worked the gel into your asshole, you let out a few soft sighs as a thick finger entered your tight fuckhole " Shit, it went right in. Maybe you didn't need that lube after all. " He quickly pulls his finger out witch causes you to wince before you feel his cock head poking at your ass cheeks. Slowly, the head of the thick cock f***ed its way in and you let out a near scream as it did " O-oh fuck! It's thick! There's no way thats going to get any deeper! Take it out! " You start to panic.

Suddenly his hand comes down on your ass check, smacking it hard causing you to let out another cry of pain " Shut the fuck up, slut. " You obey not wanting to get another smack on your ass. Slowly he allows your asshole to adjust to his prick, making a few light thrusts until his cock his about half-way in before he pulls back, thrusting forward roughly " O. . oh fuck. " You let out in a hushed whisper " Like that? You fucking whore. " He says smacking your ass again, but lightly. When you give no reply he smacks your red ass check again! " I said, do you like that, you fucking whore? " He raises his hand to smack you once again " Y-yes! I love it! " He grins " You like what? " You remain quiet for a moment until his hand meets your ass again roughly " Well?! " He said, raising his voice " I like. . " Your start " I like getting fucked in the ass by this huge cock! " He grins and starts thrusting back and forth slowly, and soon you feel his pubes pressed onto your ass as he thrusts back and forth with increasing speed " Fuck. . fuck. . Oh. . FUCK ME! " You almost shout until his hand comes over your mouth " Everyone in this store will fuck you if you keep that up, slut. " You attempt to remain quiet but his steady tempo is almost to much for you to handle, your knees feel weak and your cock is throbbing with every thrust and you slowly reach down with one hand, but before you can grasp your pretty little cock he grabs your hand and tugs it backward " Fuck no, you'll cum like a woman. Slut. " He said grinning at you as his thrusts start to get harder and harder you feel him start to pulse in your warm asshole, and with one sudden thrust he cums hard, filling up your ass as your cock shoots cum onto the cold bathroom floor. Pulling out roughly he quickly zips up his pants as you slid onto the floor, leaning on the stall wall as you attempt to recover from your orgasm " That was fun slut, I'll be in touch. " He says before snapping a picture of you with his cellphone and leaving the bathroom as you attempt to recover. Not five minutes later a group of three men enter the bathroom as you attempt to pull up your panties " Git' a load of dis bitch. " One of the men says grinning, you slowly back into the stall as the men advance on you.

The rest of this story will be saved for another time. . ~<3

(( I hope you enjoyed this, I typed this up after watching Hailey_gurl's wonderful videos, check them out if you found this story worth a good fap. This is the first story I've put out on this site. Let me know if you find any problems with it in a message or comment, Later. ))
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3 years ago
wow o_o i liked three parts
1. Everyone in this store will fuck you if you keep that up, slut.
2. Fuck no, you'll cum like a woman.
3. snapping a picture of you with his cellphone.
but i didnt like the thought of anyone fucking you, unless its me.
3 years ago
OMG I love this!
3 years ago
I absolutely loved it! I've had this fantasy like a million times, it was like you were reading my mind at putting it down on paper. This was really really hot, I can't wait for the second part =]
3 years ago
Great story. Love the style and the perspective of the slut. Keep on writing!