Creampie Cuckold Humiliation

I have been married to my wife for just over 4 years. She's perfect. I met her just out of high school and she was a suppressed, hot and horny church girl. I was the first boyfriend she ever had so needless to say she was a virgin. We got married after a couple years of dating. The sex was great.

After a while, the sex was still great but my wife didn't seem to be into it anymore. She never said anything, but I had the feeling she was getting bored with me even though she was always willing to let me fuck her whether she was in the mood or not. I was at the point where I wanted her to crave sex and beg for her next orgasm.

She's drop dead gorgeous, 5'3" tall, 120 lbs, rich brunette hair, tight figure, beautiful ass, nice boobs and a perfect pussy (shaved bald except for a little well-groomed strip on top).

I started reading literotica and was turned on by three-way action stories with 2 guys and a girl. I fantasized about watching her get fucked by another guy (for the first time). I also liked the idea of my wife dominating and humiliating me in front of her friends. I wanted her to crave the sex she deserved and want her next orgasm so bad she'd make me eat her cum-filled pussy to get it. It started in my mind and then slowly made its way into the bedroom.

I started by begging my wife to let me eat her pussy. She didn't like me to go down on her because she was raised that it wasn't natural and she didn't want me to expect head in return. She also didn't like kissing me afterwards. Nonetheless, I was determined and once in a while she would let me tongue her clit and would really enjoy the orgasms.

I was still into my fantasy, and would sometimes imagine my wife was forcing me to eat her lover's cum from her while I brought her to her next orgasm. I imagined she was forcing me to be her cuckolded bitch. I imagined doing this a number of times before I got the nerve to ask my wife to call me her bitch. She didn't like it at first but I told her to play along and after a while she started to get used to it.

A short time after that we were out drinking with some friends and were pretty d***k by the time we got home. We hopped into bed and started fucking right away. Right when we were hot and in the moment I told her how good I thought her pussy would taste after I came in her and told her I'd love for her to make me her bitch and insist I eat her to orgasm. She was grossed out by the idea and wouldn't let me do it.

A number of d***k nights later, my wife learned that after I came I really didn't want to eat her perfect cum-soaked pussy anymore. She also learned it made me really hot during sex if she told me she was going to make me eat her creamy pussy afterwards. She would say it but never really worried about it actually happening because I always chickened out once I came.

I was confused. I thought I wanted it but couldn't follow through. I decided if I pretended I was another guy fucking her to start and then jumped back to myself, the cuckolded husband, maybe I'd be able to eat her out. I started calling myself "first-time lover" and told her how lucky I was to be fucking her beautiful pussy (pretending I was another guy). I would say her husband didn't know how great her pussy really was and didn't treat it right, it deserved a big cock. Lots of big cock. This actually made her quite horny and she fucked like an a****l and begged me to cum in her. I was making progress.

Another d***k night or two later, while in first-time lover persona, I told her that once I was done fucking her to make her cuckolded husband eat out her cum-filled pussy and to grind it all over his face and call him a cum loving little bitch. Her husband was to worship her perfect body and do whatever she said if he hoped to have a chance of fucking her wonderful pussy again. My wife agreed and begged me (first time lover) to fill up her pussy with my biggest load of cum so she could get her cuckold husband to lick it out or else she would be impregnated with another guys cum. I said if her husband was there I would get him to lick her ass while I fucked her good and hard and filled her with my cum. I would also get him to lick my ass just to humiliate him further and then make him lay underneath her with his tongue on her pussy while I fucked her doggy style. She played along with me and just wanted my big load of hot cum in her perfect smooth pussy. I deposited my load and went straight for it but she stopped me momentarily, I came to my senses, and didn't follow through.

Once I came everything always changed. I no longer wanted what I thought I wanted. I decided to give up and just forget about the fantasy. What I didn't realize was that it was too late. The seeds had already been sewn…

My wife had always been completely loyal and would never even think of putting herself in a situation where something could happen with another person. No one but me had ever even kissed her before, never mind anything else. In the coming months my wife started to take some liberties with some of our friends (mostly while drinking), and got comfortable with the odd kiss and grope. She'd sit in other guy's laps, dance, grind, and flaunt her beautiful boobs and ass. The worst I witnessed was once when she wound up showering naked with two guys and later that night decided to shave one of their genitals. I was there, and for some reason participated in videotaping the whole thing.

Then one day my wife decided to make my old fantasy come true…

I was working a rare couple of days out of town. My wife had the hots for a guy she knew for quite some time. Anyway, I drove up to our house and noticed a couple of vehicles in the driveway. I walked in and there was this guy, Paul, and a girlfriend of my wife's, Christina, in the living room. They were drinking and I could tell everyone had drank more than one or two drinks. They welcomed me in and gave me a beer. We sat and talked and drank a few more and I did a few shots.

My wife was sitting next to Paul on the couch and whispering in his ear and I could tell something was up. She looked at me and gestured she wanted to kiss him. I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head and that was all she needed to get going. She spun around and mounted him and kissed him passionately for about ten seconds. When she stopped, she looked over at me and sternly told me that she was going to fulfill my fantasy and said that Paul and Christina knew everything. She said I was going to be their bitch for the night and to watch closely how another man was going to deep throat her properly before going straight for her tits and pussy like I usually did. She also told me that Christina was there to make sure I felt humiliated like I always talked about just in case my wife was too busy with Paul to pay attention to me.

Still on Paul's lap, my wife resumed their passionate kiss. She lifted her shirt over her head and exposed her beautiful boobs only covered by a black lacy bra. She also took his shirt off and continued kissing him as she massaged his large bicep muscles.

Christina looked at me and asked what the hell I was doing watching my wife making out with Paul like a pervert. She took off her pants and told me if I wanted to be a pervert to get over there and stick my face in her ass. She was one of my wife's hottest friends so I quickly got up and positioned my face behind her ass so I could still see my wife making out with Paul. She dropped her panties and stuck her asshole right into my nose and told me to smell it and be glad that a bitch like me had the opportunity to smell the ass of such a hot woman and to thank her for letting me do it. I thanked her and she made me address her as mistress. Paul, meanwhile, had removed my wife's bra and was fondling her perky breasts.

After a couple minutes of Christina grinding her ass into my nose and mouth she told me that I didn't deserve any more of her ass and to go take my wife's lovers pants off so I could see what a real cock was supposed to look like and what would be fucking her and my wife later that night. I got excited at the thought I could watch him fuck both my wife and Christina and went over immediately. As I took his pants off he asked me if I was going to enjoy watching him fuck the shit out of my wife's beautiful pussy. I assured him I would and he called me a little bitch and told me if I was lucky I would get to suck his cum out of my wife's pussy. As I took his pants off my wife was anxiously taking hers off at the same time. She had never fucked another man before and her panties were soaked in anticipation.

I noticed Paul had no underwear on and his cock was still limp but was hanging down at least 6 inches. It was almost as long soft as mine was hard and it was much thicker as well. Christina came over and pulled my wife's panties down to reveal her soft, bald, gorgeous pussy. She brought them past my nose and I greedily sniffed their hot scent. She told me to strip and put my wife's panties on like the bitch I was. I did and they noticed my cock was hard as a rock and my balls were swollen up full of cum since I had been out of town for a couple days. They said I had a decent sized cock but told me how small it was compared to Paul's monster considering he was almost as long and already thicker and wasn't even hard yet.

My wife grinned at me and told me she was ready for a good fucking from Paul's cock so I'd better get to work and suck him hard so she could fuck him. I am not gay so this was uncomfortable for me. She repeated herself and called me a little bitch in her panties that were soaked with her hot juices from just thinking of fucking Paul's cock and sternly told me to do it or else. I took his limp cock in my mouth and started sucking until it grew so much I couldn't keep it in my mouth any longer. It popped out and grew to full size and Christina told me to suck his thick cum-filled balls that were about to pump his entire load of jizz into my wife's womb. I sucked on his balls and wow I could feel the load of cum built up inside. Christina called me a gay cocksucker and laughed.

My wife told me she wanted to make sure she would give me a good creampie to eat so she had Paul over every night I was away and sucked him until he was just about to cum but never let him finish and insisted he wait for tonight. He was good and ready and was now anxious to be able to stick his swollen cock into my wife's hot pussy. She kissed him again and told me to lay down. I did and she sat facing Paul with her asshole on my face and told me to start licking her ass and smelling her hot pussy. She insisted I breathe through my nose so my tongue could keep going and so I would be smelling her dripping pussy while she was fucked. She told me I was lucky to get such a good view of her swollen pussy lips about to be fucked by Paul and that was as close as I was allowed to be to her pussy until she was full of his cum.

I continued to lick as Paul moved in. He put the tip of his cock right up touching my wife's pussy and told me to beg him to fuck my wife. I acted like I never heard him and was feeling pretty embarrassed and humiliated by this point and then Christina grabbed my balls and squeezed until I pulled my mouth away from my wife's ass and started pleading for him to please fuck my beautiful wife and make her cum and thanked him for saving up his seed to pump into my wife's womb. He plunged inside her and she moaned and she drove her asshole back onto my mouth. She asked Paul to fuck her hard and fill her up with his cum. He pulled his cock out as it glistened with my wife's sweet juices and d**g it across my face and plunged back into her. He moaned loudly and told her how much he enjoyed fucking her tight pussy.

Paul pumped in and out of her for nearly ten minutes in which time my wife had three orgasms and her juices, mixed with Paul's precum, dripped down onto my face. Christina told me to make sure I licked up all the juices that ran down to my wife's ass as I continued to eat her sweaty asshole. His cum tasted salty, warm and thick but I didn't mind because it was mixed with my wife's sweet nectar. Christina had a hold of my balls and was squeezing and told me not to miss a drop. My wife told me to get ready for my creampie I'd asked for and grabbed Paul's ass and screamed loudly as she f***ed him in and out of her. He said he couldn't hold it anymore and groaned and bucked as he filled my wife with his massive hot load of cum. He pulled out and squeezed the last bit of cum onto my face and my wife pulled back and drove her used pussy into my mouth and told me to start sucking like the cuckolded little creampie cum-slut I was. Christina squeezed my balls again as I hesitated and I licked and sucked and swallowed as I was told. My wife shuttered into another orgasm and her and Paul's thick juices ran into my mouth and down my throat. My wife laughed and called me a bitch and told me to get used to it because she enjoyed it so much and was going to make it a regular routine.

Christina got up and said she was so horny it was her turn to have some fun. She knelt in front of my wife and caressed her breasts as she stuck her tongue down my wife's throat. My wife drove her pussy further into my mouth and seemed to really be enjoying kissing another woman. Christina rolled backwards and spread her legs revealing her equally beautifully shaved pussy and asked if my wife would go down on her. My wife willingly obliged and used her tongue to massage Christina's clit.

Christina moaned in pleasure and told Paul to keep me busy while she had her turn with my wife. Paul got up, grabbed me by the feet, pulled me towards him, knelt down, and grabbed me by the balls. He told me I wasn't allowed to watch my wife with Christina and pulled me up by my balls so I was on my hands and knees. He stuck his cock in my mouth and told me to enjoy sucking the rest of my wife's juices off it because that was the only cock that was to fuck my wife from then on unless he said so... and he assured me that if he ever did allow another cock to fuck my wife's beautiful pussy it wouldn't be mine.

I could hear Christina moaning loudly as my wife continued her magic. Paul mentioned how hot the two of them were together as he watched the show. He grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and thrusted his monster cock in and out of my stretched mouth. I heard Christina go into orgasm and my wife gasp how hot she was.

Paul asked me if I wanted to see his stud fuck another girl because he surely wanted more practise before sl**ping with my wife again. I nodded and he pulled his dick out of my mouth and went over and stuck his cock right in Christina's pussy as she gasped and leaned forward into him. My wife told me she knew I'd always wanted to fuck Christina and to watch as she let Paul have his way with her. She also said that I'd better not even think I'd have a chance of fucking Christina or any other girl because there was no way it was going to happen; I was still her bitch and I was the one that wanted her to be this way so I'd better get used to it.

Paul didn't last long before emptying his nut into Christina's love hole. He pulled out and went over to my wife, picked her up and walked toward the master bedroom. As he left the room he told Christina to clean up and then join them for the night.

Christina sighed and told me that she didn't enjoy hearing from my wife that I'd always wanted to fuck her. She sternly told me that I was a pervert for watching her get fucked by Paul and said I had better get used to sucking his cock because it was going to happen a lot more often. She said although she was mad at me she would be nice and give me a present. She got me to lay down on my back and she stood over me and let Paul's cum ooze out of her used pussy and drip down onto my face as I gazed up at her sensuous crotch. She told me that was the only way I was going to taste her sweet pussy juice and to start jerking off since she wanted to see me cum on myself before she went to bed. I felt humiliated but my cock was throbbing so much I grabbed it and started stroking. When she was satisfied all the cum had leaked out of her, she bent down and wiped herself clean on my hair. She said her asshole was sweaty from the good fucking she received from Paul and would let me lick it with my tongue while I finished myself off. I licked her hole and stroked myself to orgasm and came all over my stomach. She grabbed my hand and used my finger to scoop up some cum and stuck it in my mouth. She got up and told me when they woke up in the morning the place had better be cleaned up and to have breakfast ready. Of course, I was only to be wearing a pair of my wife's panties and was to get used to my new life because it was just getting exciting…
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25 days ago
Now submissive sex object for both women and any of their hot lovers.
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that is one hot fucking story, wow
4 months ago
Great read! The conservative wife sounds like my own bride, and the fantasy of watching her orgasm impaled on the cock of anther man is a fantasy of mine, too. I dream of being the sissy cuckhold husband catching the love juices as they spill from my wife's satisfied pussy as part of a threesome like you described. Erotic story!
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mmm yes!!
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Awesome story!
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A brilliant story , more please. XXX
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Great realistic cUXcHEERY busting story !!! I,v forced cUXsISSIES to admit thye love this kind of treatment and the best is the first time I force them to service a WhoreWife gangbnag crew !!!!!!!
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Wow!! Great letter. Keep them cumming.
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Good story!!!
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That is so fucking hot.
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Great story!!
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Really hot story!
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Wow that's a hott story
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one of those " wish I where there" stories
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yea, i love this stuff!
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awsome story
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great cuckold stories keep them coming