Halloween Pt2

Todd, er, I mean Colette, stalked proudly out the front door, confident as hell. I hesitated, watching him, er, her, er, him, whatever, take about ten sashaying strides down the sidewalk. He'd obviously got the trick of walking in heels down, because his hips swayed ever so sexily. Hips! I suddenly realized he had hips! His waist was tapered, and he had hips. His ass looked amazing when he, she walked. (I learned later Todd had bought a waist cincher to narrow his midsection, and emphasize his hips. But I'm getting ahead of myself.)

"Damn. You look hot," that was all I could say, and I don't think I realized I said it aloud. But I must have, because this goddess before me pivoted, and strode back toward me.

"Well," she purred, "it's a holiday, and I've always been curious about having a girlfriend. Maybe you'll get lucky, sexy. C'mon." She reached out and took me by the hand, and led me toward the sidewalk, giving me a half-lidded look, before winking and smiling. Todd really knew how to get into character. Even his hands felt soft and smooth. Like a woman's.

The main drag, as it were, was about four blocks from our house, several college bars, right in a row. We'd hit them all, sometimes, all in one d***ken college boy night. They were too close to drive to, and just far enough to stumble home d***k from. We'd agreed ahead of time we could make it there. But that was before heels. We made it two blocks before our feet started to hurt. If nothing else tonight, I thought, I'd have a new appreciation for women wearing high heels.

We slowed our pace, and Colette convinced me to keep going, saying once we hit a bar, we could sit and stay as long as we wanted. And we made it another block. Right in front of a frat house. And that's when the paranoia from the weed kicked in. I was absolutely certain a bunch of guys would come racing out at any second and beat the living shit out of us. And I stopped walking, standing right there on the sidewalk, in front of the frat house, Omega Eta Pi. Or something like that.

Colette turned to me, "Sweetie, we can't stay here. Your feet hurt, my feet hurt, and it's a little chilly for these outfits. Take a deep breath, man up, and let's go inside a rest for a bit. I know a couple of the guys here, so if there's any problem, we'll laugh it off with them, and move on, okay?" She held both my hands and stared into my eyes. Her red hair really set off her green eyes, even in the dark.

It was obvious there was a costume party going on in the house, and the pain from my feet was starting to override the paranoia. I nodded, and we hobbled up the walk.

A big bruiser at the door was collecting money. He was dressed live a Viking. Or at least how frat boys think Vikings dressed.

"Sorry, girls," he said, "but this is a costume party, and no admittance without a costume."

Colette and I looked at each other. Wondering who was going to tell the bouncer we WERE in costume, but he spoke again.

"Fortunately, it is also Ladies' Night, and admission is free for ladies on Ladies' Night, and that always overrides anything else." He slipped those obnoxious "21+" paper bracelets on our wrists and wished us well. "And if there's anything I can do for you..." he leered at Colette.

As we walked into the maelstrom that was the party, I felt a twinge of something. It was jealousy. I was annoyed that he was flirting with Todd and not me. This reaction, even though I really had no business being envious. He was a dude. I was a dude. Even if I didn't look like one.

But I needed worry. As we walked in... you know how in the movies, when someone walks in a room and the needle is scratched off the record? Well, that didn't happen per se. The music kept thumping, but, it sure seemed like every guy, of which there were plenty, stopped what they were doing and looked at us. And some of the women did too.

I followed Todd, not knowing what else to do. And he, er, she, smiling at everyone, found out where the drinks were, and forged her way to the kitchen. Although that makes it sound like it was harder than it was. It seemed that the crowd parted before her. At least they did from what I could tell. My eyes, despite my paranoia, kept getting drawn to her amazing ass. His amazing ass. That amazing ass. Whatever.

It dawned on me then that between the hypnotic power that ass had on me, the fear of getting the shit beat out of me, the realization that some of the guys in the room were looking at me, hungrily, and the wonder of it all, my feet didn't hurt any more. Go figure.

We found a guy pouring drinks in the kitchen, and Colette laid a sexy voice on him, "Two screwdrivers, Sugar." Todd's girl voice had a slight southern twang to it, even when talking above the music.

I was just about to down my screwdriver in one big gulp, when a Zorro appeared before us. He was considerably shorter than we were, and more than a little d***k. And before he could speak, Colette did. "Beat it, huh. We're together." And with that, she slipped her arm around my waist.

Zorro blanched. Hell, if I were him, I'd have run to my room to whack off to the idea that these two hotties were lovers.

Well, that was interesting. I just thought of Todd AND myself as "hotties". And the idea of the hotties being intimate wasn't... all that unappealing. Colette had already planted the seed, so to speak, so was I... ? No. That was crazy talk. I was high. I was uncomfortable, and I needed this drink rather badly.

I was about to guzzle it, when I heard Colette murmur, "Slowly, dearie. Ladylike, remember?" That look of confidence and arrogance was still on her face, but I could see in her eyes, Todd wasn't quite so sure about things.

"Let's go get some air," she said aloud, and added, whispering, "and then let's get out of here."

I wasn't sure what was up, but I wasn't going to argue. I followed that ass through the kitchen to the back deck, which had a handful of people on it, mostly couples. It was big enough that we could stand apart, but small enough that neither one of us felt like we could talk. As we lit cigarettes, I could feel looks from the three single guys, and even the paired off guys. And you know what? It felt flattering.

We leaned against the railing, taking the pressure off our feet, and the combination of weed, booze and tobacco had me feeling fine. Finally. I was really starting to feel appreciated, with all the guys sneaking looks at me. Us. And because they were checking us both out, I didn't feel jealous of my hot, red-headed "date".

As a matter of fact, I was starting to feel sexy. As a guy, I was just another dude. Ignored. Lost in the crowd of guys. But, dressed like this, short, tight little dress, shaved legs, I felt desired. And maybe, I wondered, Colette, or Todd, was feeling the same. Maybe that joke about being a lesbian wasn't a joke, but a hint. Sure, it was the intoxicants talking, but maybe it might be time to try something new, like, my roommate. He, she, was looking damn fine, as I noted before. I felt a stirring in my loins, and was about to put my arm around the tight little waist of Colette, to see where it would go, when I realized everyone had left the deck. Almost everyone.

There was me, Colette, and a big, big man.

I mean, we weren't short in our heels, but he was still taller than us by a few inches. And broad at the shoulders. I wouldn't call him chubby, but he was solid. Probably a football player. He was black, and his face was in shadow, so I couldn't see his expression, but I could tell he was looking at me. And he seemed to stare for several minutes before anything happened.

Colette broke the spell by speaking. "I'm gonna go get a drink." And she disappeared into the house. I turned away from the man, nervous, and suddenly more shy than I'd ever been. And I've been shy a lot in my life.

I sensed him walk up behind me, and he put his hands on my hips. "You look beautiful," he said in a deep, bass voice.

"Th-thank you," I whispered, trying to keep a woman-like voice. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, and something told me to be very, very careful, even though something else registered that his hands felt good on me.

"Are you cold?" he asked, as he leaned forward and down to speak in my ear. Wow. That felt even better, for some reason.

His touch, on my waist, although still soft, became a little more firm, and felt a little nicer.

"Why don't we go inside, upstairs, where it's warmer," he whispered as his lips touched my ear. And that did it.

I'd never been touched like this before. I'd never been spoken to like this before. I was suddenly hyper-aware. Of his breath on my neck. Of the weight of my earrings. Of the scent of my perfume. My shaven smooth thighs, rubbing ever so slowly together, as I tried to keep my own excitement from popping out of my satiny/spandexy panties.

I turned my head to meet his gaze, and I was going to say "okay", but I never got the chance. He kissed me. Oh, god, he kissed me. His lips met mine, and mine parted to welcome his tongue in. When it did, my knees nearly gave out. But I didn't have to worry, as his hands had completed the circle and held me up quite firmly. He pressed his body up against my back, and I felt a pressure against my ass. I felt so good, so protected, so desired, I knew I was going to do anything that night.

The kiss ended entirely too soon, as he stepped back, took my hand, and said "Let's go somewhere more private."

He led me back into the house, through the kitchen, and if Colette/Todd was anywhere to be seen, I didn't notice. I was almost in a trance.

We went upstairs, into a bedroom, where, facing me, he put his arms around me and drew me close for another kiss. I melted into him, pressing my body against his, grinding slightly against him. And as I felt him start to grow, I realized my predicament. Oh, god. I was a man, dressed as a woman, a sexy woman, and I was making out with a great big black guy. I broke the kiss, and stared, panic-stricken into his face. He was going to kill me, I knew it.

But he looked calm. Calmer than I would have in his shoes. "It's alright, baby. I know your secret." As I tried to make sense of what he just said, he sunk to his knees, put one hand on the front of my left thigh, and the other on my ass, and pushed up the hemline of my skirt. With my panties exposed, he took two fingers, hooked them under the leg band, and pushed them out, letting my dick fall out from its hiding place.

As high, d***k and scared as I was, I was also still turned on from the kissing, and as he took me in his mouth, I got harder. And he sucked more. And I got harder.

This was incredible.

Not only had I dressed up like a woman tonight, but I looked pretty damn good. And I left the house of my own free will dressed like that. And I went into a frat house, looking like the kind of women frat boys dream about. And I let a man seduce me. And I kissed him back. And I let him take me to his room. And now, he was giving me a blowjob. And it felt incredible. All of it did.

His lips and tongue on my dick and balls. One of his hands gliding up and down my leg. The other grasping, and gently kneeding my ass. My knees started to go out again, but I caught myself. I'd never received a blowjob from another guy before, and the old joke of "it takes one to know one" rang true. His oral was better than I'd received from any woman.

And then it ended. He stood back up, and kissed me again. His tongue, which had just been on my cock, was now in my mouth, and I'd never felt anything so good.

I broke the kiss this time, and sunk to my knees.

(Shall we continue with the story?)
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