Celeb Bukkake #1 – Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg was waiting for a guy she had met at a friends house to pick her up. It was the first date she had gone on for months and she was really excited she had decided to dress sexy she had on a tight pair of jeans and a top that a tight low cut top. The guy she had met was called marshal and was 19 she had only met him once and usually didn’t go on a date with a guy she had only just met but she had decided to make an exception as she had very little free time. he pulled up to the house and Michelle went out to meet him “hi marshal” she
said as she got into the car “looking good tonight michelle”. They had decided earlier that they were going to see a movie but marshal pulled up to a house “I just have to get something from here come in” they went inside the living room was packed with guys and michelle could hear more coming from upstairs. Marshal locked the door behind him “what are you doing” asked michelle looking really scared marshal just laughed and pushed her int the living room they “line up guys” shouted marshall. Michelle could hear people coming down the stairs she was surrounded buy guys she started to cry all of the guys started to rip her clothes off and soon she was standing naked in front of all of these guys. One of them slapped michelle and knocked her down she tried to get back up but another guy made sure she stayed on her knees. Marshal came back into the room carrying a bowl a spoon and a glass “ok guys we need some of you to cum in this bowl but you all get to fuck her mouth” michelle started to scream when she heard this but she was shut up by a guy who shoved his dick in her mouth she tried to move her head back but he grabbed it and pushed more of his dick into her mouth. He started to fuck her face while 2 other guys started to jerk off with there dicks aimed at her hot face she was still crying and she started to hit the guy she had in her mouth 2 more guys grabbed her hands and told her to jerk them off she refused so they twisted her arm behind her back they heard a muffled scream and gave her another chance she started to jerk them off she now had 5 dicks aimed at her face she had never given a blow job before and she really didn’t like the idea of swallowing someone’s cum. Tears were running down her face but this would soon be replaced with cum the guy in her mouth was the first one to cum and michelle wasn’t ready for it she started to gag “swallow it bitch” she did as she was told she hated the taste it made her feel sick she hung her head in shame but carried on jerking the guys off. One of them lifted her head back up and all 4 of them started to cum at the same time they all aimed at her mouth which she was made to open they filled her mouth told her to sut it but not swallow the finished shooting there loads over her face. “open your mouth slut” said one of the guys who’d just cum into it they laughed at her and told her to swallow it she cringed when she heard them say that but she f***ed it down then started to cough. They gave her a few seconds to recover then another guy put his dick into her mouth while 2 more guys put condoms on one lay underneath her and entered her pussy while the other went for her ass she was a virgin and she had always been scared of sex but they didn’t care and started to viscously started to fuck her pussy and ass she started screaming but it was muffled by the guy in her mouth who just then shot his load deep in her throat which made her gag again he was quickly replace by another guy. The guy in her pussy and her ass were both close to cumming and started to fuck her as hard as they could the guy in her pussy was the first to cum cosely followed buy the guy in her ass they pulled out and carefully took off their condoms which were full of cum the guy in her mouth pulled out so they could empty them one emptied his into her mouth while the other emptied it over her face more guys lined up to fuck her ass and pussy all wearing condoms while other guys lined up to face fuck the slut. All the time this was happening guys were cumming into the bowl marshal had set up as the night went on she was fucked until she could hardly walk and every single drop of sperm was on her face in the bowl or shed swallowed it and most guys had cum 3 or 4 times. “its not over yet” said marshal he dragged michelle over to the bowl she had given up screaming and just hung her head in silence. He grabbed part of her hair that wasn’t matted down with cum and put her face into the bowl and held it there she started to struggle to get her head out and some of the cum went on to the wooden floor he finally let her up. She had more cum on her face than he had ever seen he filled up a glass of cum and handed it to michelle and told her to drink it she started to gag as she took her first sip but she kept drinking. While she was doing this marshall went into the kitchen and got a loaf of bread and took it back into the other room he took out a slice put it on a plate and used the spoon to cover it with cum on both sides and handed it to michelle who was still drinking the cum. She had given up by now so she started to eat the piece of cum covered bread this was the most humiliating thing she had had to do ever and she hated the taste she started to gag but she eventually finished eating it. “keep drinking slut” said marshall she eventually d***k the whole glass but marshal quickly filled another she d***k that one aswell as 3 others. By now the bowl was almost empty so marshal lifted it up and emptied it over her head her eyes were stuck together with cum so she didn’t even see it was coming. Marshal looked down and noticed there a pool of cum on the floor were it had spilt out of the bowl so he “lick that mess up now” she got down on her hands and knees and started to lick it up while marshal got behind her and started to fuck her ass while she licked up the cum. This was really painfull for her and she started to scream “stop screaming bitch” she had to try hard not to scream while still licking up the cum. Luckily marshal didn’t last long and he shot his load right up her hot little ass michelle was relieved when he finally pulled out. She finished licking up the cum and looked at marshal she looked great covered in cum so he took a picture the ordeal had lasted just over 2 hours and she must have swallowed about 200 loads but the embarrassment wasn’t over for michelle because marshal led her to the door and threw her out into the street naked and still covered in cum she could hardly walk so she didn’t get far without falling. just then 2 black guys walked round the corner and stopped and saw michelle lying there naked covered in cum an evil smile crept across there faces as they bent down to pck her up.

To be continued.
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1 year ago
Very cool!
More cock and sperm in the sequel?
2 years ago
Loved your story...
2 years ago
Thats about what Id make the little cumslut do
2 years ago
fuck thats hot