A Journey to Depravity Chapter 2.

The Tuesday arrived. I was up early and for the first time for over a week, I didn’t look at the photos or masturbate. I certainly had second thoughts about going, but knew deep down that I was committed to submitting to Maria and Lionel. I was to arrive at Lionel and Maria’s house at 11:00. Taking my lead from the photos, I dressed in my best and most professional business suit. Underneath, I wore my best black lingerie and sheer black stockings. I thought I would look the best for my brutal defiling. When I arrived at Maria and Lionel’s house, I was greeted with them both wearing leather outfits I recognised from the photos.

“Good to see that our subject has arrived on time and is very well dressed. From now on today you are to be called subject, I am Mistress Maria and this is Master Lionel,” said Maria or as she was now to be called Mistress Maria.

I was ushered in to a totally transformed living room. There I saw the wooden cross structure which featured in so many of the photos I had seen, chains and shackles handing from the roof, various crates and suitcases, and wooden chairs with restraints.

Mistress Maria wasted no time in deftly placing a blindfold on me and ordering me to slowly take my clothes off but leave my underwear on. As I stood there in my underwear, Mistress Maria asked me to spread my legs. I then felt hands groping my boobs through my bra firmly and deeply.

“What fucking beautiful tits you have. I have wanted to get my hands on them for a long fucking time. You are going to do everything we say and take everything we dish out and you will fucking like it,” said Master Lionel.

“Perhaps all those things that you have seen in those photos will happen - floggings, clamps, weights. When you finish here today your big tits will be red and the nipples stretched. Your ass will be red, and your cunt will be stretched. That is why you came here today isn’t it?” asked Mistress Maria, her mouth only inches from my ear.

“Yes Mistress Maria,” I answered, but my answer was met with a hand grabbing my pussy hard through my panties and a stern rebuke.

“Say it properly, say I am here to get my big tits turned red and my nipples stretched!”

“I am here to get my big tits turned red and my nipples stretched.”

“What else!” Mistress Maria commanded and she squeezed me even harder while Master Lionel continued to grope and pinch my tits through the fabric.

“I am here to get my cunt stretched,” I replied, perhaps the first time I had ever said that word out loud, but not the last.

The groping continued for a little while until Master Lionel suggested that I needed some flogging. My hands were bought around behind my back and I felt some cuffs of some sort go on my wrists, locking my arms into position. Then still wearing my underwear, the flogging began. I would learn later that it was a very, very soft flogger and I would in time become acquainted with much more severe instruments. But I yelped nonetheless, as my tits and my pussy were comprehensively flogged. My bare stomach and thighs were also flogged.

“Looks like we’ve got a squealer,” said Master Lionel.

“We know how to fix that don’t we,” replied Mistress Maria.
With that the flogging of my cunt stopped momentarily as Mistress Maria moved to somewhere else in the room before quickly returning. There was some fumbling around my neck and face as a ball gag like I had seen in some of the photos was applied to me.

“That should keep the subject quiet,” commented Mistress Maria.

“Let’s get these tits and cunt out so we can have a look at them and start to work them over properly,” said Master Lionel.

My cunt and tits were throbbing but it was not unbearable. Far, far worse was in store for me. Mistress Maria unbuckled the cuffs and my arms were grateful for the release. Unceremoniously my remaining clothes were removed.
“The subject’s tits are even better than we imagined,” said Master Lionel as he fondled them, groped them, cupped them, and squeezed them - measuring them up for size.

“And her cunt looks good too,” added Mistress Maria.

“I want you to cup your tits from underneath and push them up, keep your fingers underneath and your nipples exposed,” commanded Master Lionel.

As I did that, the flogger landed hard across my bare tits and I instinctively let them go. The sting was wicked but quickly abated.

“Don’t move, put your hands back where they were and push your big tits up, we are going to warm them up properly,” commanded Master Lionel sternly.

I was almost in a trance like state and simply obeyed when Master Lionel added another twist to the torment.

“Say a number and that is how many strokes of the flogger your tits will receive. If I think the number is too low, I will deliver 50 strokes. For every time you let go of your tits I will deliver another two strokes,” said Master Lionel.

Mistress Maria momentarily removed the ball gag and asked me to say the number.

I thought 10 and then 20 and instinctively split the difference and said 15.

“A good number,” said Master Lionel who proceeded to deliver the strokes.

He did not simply deliver them constantly, but made sure I could not predict when the blows would land, building tension and surprise. Sometimes there were pensive pauses of what seemed like minutes and then on a couple of occasions they landed close together. Twice, my hands slipped away and I earned myself another four strokes in total for that behaviour. Each time a blow landed I bit down hard on the ball gag in my mouth.

At the completion, Mistress Maria asked Master Lionel whether I had earned an orgasm. He replied yes and that I should have some jewellery on my nipples and I felt some clamps squash my nipples with excruciating pressure and also the cold steel of some chains that dangled down. I groaned.

I felt two of Mistress Maria’s fingers hook into my wet pussy and the palm of her hand push against my clit. The churning and gyrations of Mistress Maria’s hands quickly bought me to orgasm. As my orgasm built rapidly, Master Lionel pulled firmly on the clamps attached to my nipples and just at the peak of my climax, he gave them an almighty yank and then held them there stretching my tits outwards. I nearly buckled over from the orgasm and from the nipple torment, but Mistress Maria’s other hand yanked my hair, forcing me back up. Pain and pleasure ripped through my whole body. As I shuddered through the denouement of my climax, Mistress Maria removed her hands and Master Lionel relinquished the clamps attached to my smarting nipples.

“You are one lucky subject to be allowed to climax so quickly, but it will come at a cost. I want to climax too. I will remove your gag and the blindfold, when
I have done so, look at how red your big tits are already and then lie down on the cushions,” said Mistress Maria.

With that, my gag was removed and then my blindfold. I looked down at my tits, the clamps were still attached to my nipples. My tits were bright red, brighter than I thought they would be. Mistress Maria stood in front of me and with the help of Master Lionel was disrobing, she commented that my tits would be a lot redder by the time I left. Mistress Maria’s tits were even bigger than mine and they sprang from their tight confines when released. I was beckoned to lie on the cushions.

“This is simple, I am going to fuck your face, smoother you with my wet cunt.

You are going to eat my cunt like there is no tomorrow” said Mistress Maria.
I had licked pussies before, but not like this. Mistress Maria faced my feet, her ample thighs either side of my head as I laid on the cushions. I caught a glimpse of Master Lionel placing his feet either side of my hips and his sizable hard cock jutting out from the leather pants. My senses were soon enveloped by Mistress Maria’s big wet cunt. She sat firmly down upon me, her asscheeks spreading across my face. She got comfortable and started to fuck my face, simply sliding her cunt rapidly across it. I did my utmost with my tongue and lips. I was occasionally allowed a gasp of air and told to make sure I kept my tongue out the whole time. The facesitting didn’t last long and it soon got more desperate and violent. Mistress Maria squeezed my head impossible tightly and clamped her cunt down hard on my mouth as she came, screaming like a banshee at the top of her lungs. I squirmed involuntarily underneath her as she pulled hard on the chains that ran to the clamps on my nipples. When she mercifully got off me, I could see that her face and tits were sticky with cum. Master Lionel had clearly cum over his wife. Sensing that I had noticed the sticky mess, I was ordered to lick Mistress Maria clean. I licked her face, her neck and her tits before being order to kiss her deeply and dig out the cum in her mouth with my tongue.

After I had completed this task, I was offered a big glass of water that I gratefully accepted.

“I think we’ll keep the blindfold off now while we tie up your tits. You should watch what we are going to do to them.” said Lionel.

He took the clamps of my nipples and started to deftly bind my tits at their base. I had seen this done in the photos, but the first think that struck me was how quickly and deftly he did it. The second and overwhelming thing was the eye watering pressure. It was more intense than I imagined. Master Lionel continued to adjust the ropes. My tits were still red from the previous flogging, but I could see that they were already going a deeper shade of red.

“Tell me how much you like having your big fucking tits bound,” whispered Mistress Maria into my ear.

“I love having my big tits bound. That is why I am here,” I exclaimed.
“Good, you are a quick learner for a new subject, but you still have plenty more learning to do, many days worth in fact.”

With that, cuffs were placed on my wrists, but this time I was ushered over to the ropes that were attached to pulleys on the ceiling. Ropes were tied to the cuffs, and my arms were hoisted into the air.

“Excellent,” said Master Lionel as he took in my f***ed pose, before adding, “I want you to look deeply into my eyes as I torment and punish your big bound tits, do not alter your gaze from mine until I say you can.”

I nodded and stared deeply into his eyes, and then the real torment and punishment began. It was gentle and intimately intense to begin with. I stared into Master Lionel’s eyes as he lightly touched and caressed my turgid tits. Every wordless light touch was like a spark, words were not necessary. My cunt was getting wet again, nearly dripping I suspected. The teasing torment went on for what seemed like a long time, but I had no real concept of time at that stage. Master Lionel’s light teasing touch slowly started to give way to harsher contact. I gasped each time Master Lionel repeatedly pinched my bursting nipples, and I yelped when he started slapping my tightly tied tits and screamed loudly when he grabbed and squeezed the constrained orbs. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mistress Maria pummelling her cunt with a massive brown dildo. This tit punishment continued for what seemed like an eternity – painful pleasure, my cunt throbbed. All the time, I kept my gaze focussed on Master Lionel’s sparkling blue eyes, even as the room was filled with Mistress Maria’s self induced orgasmic shrieks.

Just as I thought my tied and tormented tits would explode, Master Lionel relented, but it was only momentary, as I would be introduced to a new anguish. Master Lionel rustled around momentarily in a quaint velvet bag as Mistress Maria commented that I was being treated too gently. As I looked down at my poor tits, they were brick red with a hint of blue, and it looked and felt like my distended nipples were pulsating.

“Let’s get a bit more serious shall we,” said Master Lionel as he showed me what he had taken out of the velvet bag.

In his right hand he held, a pair of wicked looking clamps that I recognised from various photos which I would later learn were called clover clamps. Chains ran from each clamp. In his left hand he held four weights – two small and two large, grinning as he did. Mistress Maria worked the ropes that ran from the ceiling which allowed me to lower my cuffed arms. She then removed the cuffs and commanded me to bend forward and place my hands just above my knees.
As I assumed the position, Master Lionel wasted no time in attaching the clamps to my already tormented nipples, causing me to wince and yelp before I was told to be quiet in no uncertain terms. The pain was extreme, but more was to come as Master Lionel clipped the smaller weights on each chain. He held them in his hands before he looked into my eyes and dropped them. It was excruciating and arousing at the same time. I expected that weights would be used on me, and the pain was more intoxicating than I imagined. They swung slowly, rhythmically pulling my nipples one way and then other.

Master Lionel then went behind me as Mistress Maria grasped my head firmly and told me to hold still. Whispering into my ear, Master Lionel explained what was going to happen, “I am going to spank your young ass with my flogger and turn it fucking red. I have decided how many strokes I will deliver. Every time that I whack you, those weights on your brutally bound tits will swing around wildly tearing at your swollen nipples. As this is your first time, we will let you scream and believe me, you will. Each time though that you let go of your knees, or squirm too much, the next stroke will not be from my soft flogger, but from my much harsher riding crop. We have started with the small weights, but I will change them after a time to the bigger ones. Then towards the end, Mistress Maria will put both of them on you.”

I must have looked apprehensive as Mistress Maria added, “Don’t give me a look like that, you knew this was going to happen. This happens to all of our subjects, and even with both weights on, it is much less than our more experienced subjects take, and you’ll be taking them on your cunt lips before the day is out too.”

I screamed as the first stroke landed on my bum, sending the weights wheeling and tugging wickedly at my poor nipples. A couple more strokes landed before Lionel really started to wield the flogger, stroke after stroke landed in rapid succession, Lionel counting out each one. By the time he got to 25, my hands had slipped off my knees and I had stumbled twice under the assault. Master Lionel swapped from the flogger to the riding crop.

“Fuckkkkkkkk,” I screamed and grunted as the riding crop bit into my already tender bum cheeks twice.

Master Lionel finally paused his walloping of my bum and Mistress Maria removed the small weights, providing a moment of slight respite, before she clipped on the larger pair. The sensation was excruciating again, I could feel my nipples and my tit flesh stretched more than before, which was to be expected. Mistress Maria swung the weights and giggled as they oscillated and I groaned in time to their depraved arc. As the arc of the weights slowed, Master Lionel started to flog my bum cheeks again. This time he counted out 15 strokes with the flogger on to my burning bum. This time I stumbled three times and for my bad behaviour I received another three stinging blows from the riding crop.

“The subject needs to carry some more weight,” announced Master Lionel.
With that, Mistress Maria put the smaller weight on as well and I bawled through gritted teeth as she swung them and Master Lionel went to work on my red ass. There were only five strokes this time, but three times I stumbled, earning the further wrath from Master Lionel and the riding crop.

“What do you want to say to us now,” asked Mistress Maria.

“Thank you both for spanking my bum and torturing my tits,” I replied.

For being such a good and thankful subject, we will give you another orgasm, but after that we have plenty more work to do,” said Mistress Maria.
With that, Master Lionel started to rub my wet slit, twirling a finger around my clit as he did so.

“Lift your head and look into my eyes. I want to see your cumface. From now on, whenever you orgasm, you should always be seeing our faces in your mind and ours only,” said Mistress Maria.

Master Lionel’s fingers danced around my cunt, yet again, it didn’t take me long for an orgasm to build. As the climax started to take over my body, my involuntary shuddering sent the weights on my nipples spinning, and pain pulsing through me. The pain from my tits mingled and then was overcome by the pleasure blossoming from my cunt. I ended up collapsing forward and then on to the floor as Master Lionel’s vigorous hand burrowed into my cunt and and fingers from his other hand pinched my clit.

As I lay there recovering, Mistress Maria removed the clamps and Master Lionel commenced untying the ropes from my tits. I had no idea how long they had been tied up for, but as the ropes came off, deep grooves from the ropes were at their base and my nipples were throbbing. As the bl**d flooded back into my tits I gasped.

“You can have ten minutes to recover. We will bring you a glass of water. We can finish the session now or continue. We want to continue, we have plenty more in store for you. You have come this far, you should keep going. We are very happy with your progress,” said Mistress Maria.

As they departed the room, I laid on the floor, thinking about the depravity I had been subjected to. My tits were sore, and my nipples were standing more erect than I had ever seen them, accentuated by the fuchsine shade that they now took on. My bum was sore too. Despite just climaxing, I knew my cunt wanted more, craved more. My mind craved to know what more was in store as well. On top of the physical aspects, the mentally intensity of the session was well beyond anything I anticipated. Staring deeply into my twin tormenter’s eyes while they used me was intoxicating beyond belief. The rest was good and much needed. As I lay there I gazed around at the various implements and boxes, and the various piles of ropes et cetera that were strategically placed around the room which would normally have been a lounge room.

Master Lionel and Mistress Maria returned with the promised glass of water.
“We are not usually so hard on the tits of our subject on their first visit, but your big tits simply begged to be tortured. They are the best tits of any subject we have had. They were made to be tormented – big, soft and perfectly round with big nipples. We have never used the clover clamps on a new subject before, and you have done well to endure them,” said Master Lionel.

“Have you decided to continue with the training today,” asked Mistress Maria and I nodded in reply.

“Excellent,” they both answered in unison and Master Lionel added that they would be paying more attention to my cunt this time.

With that, they both busied themselves in a corner of the room. I was moved from where I was and told to stand further over towards the far wall where Mistress Maria fitted the ball gag again and this time a loose black silken hood over my head. I could still breathe through it and just make out movement but that was about all. Mistress Maria fitted the now familiar cuff to my wrists. It sounded like Master Lionel had some sort of steel bar device I guessed, and my guess was right.

As cold steel clamped around my ankles, Master Lionel explained what would be happening to me, “I am fitting a spreader bar to keep your legs wide open and to allow good consistent access to your cunt. Your arms will be stretched out to the sides and tied into place. Immobilised, we will use your cunt mercilessly. We will use it until you climax three times. If we think you have earned it, we will give you a moment of respite after each climax before returning to the task at hand.”

When I was in position, Master Lionel commenced slapping my vulnerable cunt with a cupped hand, each contact stung but sent a bolt of sexual energy through body, particularly when firm contact was made directly on my clit. There was a lengthy pause between each contact and Master Lionel soon subtly changed the stimulation by grabbing my cunt and dragging his fingers downwards, pulling it down as he did so. He continued to externally manipulate my cunt with his hands, I could feel my orgasm building more slowly this time from the harsh and deliberately variable treatment Master Lionel was dishing out. His hands worked my cunt in innumerable ways, grabbing, twisting, spanking, and rubbing. I clamped down hard on the ball gag as I entered the throes of orgasm and just as I was at the point of no return, Master Lionel’s hand departed from my begging cunt. I was left to flap and flail against my constraints by myself at the very moment that I craved stimulation. Luckily I was too far gone and even without my cunt being touched I climaxed violently.

I was given a precious moment or two of respite but my cunt was still quivering when I felt the sharp sting of the riding crop landing squarely on my clit. I only received three strikes from the riding crop, but each one was eye-watering. I would have screamed the house down had I not been gagged. I heard Mistress Maria say that she wanted a turn at my cunt. Slippery fingers replaced the stinging blows of the riding crop. Mistress Maria wasted no time in thrusting and churning two and then three fingers deeply into my sticky cunt. A fourth finger joined the others, and I was really starting to enjoy the methodical and deep thrusting from Mistress Maria.

I heard her say to Master Lionel that my young cunt was so very tight, and hadn’t been stretched properly but that she should be able to get her fist in. After what seemed endlessly f***eful fucking with four fingers digging into me deep and then pushing out against the muscular walls of my cunt, Mistress Maria informed Master Lionel that she would be able to get her fist into the subject. I threw my hooded head back and bit on the gag again as I felt my cunt expand and then be filled by Mistress Maria’s marauding fist. I had endured at least 10 minutes of Mistress Maria’s fingers and then her fist delving into my cunt. Another orgasm started to build, and sensing what was coming, Mistress Maria rammed my expanded cunt even faster. I convulsed uncontrollably against my restraints as Mistress Maria fisted me even harder sending me hurtling over the edge of orgasm. She continued to fuck me with her fist even as my orgasm subsided before finally withdrawing.

I was given a much longer respite this time and I needed it after two intense orgasms in a short time. Although I could not see, the room was soon filled with the unmistakable sounds of sex as Master Lionel and Mistress Maria fucked while I remained immobilised by rope and steel. After fucking to conclusion, they both turned their attention back to me.

“It’s time we got back to working on the subject,” said Mistress Maria.

“She took your fist, let’s see if she can take mine which is so much bigger,” said Master Lionel with emphasis on the last three words.

He slipped four fingers into me easily, testimony to how stretched my cunt still was from the previous drilling from Mistress Maria. Master Lionel’s fingers surged in and out of my cunt. Slowly I could feel him trying to work in his thumb, my cunt was slowly expanding further to take it and then with a dozen or so more churning thrusts, Master Lionel’s broad fist was embedded into my cunt, causing me to bite down hard on my gag. Master Lionel fisted me slowly and strongly, my cunt muscles were straining against the size of the invading hand. I felt him nearly withdraw all the way out before plunging deeply back in. After a period of metronomic fist fucking, Master Lionel started to squeeze my clit each time his fist bottomed out. The twin torment was too much for me and yet another climax overcame me. Master Lionel did not alter the stimulation as another intense orgasmic wave crashed over me. I thrashed haplessly against my restraints at the peak of my fist driven orgasm. Master Lionel whipped his fist out of me as my orgasm subsided, commenting that my ruined cunt no longer closed properly.

I was exhausted, but I was allowed time to recover, and then things continued. I ended up leaving that day after four o’clock. In addition to the events described, I fisted Mistress Maria while Master Lionel whipped my ass and exposed cunt. I was tied up again, completely immobilised while four hands pinched, groped and slapped my tits, ass, cunt and elsewhere. My cunt was clamped and small weights were applied and I was made to walk around the room and swing them around while my hands were tied behind me back. To finish the day off I was allowed to choose a toy from the toy box and finish myself off. After that Master Lionel and Mistress Maria became simply Maria and Lionel again and I was Suzanne and not the subject. Briefly talking to these two again after the depraved events of the day was surreal. I showered and got dressed, my body was red nearly all over. I could still since clamp and rope marks on my tits. When I came out of the shower, the lounge room was almost back to what would be consider normal although the foreboding wooden cross still stood against one wall.

On my way out, Maria and Lionel bade farewell as if I had been visiting from morning tea. Maria had one further instruction - that I reflect upon the day and write a brief note about how I felt about it and what I would like to happen next time. Next time, this was presumptuous, wasn’t it? I nodded politely and was told to drop the note in at the restaurant later in the weekend or on the weekend. The content in the note and the events that followed are a story for another time.

As I caught the bus home, my body, particularly my tits were still throbbing. I looked around at the faces on the bus and pondered whether any of the fellow commuters had experienced anything close to what I had that day. At work the next day, one of my prim and proper colleagues asked me how the training day went.

“Well,” I said absently, if only she really knew............

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2 years ago
Prior to reading this I never thought about bondage but now I'm thinking about looking into it.
3 years ago
wonderfully depraved and extremely well written. Thank you xxx
3 years ago
Wow, very, very hot!
3 years ago
I enjoy extreme stimulation but not
not this kind of pain.
I've had cloths pins on my nipples and dick head
but never clover clamps. I know what they are.
The harder you pull, the tighter they squeeze.
3 years ago
Very good indeed. We both loved it x
3 years ago
Nice. Very well done.

Especially gratified to read "denouement" used in a sentence.
3 years ago
I wish I was a woman to be played like that ♥
3 years ago
I've just read both parts of this and it is an outstanding story - thank you for sharing it with us.

5 Xs for a marvellous read.