A Journey into Depravity Chapter 1

This is a story from an event long ago. It was the mid 90s when the internet was just kicking off and all you could do on the very large mobile phones available was make a phone call. I was in my mid 20s then, much more slimmer all over than I am now, and my big boobs probably stood out more then, than they do now, given my much slimmer figure. Those boobs have always attracted more than fair share of attention. I use to wear my hair in a blonde bob in those days. Although I lived near the beach I kept my alabaster skin protected from the sun. I considered myself at the time sexually experienced and certainly open to experimentation. I had pretty much had boyfriends since I was 18 and had anal sex a number of times, a couple of d***ken lesbian trysts and even a clumsy threesome with two guys. I was to learn though that my experiences were barely touching the surface of sexual activity. I was a babe in the woods.

For about a year I worked part time at a restaurant and bar at Bronte, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs before I quit to take a “real” full time job with the government. I still visited the establishment as I got on wonderfully well with the owners – Maria and Lionel. Maria was in her early 50s and of Italian origin. She was vivacious, a little bit flirtatious, yet slightly demure, and liked to refer to herself as “everyone’s favourite Aunty”. She was carrying a little extra weight and she had big boobs that she would joke always got in the way in the kitchen, but were very useful at other times. Lionel was a few years older, slim and lithe with vibrant blue eyes. I am sure he was a real stunner in his younger days, and he wasn’t too bad now despite his age.

It was one Friday night that a few of us had gathered at the restaurant early in the evening. After a wonderful meal my own friends, drifted off as they were headed into the city. I decided to stay back and give Maria and Lionel a bit of a hand tidying up as they were short staffed. Both of them had been having a few drinks themselves and they were bouncing all over the place. After about an hour or so, Lionel left to walk home with the evening takings and it was just Maria and I left.

After we had finished cleaning up, Maria said, “Why don’t you stay a bit for a few drinks, I would love to have a chat to you about a few things.”
I had no idea what the “few things” were and I detected something out of the ordinary in her voice and her gaze, but couldn’t put my finger on it. As we sat down and gazed out on to the street, Maria fixed her gaze to mine and then said, “Now that you don’t work for us, I would just like to say that you have possibly the most magnificent breasts that myself and Lionel have ever seen. We always loved to have you around. We loved fantasising about you”.

I couldn’t belief what I had just heard. I blushed and my mind whirled in particular from the last the last statement, as Maria continued, her gaze now centred on my cleavage, “You must have men falling all over you, do you have a partner at the moment?”

“No, not for about three months,” I said, which was the truth.

“What no sex for three months,” she exclaimed and then added mischievously, “I hope you are giving lots of personal attention to your pussy.”

I didn’t know what to say and I guess my face must have betrayed my surprise at such a forward and lewd conversation.

Perhaps sensing my surprise, Maria added, “Relax darling, when you to get the age that Lionel and I are at, you become much more open about sex and we have ended up doing things that we didn’t even know existed when we were your age. We missed out on sooooo much fun where we were younger. Even though society might consider us a bit old and saggy, I think we get up to much more than you younger people do.”

I still didn’t know what to say, as I just sat there, stunned at Maria’s openness, but things were moving very quickly.

“Once upon a time I thought a threesome was kinky, but now, it is very old hat, unless it involves some.... training.”

Maria lingered on that last word and grinned as she said. I had no idea really what she meant by it.

“Have you ever had a threesome?” Maria asked and I nodded.

“What about... training...?” Maria again lingered on that word and clearly smirked this time as she said it.

“Do you know what I mean by training?” she added.

I shook my head, although I had some sort of non-specific inkling that it involved bondage style sex of some description..

“Oh forgive me for jumping ahead,” said Maria.

I finished my wine quickly and very nervously and Maria rapidly filled my glass and hers.

Martha then said, “You see, Lionel and I have this little hobby. It’s a bit difficult to explain how it began, but it is very kinky. We like to find a suitable female and involve them in some kinky activities, for want of a better word. We are into BDSM you see, and our hobby is finding women who we can dominate sexually. We have been looking at you for a long time and hoping that you may wish to be our next subject. We have so wanted to train you in BDSM, get our hands on your tits and cunt. You don’t have to answer now, as no doubt all this is a strange shock. If you join us we promise to take you body and mind to a place they have never been before, but will want to go again and again.”

I sat there lost for words and I could see unbridled lust in Martha’s eyes. To hear such vulgar words drift out of a respectable woman and the offer of engaging in kinky sex that I did not fully comprehend was strange and a kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings cascaded through me. I stammered a bit as
I asked Martha what she specifically meant by BDSM.

“All sorts of things darling,” she answered.

“Whips, paddles, clamps, ropes and bindings, toys, various implements that you can’t imagine; I know this all sounds strange, but what I will do is give you our large Polaroid photo collection for you to take home, and a magazine that Lionel and I were in. You may not like them at all, you may like some of them or you may like all of them. If you know you don’t want to participate let me know now and we won’t mention anything like this again. Likewise, if you want to have a look at the photos and return them without taking things further, then that is okay too. If you want to take things further there may be some things that interest you and some things that do not. Let us know which. Would you like me to get the photos for you to do a little study with so that you can learn more about your potential training?”

I paused but said yes. Not quite knowing what to expect, but too intrigued and the strange lewdness of it all was making me too horny to say no.
“Fantastic,” replied Maria and then added as she moved towards the kitchen, “I don’t need to tell you that these photos are personal and need to be returned.”

I was expecting maybe a small sleeve of photos, but Maria returned with a sizable suitcase.

“There are lots in here and they are all more or less in order. We don’t film all of our sessions, just those that are willing. We have been doing this for eleven years now.” said Maria.

The suitcase was quite heavy as I took possession off it, shaking with apprehension.

“If you do decide to join us, it will be wonderful. We have been thinking for a long time about the things we would like to do with you. We will need some notice to set things up. We have a lot of things to do to convert our lounge room into something more appropriate. We do not do things by half measures.”
With that Maria ushered me out the door but not before she grabbed me by the waist, spun me around and passionately kissed me. This would have shocked me half an hour before, but not now. I was beyond being shocked. I had butterflies in my stomach.

“Happy viewing, I will ring you Sunday night after the restaurant closes,” said Maria as she blew me a kiss as I wandered down to the taxi rank with my unassuming suitcase.

When I was in the taxi, I realised I was wet, hoping the grubby taxi driver didn’t pick up the scent. I was so aroused by the discussion not that, and desperate to see the kinky contents of the suitcase. There was no way I was going to catch up with my friends that evening; I had a lot of “homework” to do!

When I got I home I virtually burst through the door, flinging my shoes off and making a beeline straight to my bedroom. I was already in a partial state of undress as I threw myself on to the bed and flicked open the suitcase. On top was a pornographic magazine, clearly not one found at the newsagent. There was a bookmark and I flicked straight to the marked page where the banner was “The Wedding” and below it was a much younger Maria, resplendent in a see through white wedding dress. Her big boobs appeared unnaturally dark through the flimsy material and I could see that they were tightly bound at the base with white rope. As I flicked over the page, there was Maria again in a series of photos, exposing her pussy and bum, both of which had some sort of toy wedged in them and held there with tape. On the next page, she was now totally naked and I could see how red and swollen her breasts were. Lionel was now in the picture, his semi-erect dick hanging out of his trousers. He was holding a riding crop and in the last photo on the page he was whipping the already engorged breasts. Ouch I thought, but was still strangely aroused.

There were another six pages of Maria and Lionel in the magazine and I saw things that simply amazed me. I was shocked when I saw Maria’s big boobs clamped with weights attached, pulling them down, but was even more shocked, when I saw the same thing happening to her pussy lips. In another photo, Lionel’s fist was embedded in Maria’s pussy as she was tied to a table, Lionel’s other hand has wielding the riding crop. Almost involuntarily, my hand sidled into my panties and I climaxed at the barest touch of finger on clit.

With that I closed the magazine and removed all of my clothes, certain that I would be bringing myself repeatedly to orgasm. I went to the toilet and then got myself a bourbon and coke as I settled back on to the bed and commenced having a good look at the contents of the suitcase. The number of photos was vast, and their arrangement meticulous. They were arranged in sets in envelopes each with a label. They started at “Subject 1” and went through to “Subject 22”, perhaps I was destined to be Subject 23. A number of envelopes had what appeared to be more than one kinky sessions. The first photo of every set featured the subject fully clothed and generally well dressed. The second was the woman holding a little blackboard upon which was written her subject number, before the photo sets unveiled the rapid descent into depravity. The second last photo was what you could call “the aftermath”, a photo of the subject naked with reddened and stretched flesh, while the last photo was the subject leaving in the clothes that they arrived in. The women were of various ages, colours and builds, there appeared no pattern in that respect. It appeared that Maria and Lionel were equal opportunity perverts. Looking at the depraved BDSM pictures turned me on immensely, there was no doubting this. I couldn’t leave the photos or my pussy alone for most of the weekend. I had no idea people did the sort of things that were in these photos and as I reflected I couldn’t believe that the friendly mature couple that owned and ran the restaurant where I use to work were kinky beyond belief.

I won’t go through what I saw in each photo set but I will recount the most memorable. Subject 2 was a platinum blonde woman probably in her mid 30s and in her first photo she was immaculately dressed in a business suit. She looked vaguely similar to a customer that used to come into the restaurant. There were approximately 60 photos of her. In most of them she was hooded and tied to a wooden cross structure. Her smallish boobs were tied tightly and were whipped by both Lionel and Maria who were both dressed in leather. Her legs were spread and held there by some sort of bar and her pussy was whipped as well. In a number of photos a dildo was shoved deep into her pussy while she was still tied to the cross. A small number of photos were of the woman kneeling on a table, her boobs untied, but with clamps attached to the nipples from which thin ropes extended and Maria and Lionel apparently taking turns pulling hard on the ropes at all angles.

Subject 8 was a much larger and older woman and there were about a hundred photos of her and she really copped a working over. Her large tits were covered with clothes pegs until they could barely be seen. A series of photos had her kneel on all fours, still with the clothes pegs attached, and Lionel’s fist deeply embedded in her pussy, her ass cheeks bright red as Maria spanked them with the palm of her hand. Another had Lionel’s more than ample dick in her bum, while Maria buried her fist in the woman’s pussy. Another series of photos had the woman with her hands bound behind her back, wicked clips attached to her pussy lips with Lionel busying himself attaching an immense weight to each clip by a cable. My eyes watered at the sight of it, and watered more as the woman strained to lift and by the looks of it swing the immense weights as her fleshy lips were distended more than I thought humanly possible. Fuck I thought. The last few photos were of Maria sitting on the woman’s face and pinning her down on couch, while Lionel fucked her.

Subject 14 was a very petite girl with small boobs who I guessed was my age or slightly younger wearing heavy make-up. After the obligatory two introductory photos, in the next dozen or so photos she was spreadeagled on the carpeted floor that was covered in plastic, her ankles and wrists were cuffed and ropes ran from the cuffs to some hooks on the wall. Her bald pussy was being covered with hot wax as a naked Maria straddled her face and then peed across her mouth and chest, the camera catching a golden arc of liquid. In latter photos the young woman was also subjected to what I was realising was the ubiquitous clamps and weights on nipples and pussy lips. The aftermath photo showed the once meticulous make-up job had not surprisingly become a complete mess with mascara smeared and running everywhere.

For Subject 18 I realised that nothing was spared on this woman and she obviously enjoyed the immense pleasure and pain. There must have been over 300 photos. Clothed she was an average looking brunette woman probably in her late 30s or early 40s, but clearly she had an above average pain threshold and when she was naked it was obvious that she had extremely big and fat pussy lips. Maria and Lionel used those pussy lips to their fullest potential. Clamps and weights were attached to those lips a number of times and heaven forbid, even a sizable bucket of water was attached to the chains that ran from the clamps. She was tied and cuffed in all manner of positions – to the wall, against the wooden cross structure, from a device that extended from the ceiling and on the floor. Her boobs were repeatedly clamped, roped, pegged, pulled and spanked. Her boobs were even squashed together by vice like devices. Her pussy was filled and fucked by big toys and all manner of objects including oddly shaped shampoo bottles, a lava lamp, zucchinis, salamis, and the handle of a cricket bat.

At the end of the weekend I was spent, having become a virtual recluse in my bedroom. I had been alone and masturbating, obsessed with the huge collection of pornographic images featuring my previous employers and an eclectic collection of women doing things that I didn’t know could be done, or were done. When I wasn’t in the throes of orgasm, my mind focussed on the offer made to join the sexual world contained in the photos, a world which Maria and Lionel appeared close to deities. My mind flip-flopped between saying yes and saying no. It was now Sunday evening so I was awaiting Maria’s call, and I certainly had lots of questions. I knew it would hurt, that was obvious, but the thought of intense pleasure and pain mingling together was intoxicating.
It was about 10:00 PM when the phone rang with Maria on the other end. We made a little bit of small talk before we started discussing what was obviously on both of our minds.

“So have you been through all the photos?” asked Maria and I replied yes.

“Do they arouse you and have you been playing with your cunt while you look at them,” she continued.

“Yes, more than I thought I would. I have been touching myself most of the weekend,” I responded.

“Excellent,” said Maria before adding, “What activities most aroused you?”

“I dunno,” I said a bit evasively, “they all blow my mind a bit”.

“If you do decide to join us bear in mind that we will ease you into things. We are experts in our chosen hobby. Some of those women in the photos are fairly experienced. We will certainly push you, but it is about extending your limits incrementally. We are looking for Subject 23 and we hope it will be you,” said Maria.

“How long do the sessions last?” I asked abruptly.

“Three to four hours, but with some breaks. It depends on the subject. The longest was ten hours, but that was unusual. You need at least three hours to get right into things” answered Maria matter of factly, as if she was describing a shift at the restaurant.

“Would you like some more time to think about things?” she added.

“Umm, can I come and see you tomorrow after work and have a chat to you both?”

I asked and Maria responded in the affirmative.

I had more or less made up my mind, but still couldn’t give the answer. I ended up not going to work on the Monday, I was simply too distracted and too focussed on the meeting that evening to contribute at work. I was very nervous when I went round to the restaurant but both Lionel and Maria appeared as relaxed as always.

Lionel broached the subject first, “How did you like all the photos? “

“Amazing. I simply didn’t know people did those things and didn’t know that I would be so aroused by looking at them,” I answered honestly.

“Tuesday is our day off as the restaurant is closed that day as you know. Would you like to come and join us for a session Tuesday week?” he asked.

After a deep breath, I answered................................ “Yes”.

Both Maria and Lionel nearly leapt for joy.

“We will look after you and dominate you at the same time. You won’t be sorry, none of our subjects ever have been. We will put you through some basic training as we like to call it, nice and slow, but it will still be hardcore like you have more or less seen in our photo sets. We won’t be taking photos this time,” said Maria.

“Is there anything that you saw that you don’t like, bearing in mind we will start you with some soft floggers and only small weights and softer clamps et cetera?” added Lionel.

“I found it all fascinating and arousing to watch, but I am still apprehensive as to how I will feel and cope with being a subject myself,” I answered.

Lionel and Maria reassured me that they knew how to look after new subjects, and that I would have a “safe” word to bring things to a halt if necessary, although they said no subjects had ever had to use it. You only take orders within your own boundaries at the time. Your boundaries of course may expand overtime like ours have and many of our subjects.

Maria suggested that I should make sure that my pussy was completely shaved, and that each day during the week I should whack my tits and nipples with a ruler and pinch and pull on my nipples, particularly as I climaxed so my body became attuned to pleasure and pain together. She also suggested I pinch and pull my cunt lips and try fitting some bigger things inside me than I usually use on myself. Lionel said he would have lots of things planned for me, and if I was good lots of orgasms, but said he would like to keep the exact details a surprise. I could feel the eyes of both Lionel and Maria looking through me, no doubt thinking about what they would do to my pale and nubile young body when they got their dirty hands on it.

After some more small talk, I departed, still with the suitcase as Maria suggested I retain it for inspiration during the week. I probably didn’t need any as I was wet again with anticipation again despite almost incessant masturbation over the last few days. The week was a slow one, as I was so focussed and apprehensive about the following Tuesday. I told my work I would be away that day for training, I guess, it was technically correct but certainly not the training my boss would have envisaged for sweet me. I had been masturbating during the week and had been doing what Maria had suggested, smacking and tweaking my own boobs and nipples until they were red and had orgasmed a number of times as I played with my pussy with the other hand. I found the intensity of the orgasm was enhanced as I roughly worked my boobs. I also fucked myself with some bigger than average zucchini’s.

I was constantly looking at the photos, wondering what things would be done to me on the day.........................................

20% (7/30)
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3 years ago
dang, i have to at till later to read part two

My lady friend and i play - yes, we just PLAY
at dominatrix/slave and make silly videos.
Sometimes she dresses me up as "Britney."
(I make an ugly girl ;)
I likegetting titty slapped.
Yes I have tits from gvynecomastia.
I hope my condition gets "WORSE!!"
I LOVE my little titties with big nipples.
I can even lactate a tiny bit from my right boob.
I'm going to get a breast pump to increase
the amount of milk i produce.
3 years ago
Can't wait for the real thing. You write well.
3 years ago
fukin great!
3 years ago
just read your story not bad at all
nice to see your putting pen to paper again hope to read part 2 very soon 6.5/10