The Anniversary Present

It was our anniversary.

My husband Mark had organised a present for us - an evening in the best suite of “The Vibe” Hotel at Milsons Point in Sydney. Our luscious suite had a wonderful view over Lavender Bay, the late afternoon sun bejewelling Sydney Harbour. Mark had also organised dinner, a sumptuous meal and the best wine in the hotel’s restaurant. He also chose my outfit for dinner, telling me that he wanted to show off his wife and her sexy curves. He choose a long black skirt with a high split, black stockings and a low cut blouse which I knew would struggle to contain my big boobs (20DD in Australian measurements). Underneath I wore sexy black lingerie.

Dinner was wonderful and as we talked I could see that look Mark gets in his eyes when he is really, really horny. His eyes also drifted to my chest repeatedly and lingered. The alabaster globes of my breasts rose up from their constraints. I too was as horny as hell. After our lovely meal including divine desserts Mark took me to the adjoining bar which initially was empty and ordered me my favourite cocktail.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw three handsome well dressed gentlemen enter and then pull up a stool next to each other. One of the gentlemen looked vaguely familiar, and he came over and approached Mark who had turned towards them. I could feel all three pairs of eyes fall on my body somewhat obviously and this sent a further little shiver of excitement through my already aroused body and mind. I love being looked at by handsome men, what woman doesn’t.
After a quiet conversation, Mark introduced me to the three gentlemen. The first was the one that my husband Mark had spoken to me initially. He introduced himself as Martin. The other two gentlemen were called Jaden and Christian. Martin was probably in his early to mid 30s, tall and handsome in a classic way. He was wearing casual business attire. Christian I guessed was in his late twenties or early thirties, he was dressed more casually than Martin, and his tight shirt hinted at a very, very toned body. Jaden was dark skinned with brown smouldering eyes and the sweetest of smiles; I guessed he would have been in his early to mid twenties.

All three of them joined us and the conversation flowed. They were confident and articulate, but not pushy. The drinks flowed as well. After about half an hour, it was clear that I was the centre of attention, all three strangers plus my husband were clustered around me, and I was the centre of the circle, perched upon a bar stool while the men were standing up. Compliments flowed regarding my figure and my dress and many remarks were made to Mark about how lucky he was.

When Mark went to bathroom, smoothly and boldly, Martin, slid his arm around me and placed it firmly on the middle of my back. I was momentarily shocked. Sensing this, Martin whispered into my ear, “Relax, we wouldn’t do anything unless Mark approved of it.” I pondered this as all three of them commented on my figure, particularly my boobs.

“How big are they?” asked Jaden rather forwardly.

“20DD”, I replied quickly as Mark emerged from the bathroom.

My eyes darted to Mark who could clearly see where Martin’s hand was. A mischievous grin lit up Mark’s face as he returned my gaze. I was shocked but turned on as well. He came over and in front of everyone, he kissed me deeply and passionately, his hand cupping and caress my breasts as he did so. As he continued with his deep kiss, his hand moved deliberately to the hem of my skirt and he pushed it up considerably, exposing my stockinged thigh even more.

“Shall we go?” asked Mark, finally breaking off the unexpected display of unbridled passion.

I never got a chance to really answer as my husband took me by the hand and led me from the bar stool, and he was ably assisted by Martin who’s hand also guided me from the stool. I was practically shaking with surprise and expectation. I wondered to myself, “Had my husband really organised for these three gorgeous men to have sex with me?”

I was led to the lift, and my legs were like jelly. I didn’t really know what to do. But I had consumed plenty of drinks and was as horny as hell.

“Happy anniversary sweetheart,” Mark whispered to me as we waited for the lift, erasing any doubt that I would be having one of my fantasies fulfilled. That Mark was happy with it, indeed wanted it too, was dizzying.

As we entered the lift, the tension was unbelievable. The lift seemed to crawl upwards on its journey, until finally reaching our floor and we poured out. Mark led the way, and opened the hotel room door and held it open for myself and my entourage (cocktourage?).

Once inside the room, the three men descended upon me. Taking the lead, but doing so sensuously and considerately. My pussy was already on fire before Christian’s hands moved up to my breasts and started to squeeze and fondle them
“Mark said you had magnificent tits, and he wasn’t wrong”, he said.

Jaden knelt down, and gently lifted my calf so he could slip off my shoes, first one and then the other. Fleetingly, he gently but firmly massaged my feet as he did so. Martin’s hands were busy roaming across my bum and my back. I nearly came then and there without my pussy being stimulated as Christian kissed me deeply, his tongue teasing mine. Finally, he broke of the kiss and started to nuzzle my ear, whispering dirty sweet nothings as he did so.....

“We are all going to fuck your sweet pussy...... make you scream again and again as you cum..... your husband so much wants to watch you get fucked over and over............. he is going to fuck you hard too........ you’re going to be sucking and fucking so much hard cock tonight.......... we are going to oil your magnificent tits and fuck them too........Fuck we want you so fucking much.....”

Finally, Christian let go of me and Martin slowly unzipped my dress from the back. I stood in front of two men who I had only just met and my husband, and was in the throes of having my cocktail dress removed by another new acquaintance.

“Just fucking beautiful,” said Jaden, admiring me standing there in my sexy lingerie, as I helped Martin lift the dress over my head.

Jaden then moved over to me and started to squeeze and fondle my breasts through the fabric as Martin twisted my torso around slightly so he could then kiss me deeply. After a sensuous lingering kiss, Martin deftly unclipped my bra. I was now near naked in front of the large window that overlooked Lavender Bay. Near naked and with four cocks to pleasure and more importantly be pleasured by. My big tits were fondled and squeezed by pairs of busy hands and I could feel my pussy juices really flowing.

“Penny, get these hard cocks out and give them a little suck,” said Mark.

All three men stood back and I could unsurprisingly see the rigid bulges of each man. I could also feel my throbbing pussy overflowing with juices, no doubt leaving a big wet spot on my panties.

First I knelt in front of Jaden, he unbuckled his belt and I unzipped him. I rubbed his radiating cock through his tight briefs as I slid his trousers off and then he stepped deftly out of them. I continued to rub his more than ample cock, before slowly sliding down his briefs. His cock was big but not huge and sat proudly atop a shaved pair of rock hard balls. I looked upward into his eyes as I fondled his cock and then slowly and deliberately took it into my mouth, tasting its arousal. I sucked teasingly but not for long as I had more cocks to attend to.

I moved to Martin who was wasting no time, he had unzipped himself and extracted his dick from his pants which stood proudly out of his fly. I nuzzled and kissed it, savouring its above average size. I lapped at the bittersweet precum oozing from his slightly gaping peehole, sending a shudder through him as I did so. Nearly all cocks are good, but this one was simply wonderful. I reluctantly released it and moved over to Christian. His bulge looked more than impressive and as I pushed my palm against his crotch I could certainly feel that Christian’s endowment was significant. I greedily unbuckled and unzipped him, his trousers fell and I could see his cockhead peaking out the top of impossible tight and stretched underwear. His cock was well above average size, but not “porno freakshow” huge, which was good. I grasped the base of it with both hands and angled it down towards my mouth. I kissed the tip of the big mushroom shaped head and licked along the length. I rang my tongue back and forth repeatedly along the unyielding shaft.

“That’s enough now,” said Mark.

As I looked over I saw that he was naked with his familiar sweet cock looking like it was going to burst. Mark led me to the bed and laid me down. He removed my panties, spread my legs and started to passionately eat my pussy.
With near flawless choreography, the three men I just met busied themselves with my body the centre of attention. Jaden straddled my chest and dripped warm oil on to my boobs and massaged them deeply with firm hands that were always in control. Martin and Christian knelt closely either side of me and offered their lovely cocks to my mouth. My hands mesmerically grapsed them and I moved my head between them, sucking and licking one and then the other over and over again.

My orgasm came quickly, so damn quickly. Not surprising really since my husband was energetically eating my pussy, a handsome young man was straddling my chest and massaging my boobs, and I had two lovely big cocks to suck. I was in effect pinned to the bed by virtue of Jaden and this made my climax even stronger
“Fuck yeah.... I’m cumming....” I screamed, bucking hard, but having nowhere to go as my husband inhaled my clit.

“Ohh fuck, ohhh fuck... ohhhh fuck,” I panted as the peak of my orgasm passed. It was to be the first of many for the evening.

For the next hour I was thoroughly fucked. I climaxed another four times and load after load of cum spurted from the quartet of cocks. Not long after I came, Jaden put his cock between my thoroughly oiled and massaged tits, squeezing them together, he tittyfucked me and quickly exploded, leaving a huge pool of semen in my cleavage. Both Martin and Christian came over my face, covering me with a torrent of sperm, and I dutifully licked their lovely cocks clean. My husband wasn’t forgotten. His was the first cock to enter my pussy that evening and he quickly fucked me, not taking long before sinking his cock deeply into my tight pussy and filling me with cum.

After a brief recovery, I knelt on the bed and received an endless and relentless fuck. First, Jaden, then Martin, then Christian and finally my husband; all took their turn in my pussy. I was nearly in permanent orgasmic bliss as hard and energetic dicks pounded me. After each climax, I would lick the softening cocks clean. My pussy was overflowing with sperm and my own juices. Each cock thrust was audible as my pussy bubbled with cum.
As my husband prepared to deliver another load into my pussy that evening, he marvelled at the juicy mess, “Look at you, my lovely wife, your pussy is a mess. There’s cum all down your thighs and a huge wet sticky pool on the bed. I better make another contribution.”

With that he plunged into me and fucked my squelchy pussy.

“That’s it Mark, fuck your wife’s pussy, fuck it hard, fuck that spermed pussy,” said Christian.

I came in unison with my husband. I came again screaming as more cum pulsed into me.

For the rest of the evening, I was used. And it was all pleasure. Mark came repeatedly, all the men did.

At about 3:00 AM we were all nearly exhausted but some more wicked action was to unfold. I was slowly riding Jaden’s cock (again), when I felt a pair hands gently push me forward and up against Jaden’s chest. The pair of hands belonged to Martin. As Jaden held still, I felt Martin’s cock probe at my already occupied pussy.

“You are going to get a double vag,” said my husband.

I didn’t know if I would be able to take it, but if was going to happen it was going to be with this bevy of considerate and athletic lovers.

After much effort, my pussy yielded and two cocks became wedged in my vaginal sheath. My eyes nearly watered as my tight and now oversubscribed pussy was fucked. Although I was nearly exhausted and very much satiated, the thought of two cocks fucking me, not to mention the exquisite, and for me novel feeling of rampant fullness, had me climbing orgasmic heights again.

“Ohhhhh fuck.... Fuck I’m so fullllllllll.... I’m cumming....... Fuck I’m cumming again.....”

With that I convulsed and slumped forward as both Martin and Jaden fucked me until they too had their final orgasm for the evening.

We were all totally spent. The plush room was filled with the acrid odour of sex. Wet patches and sticky blobs of semen were on several parts of the bedspread. Martin, Jaden and Christian got dressed and asked me whether I had had a happy anniversary. No
92% (40/4)
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1 year ago
Awe Sum Post, I love double vag fun.
2 years ago
hot story lucky wife
3 years ago
Perfect gift for the perfect wife. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
wow wat a story still thinkin of what happened and waiting for your next adventure
3 years ago
Unfortunately, I didn't post the ending correctly.....

Here it is:....

"No words were required to answer this, my glow and the state of the room were answer enough.

They then bade farewell and left. My husband and I both showered and I fell asleep in my husband’s arms. Thoroughly exhausted and thoroughly fucked like I had never thought possible. I never saw Martin, Jaden or Christian again, but it was the first of a number of ribald adventures that my husband and I embarked upon......
3 years ago
what a nice story u make
3 years ago
Fantastic story Katie...wife here loves it!
3 years ago
very sexy story
3 years ago
you didnt have a happy anniversary?why not sounded like fun to me having 3 cocks to deal with
3 years ago
i hope that just wasnt a erotic story and there was a bit of truth
one very lucky girl good story 6.5/10
3 years ago
3 years ago
That was an extreme sexy baby!