A Darling Harbour Experience

My name is Carmen, I am 33 and I have been broken up with my last long-term boyfriend for about the five years. We always thought we'd get married and grow old together, but ended up growing apart. The break-up was amicable and we still catch up from time to time, but that passionate fire that was once there will never be rekindled.

After we parted ways I dated a few guys on and off and bedded a couple of them, but it was never anything serious. I didn't need a man to support me financially, and I guess I had grown accustomed to the freedom that being single offers. But about a year ago I started to frequent a couple of the on-line "matchmaking" sites. This was partly on a whim and partly inspired by my one of my girlfriends who was a regular on one of them. She had met some people on there that she had become good friends with and had even hooked up with various guys for some hot no-strings attached sex.

I didn't quite know what to expect, but the first thing that surprised me was just how many people were participating in such sites. I joined up to a couple under the pseudonym "Naughty33" but didn't have the guts to put a profile picture up. I got lots of welcoming messages from guys, and I chatted live with a few, but I soon learnt that if you scratched the surface, many of them were already married and simply looking for a fling. I wasn't interested in contributing to the potential downfall of someone's marriage so I steered clear of these guys.

I had been visiting one site for a about three months before I finally agreed to meet a guy in the flesh. His name was Kristian. He was a great guy, but the chemistry wasn't there. I think we both realised this after a couple of dates, but we still kept in contact. There were a couple more after Kristian, but again no real connection. Stephen however, who was the fourth and we hit it off much better. After our third date and much red wine, I went back to his place and spent the night there. The sex was hot. He slowly undressed me, letting his fingers dance over my more than ample cleavage. His touch was gentle but delectably firm as he took off my bra and caressed my breasts. He laid me down on the bed, and slid off my panties, before spending a heavenly eternity licking and sucking my aching pussy to three juicy orgasms. As the night progressed, Stephen had also cum three times himself, once while he fucked me doggy-style on the bed which also resulted in me surrendering to another toe-curling orgasm, once while I gave him a blowjob which resulted in a blast of cum ending up across my cheeks, and a third time while I rode him. As we parted company the next morning we both knew it had been no-strings attached sex, and we were both happy with that. I didn't see Stephen again.

Of the next half a dozen guys I met in person, none were really my cup of tea. I was getting a bit disillusioned, but decided to spice things up a bit by including some photos of myself on the profile. Nothing pornographic, but they were certainly designed to attract attention. I posted a couple of myself from a few years ago, where I thought I looked sexy and elegant wearing a cocktail dress with a plunging neckline, and a couple of recent shots from a trip I took to the beach at Byron Bay with a couple of girlfriends which showed me in a one piece swimming costume. All the photos more than hinted at my big boobs. As soon as I posted these, I was inundated with messages, and it was empowering to think about how many men thought I was sexy, although I must admit some of those that responded weren't really up there in the conversation stakes. "Show us your tits", is not the best line to elicit a positive response.

As I became more confident in the on-line dating world, I started to check out some of the "speciality" categories on what was now my preferred site. The BDSM slant didn't really interest me, but I really started to become curious with the couples section. It was evident that there were a lot of couples out there looking for another couple or couples, or a single female, with which to share an erotic encounter.

While I was not actively bisexual, I had tongue kissed a girl in the back of a night club once, after way too much to drink, and certainly liked the naughtiness of it all. I had started to think about myself with another couple when I masturbated. I certainly didn't make a conscious decision to become bi-curious, it was just the way things seem to drift and evolve. One night however, I did make the decision to alter my profile, listing my orientation as bi-curious and that I was looking for couples. At this stage I certainly didn't know if I would have the courage to meet a couple face to face and go through with an erotic encounter. The thought of doing so though was a huge turn-on.

I started chatting to a few couples, always making sure I let it be known that I was new at this. I really started to feel comfortable with a couple called Alison and Martin who were 28 and 29 years old respectively. Both of them said they loved my photos and they had no problems that I was new to these sorts of rendezvous'. My only concern I guess was that they didn't have any pictures of themselves on their profiles. I did wonder if they were legit. When I asked politely for some photos, they promised to send me some to a non-work email address.

The next day, half a dozen pictures of Alison and Martin arrived in my inbox. They were fully clothed in all. Martin was of average build with a vibrant and open smile. Alison appeared quite petite with lovely blue eyes and well styled blonde locks. I responded to their email thanking for the pictures and that evening they asked if I would like to see something a bit more risqué, and I replied in the affirmative without hesitation. I never thought I'd be actively soliciting erotic pictures from a couple, but you just never know where life takes you! I had a feeling this was going to be a pleasant journey. My pussy was wet with anticipation as I sat in front of the computer in my nightie.

Almost without delay another series of about ten photos arrived. The first one I opened was of Martin sitting on the edge of the bed with his cock standing to attention. It was about average in length, but it looked nice and thick. The striking feature of Martin's cock was its huge mushroom head. I had never seen the head of a penis that was quite so large. The next few photos were of Alison in lingerie, a red teddy which gently cupped and accentuated her breasts, her bullet-like nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric. My hand had wandered to my pussy as I stroked myself slowly. I then opened a photo which was a shot of Alison giving Martin a blowjob and from the angle of the photo it was Martin holding the camera. The next few were of a naked Alison spreadeagled on the bed with a large pink dildo disappearing into her shaved pussy. The final photo was the aftermath of the blowjob which saw Alison smiling into the camera with cum splattered across her lips. As my mind raced with thoughts of being ravished by this couple, I rubbed my pussy until I had a juicy little orgasm. A little bit later that evening Alison and Martin sent me an email asking if I liked the photos. Unabashedly I said I had squirmed my way to an orgasm as I looked through them. It was Monday night and Alison and Martin asked if I was available to meet that Friday and see where the evening took us. I agreed meaning I had the whole week to think about the rendezvous. We agreed to meet at a Chinese restaurant at Darling Harbour and Alison and Martin would book a luxury hotel room in the nearby casino, should I consent to spending the night with them. The week drifted by quite slowly and I was full of nervous anticipation. On the Thursday I bought some new lingerie, a black bra and g-string with matching garter and stockings. I knew it would go well under the black dress I was intending on wearing. In the evening I shaved my legs and my pussy.

On the Friday I stayed home and I must admit that I was having doubts as to whether I could carry it through, but these were more than compensated for by the excitement I felt. I drank vodka and cranberry juices in the afternoon to fortify myself, before I showered, perfumed and dressed. I caught a cab from my home on the north shore of Sydney and arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes early to find Alison and Martin had already arrived and were having pre-dinner drinks at the bar. We greeted each other somewhat coyly and I ordered a drink. Alison was shorter than I thought she would be – about five foot four and wearing a stylish white cocktail dress – demure and classy. Martin was wearing a black dinner jacket and matching trousers. He had just the right amount of pleasant aftershave on. He smelt sweet but still manly.

We chatted for about half an hour, but I admit that I wasn't my usual talkative self as I was very nervous. Martin must have sensed my nervousness and placed his hand gently on my arm and said that everyone is nervous the first time. After about half an hour we moved to our table and ordered our meals and some bottles of wine. Alison did most of the talking initially, saying how they had booked the hotel room and they were both dying for me to spend the evening with them as their guest. By this stage I had no intention of being anywhere else that night. As our wine consumption progressed, I learnt that they had had about 15 threesomes' in the past and had also had sex with other couple's on three occasions.

It was only about 9:00pm when we finished up at the restaurant, and all three of us knew what we wanted. We strolled across to the casino, through the lobby and up the lifts to the hotel room. I could feel my heart racing as Alison and Martin stood either side of me as we exited the lift. The hotel room was spacious and on one of the upper levels of the casino hotel with breathtaking views across Sydney Harbour. But I knew I wouldn't be spending much time admiring the view.

Martin stood in front of me and started to stroke my bare arms slowly, before extending my palms upward and tracing circles on my palms with the light touch of his fingers. Alison was behind me and had reached her hands around, rubbing her hands across my stomach and then I felt her lips touch the nape of my nape and she slowly laid a trail of soft kisses across to my ear lobes before she nibbled on them, and started whispering into my ears.

"You are so hot Carmen............... You won't regret this............ I can tell how much you want us and you won't be disappointed..... I've wanted to caress your breasts as soon I saw you this evening......"

With that, Alison's hands inched their way up until she grasped the underside of my boobs and started kneading them firmly from behind, pushing them up in the process. Martin relinquished my hands and stepped away. He looked me squarely in the eye as he slowly started to disrobe. As he removed his underwear, his hard cock sprung free and the mushroom head looked even bigger in real life than it did in the photos. Naked, he moved over and sat on the edge of the bed as Alison slowly spun me around, she moved her lips to mine and started to kiss me passionately. I responded, our tongues darting together and lingering. Our hands roaming across each other's backs before in near perfect unison we lightly grasped each other's backsides.

Martin got up off the bed and moved behind Alison and he slowly and smoothly unzipped her dress, before doing the same to me. Alison broke off our embrace and shimmied out of her dress revealing her tight body covered by a flimsy white bra and a minute g-string. I followed and stepped out of mine. With little pause, Martin moved up behind me and placed his hands on my breasts that were still enclosed in my bra. He started to squeeze them from the underside and applied pressure with his thumbs to the nipples. I could feel his hard cock wedged in my buttcrack. Once again, I was the filling in this couple's sandwich as Alison pushed herself against me and started kissing me, deeply, thrusting her tongue into my receptive mouth. My only thoughts were of sex.

After a eternity of having my tits caressed through the fabric of my bra, and Alison's tongue probing my mouth, Martin finally unclasped my bra and my already overstimulated tits bounced free. Alison also took her bra off and I gasped as I felt our breasts push together as we were again locked in an embrace. Martin was pushing his cock harder against my behind. I could smell the unmistakable aroma of wet pussy in the room.

This time it was me who broke of the embrace as I wanted to suck the big headed cock that I had been feeling pushing against me. I turned around and knelt down in front of Martin and encircled his juicy cock with my lips, sucking on the head like a lolly. Martin groaned in ecstasy each time I inhaled his beautiful and rigid cock. As I got into a smooth rhythm, I felt Alison's hands on my breasts. She applied what must have been baby oil and started to squeeze and grasp them firmly, very firmly. I had never had by breasts handled so roughly, but it wasn't too rough to cause pain. She grasped the nipples between two fingers and pulled my breasts outwards, while shaking them up and down. She was whispering in my ear.

"Suck my husband's cock...... Suck that fucking big juicy cockhead......... Later he is going to slide that big cock into your pussy and fill you with cum........ You want that don't you Carmen......."

I could do nothing but groan against the cockhead that Martin was now sliding between my lips more vigorously. Alison continued with her dirty talk, all the time continuing to tease and squeeze my tits, tweaking my nipples. God, I had never had my breasts stimulated with such vigour, but I loved it.

"And I am going to lick your pussy and you are going to lick my mine Carmen........ Lick it like a cat at a saucer of milk, that's want I want.......... Fuck Carmen, I want to touch your pussy.........Get on the bed with me, please........ "

Alison all but wrenched me from where I was and dragged me to the bed, no doubt leaving Martin very close to cumming.

Alison was already totally naked and I took off my sodden and flimsy g-string. I still had my stockings on.

"Get comfortable and spread your legs darling. I am going to eat you," said Alison.

"And I am going to fuck your tits. Your big fucking tits," said Martin.

With that Alison moved her face to between my legs.

Alison started gently lapping and nuzzling at my pussy, opening my outer lips with her fingers. She slid her tongue along my slit and along the sides of my clit. My toes curled at the sensations that were spearing through me.

My visiom however was taken my Martin who had manoeuvred himself so he straddled my torso. My tits were still slippery from the copious oil that Alison had applied. Martin placed his cock between my breasts and I squeezed the outsides of them to form a tunnel. All the while Alison was still licking my pussy sending shivers through me - daggers of delight. She had very rapidly inserted two fingers into my pussy hole and was finger fucking me. I could feel her spread her fingers apart when they were inside me and push hard against my pussy walls.

It didn't take long for Martin to explode, a dozen or so stroked through the luscious valley of my breasts had him unleash a groan that would have been audible five floors away, before he blew his load. And what a load it was. I had never seen so much cum erupt and keep erupting from a cock. Spurt after spurt plastered itself across my chin and chest, pooling between my tits, dribbling down the sides of my neck. As this was happening Alison had increased the pace of her oral efforts and was now sucking hard on my clit, fucking me vigorously with three fingers now. I started to moan and buck against Alison's fingers and face as my orgasm started to build. As my orgasm broke over me I convulsed, squeezing Alison's head between my thighs.

As I lay back panting, Martin lifted himself off my torso where he had stayed, pinning me down as I thundered through my orgasm.

"Did you like that darling?" asked Alison rhetorically.

Alison went to the mini-bar and busied herself pouring us a drink.

"We'll have a quick drink so you can then both recover and then you'll lick my pussy won't you Carmen?"

Again, it wasn't a question that required an answer.

I still felt tingly from my orgasm, but nowhere near satiated. I had never licked a pussy before, but I knew what felt good to me, so I was certain I would be able to give Alison an orgasm. After we quickly finished our drinks, Alison sprawled herself out on the bed and beckoned me with her eyes. As I joined her on the bed she opened her thighs wide and I slid my way between them. The aroma of her pussy filled my nostrils and wafted through the room as I began lapping at the luscious folds and as I did so a little whimper escaped from Alison's mouth.

Alison quickly started to respond to my efforts, pushing her vulva up towards my mouth, and squeezing her own breasts, pinching her nipples hard. I circled her clit with the tip of my tongue. Around and around and around I went, before inhaling Alison's little clit. As I licked her pussy faster and harder she started to buck against my face and it didn't take long for her to cum, convulsing and squeezing my head between her thighs, all the time screaming at a pitch and volume that I am sure would wake the floor.

After a short period of time Alison and I disentangled ourselves, Martin was sitting on the lounge, having had a perfect view of the sapphic splendour. He was still stroking his hard cock as grinned at us. Alison gave him a deep kiss on the list and trailed her fingers down his chest. Alison poured us each another drink. We chatted away and I commented how hard Martin's cock stayed. I wanted to feel it inside me. I needed to feel it inside me.

I couldn't finish my drink quick enough as Martin's stared fixated on my chest, unbridled lust filled his eyes and I could feel and smell that my pussy was oozing juices again. Martin got up and enveloped me in his arms, kissing me deeply, his tongue probing and thrusting into my mouth. His hard cock was pressed against my hip.

"Fuck her Martin. Carmen needs you to fuck her," said Alison.

Martin whispered into my ear, "Doggy-style. I want to fuck you doggy style"

I broke off our embrace and positioned myself on all four on the bed. Alison slid her body nimbly between my legs and squirmed herself up so our gazes met at point blank range, her hands started to caress my shoulders as she slowly lifted her lips towards mine and softly started to kiss me.

I felt Martin position himself on the bed and then felt his bulbous cockhead rubbing firmly along my slit. God it felt good. I gasped as Martin's prick slid smoothly into me, lodging deep inside my aching pussy. Alison had moved her hands to my breast and started gently caressing their outer sides, all the while now staring deeply in to my eyes. To begin with, Martin kept his cock buried deeply in my and just rocked back and forth, before he started up a slow, steady and firm rhythm. His huge cockhead rubbed exquisitely against my pussy walls.

Martin started to fuck me harder now, my clit buzzed each time his thrust bottomed out. Alison's soft caresses on my breasts had abruptly changed. She was now pinching and tugging on my nipples and I whimpered as she then started to slap my poor titties. In syncopation, Martin started to slap my butt checks as he thrust his cock into me. The slight pain from the slaps mingled and then was overcome by the immense pleasure. I was being taken by this couple and I was in ecstasy.

Alison now grabbed my breasts and squeezed firmly and did not let go and flicked her thumbs rapidly across my nipples.

"Fuck" I moaned. My orgasm building rapidly

Martin was grunting. Slamming into me.

As I started to come, my pussy walls convulsed against that wonderful cockhead and I felt it erupt inside me.

I collapsed into Alison's arms. Martin withdrew his cock and my pussy farted out his cum. I felt it dribble down my leg and drip onto the bed. Martin flopped back into the lounge chair, clearly spent for the time being. I was still breathless, but content for a little while. As I looked down, I noticed not surprisingly that my breasts were bright pink from the efforts of Alison and Martin, finger marks were clearly discernable. Alison chuckled as she noticed me looking.

My first threesome had panned out even better than my fantasies. It was now late and after a couple more drinks we all decided to catch some sl**p and we curled up naked together with me in the middle.

In the morning the sex continued. Alison and I licked each other again and we took turns fucking each other with a pink vibrator. Alison rode Martin's cock until they both came in unison, and Martin finished off by wedging his big headed cock in my ass, gaping it open and then filling it with cum.

As I bid farewell to Alison and Martin later in the day, I knew I was now hooked on no strings attached with hot couples.....

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2 years ago
WOW!! That was so evocative, so erotic. Loved every word
4 years ago
very good & erotic
4 years ago
yes yes yes
4 years ago
thank you I just came very hard to this;)
4 years ago
Really a hot story
4 years ago