wet dream

My girlfriend, her mother, and father were at work. Her b*****r, still in high school, was off to school. Her two daughters were with their father. All that was home was me and her. We all stayed in at my girlfriend’s mom’s house, all 8 of us.
It was 10 in the morning she had just awakened, I felt for her more and more that I was around her; she was 8 months pregnant by her husband. I sent her a message to tell her to get on yahoo messenger. I then asked her the question, it took me a while to build up the courage to ask her, but I did it. To my surprise she didn’t freak out she just politely said no. She didn’t want to fuck because I had gotten her s****r pregnant and she would feel guilty.
Well a week passed by and the opportunity came once again. This time I completely convinced her. She hasn’t had good cock in 5 months, and was craving it. She was lying on the edge of the bed; large shirt, no bra, large shorts, and at the right spot of the bed that I could pull out my cock and rub it against her lips to awaken her. I initially came into the room to awake her for her weekly checkup for her baby that was in her womb waiting to come out. But one of her large breast had fallen out of her shirt as she laid there asl**p. There is something about the nipple of a pregnant woman that stiffens my cock at the very sight.
As I rubbed my cock on her lips, she awoke and was surprised to see suck a large cock from a guy 8 years younger than here. I asked her was it too much for here to handle and she replied, “You’re not the first black guy.” She begins to slowly swallow the head and squeeze my balls ever so gently. As I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, her lips held a tight grip along my shaft. I couldn’t take it any longer. I hopped on the bed and began to undress her. I started to suck on her nipples getting them harder and harder every time my tongue made a complete circle. I started to lick my way down south but she reminded me that her mother is waiting to meet her at the hospital for her doctor’s appointment.
I rub the head of my cock around her clit to feel her moist, wet pussy engulf my throbbing erection. Stroke after stroke I gave her nice and soft, a hard thrust every 5th stroke. I began to go faster and faster, until it was nothing but fast, hard strokes. As if a dam had been destroyed I felt her cum saturate my penis. With all the lubrication that just been made, I knew before long I would cum. I couldn’t hold it back no longer I came in her with all the energy I had left. I kept stroking her with my semi hard cock to drain all of the cum, and to my surprise she came again. This time her ejaculation pushed, my now soft penis, out her vagina and her juicy goodness is now gushing out. She lets out a long sigh of relief as if she hasn’t felt the sensation in years.
I slowly move my hand down and feel my boxers drenched in cum, wow that was one hell of a wet dream.

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