My Last Expereince with a wood nymph

I have a play pal is not terribly reliable for regular play, but when he does play, he's so willing to please. We play late at night.

The first time I tested the waters, I told him to strip on my front porch and come to the door naked. The house next door was empty, front door is hidden by bushes, and the angles of the other houses can't see it.

Sure enough he came over and took off every shred of clothing. The last piece off his a little lacey g string, which he seemed to enjoy doing slowly.

I had left the front door open and was in the house watching him down the hall in the dark. It was so cool seeing him strip by the dim light from the street light filtering through the bushes from a distance. I love meeting a naked man, naked at the door!

We were chatting online and I mentioned how much I liked outdoor sex. He bicycles everywhere he can and had discovered a spot that he thought would be perfect.

Near one of the local rail road tracks there is an access road that leads under a bridge by the river. It's a huge piece of undeveloped land in the city. You can park on a street and walk into the land with no problems or hassles.

So we agreed to met and he took me to his new spot. The road is fenced off from the rail area and he manged to find a three foot gap between the fence and the bridge in a spot so dark at night no one could see it.

There's an trail that leads to a clearing: the perfect spot for play, plenty of cover to hide us, room to play and moonlight to see.

We took our time wanting to make sure no one had followed us. I was watching the path and when I turned around my bud was already totally naked. I cupped his firm ass and said, "well some one is ready" What could I do? It is rude to leave folks naked by themselves and I was prepared. One button on my shorts and they we down and off, one button on my shirt and it was gone.

He was pretty greedily that night pouncing on my dick and balls with his mouth immediately. He rolled his tongue over the head of my cock,down the shaft and then tickled my balls. Then he started sucking, slow at first then, pumping my cock with his mouth.

The breeze on my naked body, the smell of the wooded area, the shadows playing on us made me horny as hell. I couldn't stand it any more and pulled him up and bent him over.

His ass felt go good as it closed around my dick. We started fucking slow and steady. Then it happened, a train came by.

Our area was safe from view, but close enough that the ground shakes a bit, the train creates breeze around you, and the sound rocks your body. The sensation was so extreme that we both took it as a cue.

I grabbed his hips and started pounding his as as fast, hard, and deep as I could. He grabbed his dick and started jacking himself as fast and furiously as he could.

Imagine fucking as the earth and air vibrate around you. Sound pulses you. Sensation on you,in you, and between you. It was intense.

As the train pulled away I pulled out and he turned around and dropped to his knees. I pulled off the condom and grabbed my cock. My eyes must have rolled back into my head as I climaxed. I shot huge globs of cum on his tongue, face and chest. My toes curled and balls emptied.

As the cum struck him my bud started shooting load of juice too. You could hear it hitting dried leaves on the ground, it splashed onto my legs and feet.

We stood there for awhile, just naked, dripping and silent in the night.

It took us a bit to find our clothes and get them back on in the dark. W made our way back to the road and thanked each other for an incredible experience.

Guess I have become a railroad man!

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6 months ago
Incredible story! What a lucky guy he was ;)