My Birthday Dream......

We had been out celebrating my birthday. A nice dinner out, dancing after, and now we are heading home. You are wearing khaki pants, long sleeve white shirt, and black loafers. I am wearing a simple black cocktail dress, cut just above the knee, black stockings, black heels, and hoop earrings.
A brilliant full moon brightens the landscape around us. As you drive, you move your right hand from the steering wheel and place it on my knee. There is a comfortable silence between us, and I lean over to put my head on your shoulder. I place my right hand on your chest softly. Your hand softly strokes my knee, as you relish the smooth erotic feel of my stockings with the promise of my soft skin underneath. Your hand explores higher up my thigh, slowly stroking. You hear a contented sigh from me and I work my hand inside your shirt to stroke your chest and nipples through your undershirt.
You thrill to the soft firm flesh of my inner thighs as your hand creeps slowly upwards. I open my legs to accommodate your hand as you reach my upper thigh. You feel the heat, the humidity of my sex, and yet your hand is still inches away from my panty-covered mound. Your fingers reach the border of the stocking and the soft skin of my thigh, tracing the border of the fabric. You love to feel the contrast between my skin and the smooth stocking, and your fingers dally and play there for a few moments. In the meantime, I have begun to kiss your neck and jaw, my hand alternating between stroking your chest and cheek.
You must now feel my wet sex. You move your hand up to the black lace of my panties and find the fabric soaking wet. Your fingers find the outline of my lips, and you trace them along the fabric of my panties from bottom to top. As your fingers reach my clitoris, I sigh deeply and gently nibble on your earlobe. My warm breath in your ear sends a very real shiver down your spine and causes your cock to twitch in your pants. Your finger presses on my clitoris and circles it through the black lace, causing me to whisper in your ear how much I want your cock when we get home.
Suddenly, I reach between my legs and firmly move your hand away from between my legs. Quickly, my hands move to the fly of your khakis, pull the zipper down, and reach into resulting hole. My fingers play along the bulge under your cotton briefs, occasionally squeezing the thickening column of flesh. I lower my mouth and begin to lick and move my lips along your cock through the soft cotton. Finally, I reach in through the opening in your briefs, grip your cock and pull it out into the night air. I softly and slowly stroke you while my eyes take in every ridge and vein of your cock’s hardened length. My thumb moves to the tip, finding a pool of precum weeping from the slit atop the purple swollen head. My thumb swirls in the precum, and when it is sufficiently moist for me, I look at my thumb glistening with your juices in the full moon. Satisfied with what I have produced, I move my thumb to my mouth and suck it clean.
After doing so, I look up from your lap and say, “Drive steadily now,” and giggle. Quickly, I place my mouth over the head of your cock and run my tongue around the head. You moan and shiver, but keep your eyes focused on the road illuminated by the moon. Slowly I move my mouth down your shaft, wetting it with my tongue and lips. After what seem like many minutes, you feel my lips wrapped around the base of your cock, your cock head pressed against the back of my throat, my tongue slowly swirling and massaging your sensitive flesh. You expect me to lift my head soon and to begin the bobbing motion on your cock that you know and love so well. Instead, I hold my position, keeping your cock completely buried in my wet, warm and humid mouth. Your toes curl within your loafers and your hand instinctively moves to my hair, fingers twining though its softness. Finally, I lift my head and breathe deeply, my mouth not stopping until it reaches the crown of your upstanding cock. Now, the bobbing starts with an unbearably slow but smooth rhythm. The sound of the road is mixed with each of our moans, along with the wet sucking sounds made by the ever-increasing speed of my lips and tongue. Faster and faster I bob, taking my strokes all the way to the bottom of your cock, deep throating you, then back up to your shiny purple knob.
My aim is clear, to make you shoot your hot come down my throat. But, you're not going to be satisfied with only a blow job tonight, and neither should I. It is my birthday, and it calls for something special. Seeing a clearing on the side of the road facing the ocean, you quickly pull off the highway and fly down various deserted side streets until you find an area with a perfect view of the full moon gleaming off the sea. Controlling the car has been difficult, and parking while receiving outstanding fellatio certainly was not part of your driving test as a 16-year-old, but somehow you manage to bring us to a safe stop.
You gently pull me up by the shoulders, but I am reluctant to let your hard cock out of my mouth. You throw open the driver’s door, jump out and run over to my passenger door. You take my hand and lead me out into the cool ocean breeze. You maneuver me in front of the car and lift me to sit on the hood. I can feel the heat of the engine against my thighs and ass. Your hands quickly move under my dress, fingers dip under the elastic of my panties, and quickly pull them down my legs. I feel the cool breeze whip up against my wet cunt, and it causes a swift intake of my breath. You quickly bury your head between my milky thighs and run your tongue up the swollen lips of my pussy. You are delighted to be greeted by the musky yet sweet aroma you know so well that tells you I am in heat and ready to mate. My hands drop to your head, pulling on your hair, pushing your tongue to where I want it most. The soft skin of my inner thighs rub against the five o’clock shadow of your cheeks, and the roughness seems to prod me to squeeze my thighs against your cheeks. My calves go up and over your back, holding you steadily in place. My hips grind against your tongue. You use your mouth and tongue for your own pleasure, moving my pussy to get the optimal amount of pleasure. My breathing rapidly increases, my grip on your hair becomes harder, my hips begin bucking harder, and then I explode with the scream of ecstasy that you know so well.
As I come down from my orgasm, my legs release their firm hold on your head. My hands now softly stroke your hair instead of the f***eful pulling of just moments ago. Your tongue slowly bathes my cunt, licking up the abundant juices flowing from my opening. Your cock, however, is still hard and protruding from your khakis. It demands to be deep inside my warm body. You lift your head from its warm cradle between my thighs. Grabbing my ankles, you pull me forward on the hood until I am lying flat on my back. Using my ankles, you spread my legs wide. The view is magnificent. My feet are still adorned by my black heels. My shapely calves and thighs are accentuated by the shiny black stockings. The expanse of milky thigh above the stocking tops seems even whiter in contrast to the inky black of the stockings. And then there is my magnificent pussy. The lips are pulled open due to how wide you are holding my legs spread. The sparse pubic hair does nothing to hide, and everything to frame, the small hole leading into the sweet depths of my interior. My wetness runs from my open lips and down the cleft of my ass, causing my entire crotch to glisten in the bright moonlight.

You do not bother to lower your pants. Instead, you roughly pull me to your cock as it sticks through your khakis. Still holding my ankles, you tell me to put you in me. I reach down with both hands. My right hand grips your stiff shaft, while the fingers of my left hand open my lips further to accommodate your swollen cock head. I rub your cock head up and down my wet lips, gathering my moisture and stimulating my still swollen clit. Satisfied that you are sufficiently wet with my juices, I nestle your cock head in my pussy lips and look up into your eyes. Seeing I am ready, you slam my hips forward, still holding my legs spread wide by my ankles. A moan of “Yes!” escapes my lips as I feel you fill and stretch me completely in one swift stroke. Buried to the hilt in me, you hold me still for just a few seconds to permit my interior to rearrange and adjust to its intruder. But, you can’t wait for long. Your hips withdraw, and thrust into me again. You quickly adopt a strong and rhythmic cadence, stroking your hard cock to the hilt within me with every thrust. You move my ankles to either side of you, encouraging me to grasp your back with my calves. I pull my shapely legs against your back, and you can feel my heels digging into your lower back, spurring you on like a cowgirl to fuck me harder and faster. You oblige.
Your hands now free, you pull the bodice of my dress down over my breasts, and pull those firm tits free of my constricting bra. Your hips move even faster, driving your cock harder into me as your hands roughly massage my soft breasts, pinching my nipples. The moonlight gleams off the ivory of my breasts, yet still emphasizing the darker nipples.
You suddenly withdraw your shaft from me, and flip me over onto my stomach. The warmth of the engine through the hood feels comforting against my tits as they are pressed flat against the car. You lift my dress up over the swell of my hips. The moonlight shining off the soft, curvy pillows of my alabaster rear cheeks causes you to draw in your breath. You are compelled to lower your mouth to the swelling moons of my ass, kissing and licking at the satiny skin you find there. You pull apart my cheeks and run your tongue wetly up the furrow of my cunt, to linger at my asshole, then back down again. You feel me shiver under the touch of your tongue.
You move again to a standing position behind me. What a sight I am! Black heels, dark smooth stockings, pale white skin, wet pink pussy, darker dimpled asshole. You move forward and mount me from behind, grasping my hips and slamming your cock once again to the hilt in my tight pussy. You watch my ass cheeks jiggle and compress against your abdomen as you fuck me hard and deep. The friction of my nipples rubbing against the warm metal of the car hood in time to your thrusts adds a new sensation to that of your cock spreading me open and massaging my insides.
Suddenly, you remember the occasion for our outing tonight. It is my birthday. What is a birthday without spanking the birthday girl? Catching me by surprise, your hand smartly smacks my right ass cheek. I give a soft shriek of surprise, but the way you throw my ass back at you tells you it has pushed one of my many erotic buttons. Your hand quickly begins to spank both of my ass cheeks in time with your thrusts into me. Soon, both of my formerly pure white cheeks are a nice shade of pink, and show the imprint of your hand. Your thrusting and spanking causes my clitoris to rub hard against the warm metal of the car, a strange sensation for me. Being the vixen I am, I discover if I hunch my hips just right, the friction of the warm metal is quite delightful, but not enough to make the orgasmic dam burst. As attuned to my body as I have become, you can see my delicious Sisyphean efforts. As you continue to spank my ass with your right hand, you move the fingers of your left hand under me and to my clitoris, forming a bed of hot flesh for me to grind into to get myself off. The combination of your cock ramming me, your hand alternately spanking my cheeks, and my clit rubbing on your fingers soon has me escalating into a massive orgasm. It is good we are in an isolated spot, for my screams of passion are loud and primal as they echo through the night. You swear you hear a distant male coyote howling in response to my obviously sexual calling.
You continue to pound me from behind during my orgasm, feeling my pussy tighten and relax around your cock repeatedly. I can hear your breathing become deep and ragged, and I know you are going to explode soon. Your hands move to my shoulders to gain better leverage to pull me hard against you, to get your cock as deep into me as possible. The feeling of your cock head kissing my cervix as you get every last possible millimeter into me is incredible. But, I can feel your orgasm rising and know you will not last much longer.
You quickly withdraw from my pussy, which makes a wet sucking sound on your exit. I am breathing quickly and my legs are wobbly as you quickly pull me up into a standing position. I look questioningly into your eyes, unsure as to why you pulled out when you so clearly was working up a rhythm to blast your seed deep inside me. You place your hands on my shoulders and gently push me down. “Time for your birthday dessert, Kitten,” you say smiling. Understanding, I smile in return and slowly, seductively move to my knees before you. The still turned on headlights from the car cast us in a spotlight as my open mouth takes in your cock covered in my pussy juices. We are silhouetted against the moonlit ocean backdrop as my wet mouth and hand work in rhythmic tandem to bring you off, to make you send it over my tongue and lips. You look down at my eyes as I gaze up at you lovingly. Your hands go to my head, and in a light grip you guide my mouth up and down your cock. Desperate to come, you fuck my mouth to bring you ever closer. As I feel your come rise within you, seemingly from your toes, You let me completely control the speed and tempo of my voracious sucking. I remove my mouth from your cock, hand still pumping quickly, and say, “Come for me. Give me all of your hot sweet cream. I want to drink all of the seed you can shoot for me.” Hearing my naughty talk is what puts you over the threshold. My mouth quickly resumes its vacuuming motion on your cock, my right hand pumping your shaft in tandem with my mouth, my left hand kneading your balls as if to wring out every drop of come within you.
With a scream to match my earlier one, your hips snap forward and you explode deep within my throat. I can feel each of your individual spurts, five . . . six . . .seven . . . eight. Your come seems never ending, yet I hold it all within my mouth, cheeks bulging. My hand at your balls caresses, urging more from you. Finally, you are completely spent, your hands move to my hair, both to feel the softness there but also to keep your balance. You look down to see me showing you the massive load you have shot onto my tongue. With a smile, I swallow the entire load, then my come-coated tongue licks my lips to gather the stray drips. I rise from my knees and kiss you deeply, running my tongue into your mouth to share the taste of your come with you. We embrace, illuminated both by the car’s headlights and the halo of the moonshine. The sound of the ocean lapping to shore is our background music, as we slowly begin dance....
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1 year ago
lovely story.....great writing and super sexy x
1 year ago
i love the way you write. your story is so erotically charged you have me hard throbbing and aching for release!
1 year ago
3 years ago
very erotic story doll.
3 years ago
Wow.... now that's sexy. You write it and they act it out!
3 years ago
Very sexy indeed :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice dear :)
4 years ago
That is a first class story.....excellent!
4 years ago
Very nice :)
4 years ago
wow wot a story Mmmm xx
4 years ago
Well done, dear. Great images of light and shadow to contrast the soft and wet sex.
4 years ago
Very well written, with great depth and care. You've obviously thought "long and hard" (lol) about this and I hope your dream become's reality.
4 years ago
really fuckin HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
u r realy lucky women
4 years ago
Very very very nice
4 years ago
really fuckin hot story, it kepy me so aroused and stroked my cock while reading. very lovely, thanks for sharing!
4 years ago
OMG Happy Birthday girl, Beautifully written and so sensual. My pussy is dripping wet, had hubby read this, I was holding his cock. The more he read the harder he got.So we want to go to the beach and act out your story.Thanks for posting