Is TOO Tight ever TOO Tight ! matter how I tried to wedge in, I could NOT get more than Mr. Happy's knob in....and we had to keep all movement to NIL...not any indication that we were joining genitals under the blanket 'cause her mother was NO dummy...she knew what's what but her daughter knew that too and she was trying ever so hard to not move TOO much as well...just push back with a yoga "stillness" and muffle any grunt she wanted to let loose...I was erect beyond my wildest...and the TV was fairly loud and we all watched the downhill races with genuine interest and the only chance we had to cry out was if there was a crowd scene of fans yelling....and then I huge spurting...just leaking into her...all was deposited...I went limp and slipped out and she wet on my boxers were within a slight roll and they soaked most up...still no movement to give away our soiree...
DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK ? her mother blurted out.....
56% (13/11)
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