Me and Mrs Gibson

It wasn't untill my early twenties when i realised the true beauty of the odler woman. Not untill I met mrs Gibson.

I was friends with Rhody for years, since I was a k**. We would spend time around eachtoehrs houses all the time. making funny videos, eating junkfood and just having a good old time. Jenny, Rhody's mum. Was a beautiful woman. She had long blonde hair, piercing blues eyes and a very classsy face. Her facial beauty was rivaled only by her beautiful tanned skinn and her beautiful perky bum.

One day as me an Rhody were in the kitchen having a summer's drink. Mrs Gibson came in the room " Having fun are we lads?" Shed said with that georgeous bright vocie of hers. She looked at me with those big blues eyes before she slowly opened the fridge and slowly bent down to the lowere shelf to get something. I was then presnted with the sight of her beautiful but crack cheekily peaking out of her pants. alltogether with a beautiful pink thong riding up her back. She knew I would see it. Rhody was oblivious. My cock started tog et a little hard so I quickly shuffle around to distract them.

Later that day we were in Rhody's room. It was getting late so I would have had to go home soon. I was only 13 after all. " Tony sweet heart we;ll have to take you home now" She said. " Rhody you have homework so you're staying son."
after tshe said that she gaves me that look again. everytime her eyes, framed with a thick layer of eye liner all they way around met mine, My loin started to get warm and weak. I was getting of on her eyes and the chance to be alone with her. Thoughts of her beautiful lips wrapped around my teen cock started to flood my head. T beautiful moment when she takes of her seatbelt in the car and her head just makes it's way to my cock. the feeling of her hair in my hands as i grab her head and make her choke on my throbbing wet cock. I was about to go on a drive with Mrs Gibson....

To be continued.

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