My night with lorenluvscum (tribute stroy)

America was a beautiful place, As it was my first time there I had a strong urge to make this trip a memorable one.

I was on the train going towards my next stop. I wasn't prepared to talk to anyone that day as I had a particuarly eventful night in Dallas with a couple of twins. But her eyes met mine with such f***e that I nearly came then and there.

She was on the other side of the table when she came in. She had big beautiful smokey eyes frame beautifully by some trendy red glasses, I would not last a second if she was my seceratary. She had the hips of a belly dancer and a set of lips you would only dream of having wrapped arounId your cock. The fantasies started almost immediatly.

She gave me a smile that went from ear to ear, It warmed me up nicely and told me my train journey had just got alot better.

I closed my eyes and was on a beach. to my left was was a beautiful view of the sea. To my right, a tropical jungle. But dead in the centre was the beautiful body of this mysterious girl leaning back in pleasure as she was riding me hard.

I ran my eyes along her beauitful body. taking in every detail of her beautiful midriff going up to her beauitful breasts they were point up towards the sun making her wet skin glissen.

My cock was throbbing with the contant pleasure given off her beautifull tight pussy It felt like the most fabulas release, as the waves crashes against us she looked down at me and gave me that same look again. she then grabbed my hand and ran it up and down her body and start biting her lip. it was stunning.

I'm glad I sat with you on the train now" she said with a pleasured crack in her voice.

"me to" I groaned" it felt like her pussy was taylor made for mine.

And then it came. That feelign of impending ecstasy. i felt the goospimples covere her body and mine. My lips began to massage her nipples as I failed to fight the urge.

" Harder baby" she screamed to me. our body were almost wrapped around eachother as she began slamming up and down on my cock. that beautiful wet slapping sound alomost drowning out the oceon.

"com inside of me Tony" . she has no idea that I was already filling her pussy with my load. her ody tensed and grabbed me tight to the point where i felt the scratches on my back. Suddenyl, she let out the biggest scream of pleasure have ever and will ever hear.

After a flashof ecstasy I realised I was still on that train, with the girl. she was looking me dead in the eye with a knowign smile, she didn't notice my throbbing hard on but something told me knew.

"Hi" she said with a cute grin " I'm loren".

"tony" I replied shyly. "where are you from she said" at this point i noticed the same lip biting.

I will never forget that trip to america.

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