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[Story] My night with lorenluvscum (tribute stroy)

America was a beautiful place, As it was my first time there I had a strong urge to make this trip a memorable one.

I was on the train going towards my next stop. I wasn't prepared to talk to anyone that day as I had a particuarly eventful night in Dallas with a couple of twins. But her eyes met mine with such f***e that I nearly came then and there.

She was on the other side of the table when she came in. She had big beautiful smokey eyes frame beautifully by some trendy red glasses, I would not last a second if she was my seceratary. She had the hips of a belly dancer and a set of lips... Continue»
Posted by TonyDyball21 2 years ago

[Story] Me and Mrs Gibson

It wasn't untill my early twenties when i realised the true beauty of the odler woman. Not untill I met mrs Gibson.

I was friends with Rhody for years, since I was a k**. We would spend time around eachtoehrs houses all the time. making funny videos, eating junkfood and just having a good old time. Jenny, Rhody's mum. Was a beautiful woman. She had long blonde hair, piercing blues eyes and a very classsy face. Her facial beauty was rivaled only by her beautiful tanned skinn and her beautiful perky bum.

One day as me an Rhody were in the kitchen having a summer's drink. Mrs Gibson came in... Continue»
Posted by TonyDyball21 2 years ago