Gonna Rock the Night

Took her by the Hand she Took me by my Heart
Together we ignited with the Dancing stars above
She was sending me to Places never explored before
I was Ascending up beyond the Clouds
Deep within her garden holding on to her tiny but firm hills
I wanted more and more to reach together the Dream of delight
Soaring with a Scream of pure Desire

Rock this Night Gonna Rock this night away
Gonna Rock this Night Dreams are on Display
Her Garden of Beauty Her Cave so Tight
Gonna Rock this night forever till the Dawn new light

She took me in with Passion
She Took me to new heights
She had me soaring with the Dream to Unite
Her Cinnamon colored skin Shimmering in the Bright moonlight
She had me Covered with Moisture
As we danced through the Night

Gonna Rock the Night with Passion
Gonna Rock the Night With Love
Gonna Soar with the Stars
Dancing high above
No need to stop not wanting this to end
Gonna Rock the Night Away with Dreams that never end

We Exploded with a song upon the new horizon
Daylight was upon us as we Soared with desire
She was truly a Carmel of Delight
She gave me her nectar so Sweet to the taste
Her Juices pouring like a Waterfall from her cave
We Rocked through the Night and through the new dawn
We Rock the Night with a whole new song
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3 years ago
Where is that stripper dancing tonight?

I want to go there...
3 years ago
very good