Passion Light is Given through Love

They met for the first time by the pool in the moonlight
He Walked up to her to ask her, her name
She looked deep into his eyes her Radiant Beauty ignited the Flame within him to soar like a Wild Fire. She said her name was Claire She was on Vacation from her job in Vermont and always wanted to see California.
Howdy Claire my Name is Stan I usually go to the Mountains this time of year
But decided to just visit the Beaches here.
Near By there was a shack playing some oldies as the stars danced above
Stan asked Claire if he could buy her a drink.
She was pleased to see someone with such manners and respect she immediately
took his arm and they walked to the little shack.
Stan looked at the Bar Maid and asked her if she could make two Fiery Texans
She looked at him and and Claire for a minute and said sure she gets off at Ten
They all laughed then Stan Said No It is a Drink. it is made with Hott Damm
and Tequila with a shot of Orange Juice mixed in a tall glass and shaken with crushed ice. Well Donna quickly made the Drinks and Stan said would you like one also Never tasting one she said, Sure Thank You as they sat and enjoyed the drinks Stan looked into the Eyes of Claire and all of a sudden looked at two Mountains never quite seen peaks stick out like that he had to say Excuse me but are you chilly or just glad to have me smiling She Laughed and said now how could you tell that Well Stan said your headlights seem to be at full power, Claire looked and Said, oh and I suppose that your Flashlight is Searching in the Dark again They both Chuckled as Stan asked her to dance taking her hand they hit the floor doing everything from the Mambo to the Robot as the Night went on the Drinks started to ignite both of them Stan asked if he could e****t her to the Room she Said No you can not e****t me Why not Stay for Breakfast, but it is only 3 AM and Breakfast isn't till Never Mind it would be my Pleasure
Claire not just your Pleasure but I am going to soar beyond the Stars tonight as Well.
in the Room Claire asked if Stan would like to Share a Shower or shower Separately, Well only if I can Help you get out of those Clothes hint hint, Gee Stan I was thinking the same thing. her hands reached for his shirt and unbuttoned it very slowly kissing his neck down to his chest and his stomach she then took off the shirt and unfastened his belt as she took down his pants and reached for the waistband of his Blue Shorts she was now face to face with a monster I have heard stories of men with huge members but never encountered one before I just have to Kiss it her tongue was slowly traveling up and down the shaft as she then opened her mouth to receive her Prize Reward. as the Snake grew and grew in her warm wet mouth Stan's Eyes were now starring up at the ceiling as his hands were now grabbing her head as Claire was moving faster back and forth Taking the Whole anaconda into her mouth but then she stopped Stan looked Quite Puzzled at first then it was his turn Claire said she wanted to experience this together so Stan took off her blouse Relieving her Mountains Licking upon those peaks sucking them till a liquid came into his mouth.
He looked at Claire in surprise your Lactating she said yes all the time and no I have not had c***dren nor am I pregnant so do not worry about that. Stan said oh no I am not worried it is the first time I have experienced this I like it very much and he went to suck more milk from those massive mountains as his fingers started to explore and take off her Shorts unveiling her Massive Garden he now wanted to taste the passage to the Valley of Delight. when he flicked her berry she started to Explode with a Liquid stream of Nectar. Stan knew he had a Wild Cat and Was not going to give up he wanted to see just what else she had in store for him now. they moved to the shower where the fun now began with the Warm Water Trickling over her Skin Stan started first exploring her Cave but finding it very Tight and Very Wet at the same time.
Stan Got himself a Virgin he thought when he said gee Your Cave is so tight I do not know if I can even enter without hurting you Claire said do not Worry I have Muscle control and that is why it is tight.she loosened herself so he then placed in a finger and she clamped down on it like a vice and then Juice started pouring unto Stan's hand he then licked her berry as he was now exploring her he stood up she Grabbed his shaft and entered it deep into her inviting Cave then she closed it he felt like he was truly in a Vise and she started to move faster and faster He was now ready to Explode as Claire took all of his Cream deep within She then asked if he ever entered into a backdoor before as she bent over her now wet body and opened her very beautiful scenery to him he started in slowly then she moved back and took his shaft all the way as she moved faster and faster screaming with delight he was ready once again then before he could fill her beautiful cave with his Juice she moved to face him and she took his shaft all the way so she could drink all of him inside
Stan and Claire finished up in the shower and dried each other off. she then led him to her Room of Pleasure as he laid on her Silk Sheets she opened her Drawer and took out her Handcuffs, handcuffing him to the bed she started once again till he stood so tall and so full she knew this was going to be her night to Soar Beyond any Dream of Delight She has Ever Had
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