The Light of Passion

In the Corridor of Time
As they held each other close and tight
The Dream ignited from Within
As he turned to her and said

I give the passion light unto you
You are now in control
You can awaken the spirit
Or you can close the door

The Passion Light is Shining
The Song is Playing through the Wind
Igniting the Dream of Desire
As the Flame burns Bright once again

The Warmth that is Growing from your touch
The Stars are dancing overhead
You have the Power to cease the Night
With the Wave of your hand
Upon my Body you are in command

The Passion Lamp is Lit as their Bodies become one
The Dance has started with the Winds Sweet Song
The Dream has awaken their Spirits from within
Their song is now Igniting the Flame Burns so Bright
As they Dance in the Warmth of Delight

She Captured him with her Flame
She Ignited his spirit to soar
The Passion Light was Shining
As the World Spun with great Rewards

They were now One as the night became day
The Passion erupted with a song that would not fade
For in the Dream they soared beyond the clouds
From one touch of their hands the Light Shown never to fall
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3 years ago
3 years ago
excellent piece of art