A Visit into Paradise

I looked around the Room and there she stood an Angel in a Yellow Dress
That Clung to her Figure of Perfection I thought that I had gone to Heaven
She Was 57 She Took me By Surprise She was only five feet five with Brown Hypnotic Eyes
She had my Spirit Dancing my Heart was Pounding with Delight
Her Coffee Colored Skin Felt like Velvet so soft and so warm
Her Lips tasted like wine she had me in a trance
I never felt so intoxicated before as she held me tight
I caressed her ever so tender I brushed her hair with my hand
I knew that this was just the beginning I did not want this dream to end

She invited me to her Apartment as I helped her off with her coat
I touched her shoulders and kissed her neck
She asked me to Sit upon her couch she then came to me
Putting her head on my Chest my hands were holding an Angel
I felt like I was in a dream as we kissed
She was having my heart racing as she started to roam
Her fingers were now upon my Leg my hands started to explore
Her Mountains and her Peaks started to grow
I slowly undid her dress as it fell off her shoulders
I was now kissing her mountains licking upon her peaks
My Fingers started to roam toward her Garden
So Soft and so Warm I wanted to explore even more

I touched upon her Valley where her Berry Grew
It was warm and wet from the nectar that now was escaping
As her Valley was filled with Juice her Cave so Tight
My Fingers had now found the Place called Paradise
As my mouth was still upon her mountains and her hands
Were now in my lap she made her way to release my ever growing Shaft
She put her hand around it she made her way down with her mouth
Kissing me as her tongue starting dancing about

I had to taste her valley so inviting and so sweet
I had to lick her berry as the juice flowed out of it
I licked her Valley and Licked deep into her cave
As she was now placing her mouth over my shaft
I found Paradise as the juice was now flowing like a Waterfall
The Screams of Delight The Desire to enter into Paradise
Was now growing ever so strong

I put her Legs over my shoulder my mouth was upon her mountains
My shaft was heading in as the Wind sang it's song
The Moon was Shining through the Window
Her Eyes were ever so Bright
We Danced together as our Bodies Ignited with Desire
The flame of Passion burned deep within
As I entered into Paradise not wanting this night to ever end

Her Juice was Exploding her Nectar from her Berry mixed without control
We Were Dancing together as the Passion rosed
My Shaft in her Cave my Lips upon her Mountains
She then wanted to Ride on top and Feel me deeper within
She moved with a beat of no return
I could feel myself erupting from deep within
Mixing the Juices together from her Valley and her Berry
Mingling the Juice from my shaft
She Then fell upon my Chest as We held each other close and Tight
Kissing with tongues dancing together
Holding our bodies with tight caress
We Both never Wanted this Dream to End

As we Laid together our hands started to explore once more
Our Lips met our Tongues Danced
The Night Was Now Gone
The Sun Awoke with new Dreams abound
We danced again in the wake of the new days morn
Then we Showered together so great to touch
Paradise was not just a Dream but an Adventure for both of us

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3 years ago
excellent word-smithing
3 years ago
ummmmm that's very erotic and arousing story thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Thank You ever so much
3 years ago
Wow what a way 2 used words without saying the sex parts