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Adventures with Devin Pt.2

Everything in this story is based off of true events.

Continued from Pt.1

This is the first time I got a real good look at his cock. He was just starting to grow some pubes and his balls were pretty big. His dick was a little bigger than mine and had a little more girth to it. I took it in my hand and began to suck. It tasted amazing. He was moaning pretty loud so I could tell I was doing a good job. He started to rub my back which made me get even more into it. I wanted it all. I began to swallow all his cock down my throat. And then he came. It tasted like salt but it was good. Since he swallowed I figured I should to. After that we turned off the porn, and said goodnight...

For a long time me and Devin just sucked each other off when I spent the night. But once again He pushed things further.

Around the age of fifteen me and Devin were still having sexual encounters with each other when I stayed the night. But tonight he would push things into a different category. One that would change our relationship forever.

As we always did that night, Devin was in between my legs sucking my and I noticed he was gagging a little more than last year since I'm a full seven inches now, I think he would. He sucked on it for a long time, with me being able to last longer now. I eventually came in his mouth and it was my turn to suck his dick. He sat up on his bed and got into doggy-style position as I took his dick in my mouth. I started out slower easy his dick into my mouth, we had the same size cock and I wanted it all. After easing his cock down my throat I started to suck it deep-throat. He started moaning quite loud and had to remind him to keep it down. This lasted a while until he reached his over to my ass and started squeezing my cheeks and working his way to my ass hole. I didn't mind really cause it felt quite great and I was in the moment with his big juicy dick in my mouth. He eventually got to my asshole and starting rubbing it.

It felt so amazing, his finger massaging my ass like that. Then he shoved it in. I moaned and my cock leaked. He shoved his finger all the way in and starting moving it around. It felt so amazing!! He finally came in my mouth and pulled his finger out of my ass. He laid back and told me to sit on his face.

I moved around and got into a good position and put my ass right on his mouth. He stuck his tongue out and stared licking my ass. He brought his hand up to my dick and started jerking it off, while he tongue fucked my ass. This felt so great, it's like I was having a natural high. He stuck his tongue in my ass and moved it around sensually sometimes but kept licking. I was about to cum and wanted my luscious dick in his mouth. I scooted back grabbed his head and shoved my dick inside. I started face fucking him and wouldn't let him take my dick out of his mouth. I was about to cum and he saw it so he flipped me off of him stuck his ass in the air and told me to cum on his ass and then lick it off. I let out my load on his ass and leaned forward to lick it clean.

I slowly moved my tongue over his hole and licked him clean. I stuck my finger inside and finger fucked his hole. Then he let out a loud moan and came all over his bed. Luckily we laid out a blanket he never uses so he just took the blanket off his bed when we went to bed.

The next morning was very embarrassing because his b*****r came in and decided to wake us up by ripping the sheets off the bed. He saw we were both naked and laughed.

"I heard you guys through the walls last night. Don't worry I won't tell a soul"

He walked out of the room and let us get dressed.

After I got my stuff together Devin walked me to the front door to say he goodbye. He closed the door behind and then pushed my against the outside wall. He grabbed my neck and kissed me. We had never done this before. And it released feelings I never knew I could have for a guy. We made out he lowered himself to my short, and pulled them and my compression shorts down. He started sucking my dick on his front porch where anyone could see. I grabbed his head and rubbed it as he sucked my dick. I came in his mouth and then he pulled my shorts back up.

We smiled at each other, kissed hugged and then said goodbye. My mom pulled up just as we said goodbye, very lucky on both our parts.

To be continued..

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1 year ago
Yes, waiting for more chapters.
2 years ago
that was awesome cant wait to