Watching Kathy, the Ultimate Voyeur Experience

When I was growing up we moved to a new house in a new neighborhood. My next-door neighbor’s f****y included Kathy, a good looking college freshman going to a school nearby. She had blonde hair, awesome perfect tits and a dazzling face and eyes. The window in my room faced Kathy’s room, although when I first moved in I didn’t know it. Our houses were close, only about 20 feet separated my window from Kathy’s.

It was summer, and Kathy was home from college on summer break. One night during that hot summer, I was watching a thunderstorm and lightning display in my room, my curtains open but my lights off. As the lightning flashed and the rain pelted down, I noticed the light in the room across from me had just come on. Since the d****s were closed I didn’t think too much of it, until they opened and suddenly there was Kathy! She was in a white t-shirt, and nothing else, her bare legs looking amazing smooth and sexy.

Oh my God! Did she see me?

I backed away from the window fast, I was afraid she might see me watching her. As I backed away from the window, I couldn’t help myself, I had to keep staring at her. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sexy sight of her tight white t-shirt bulging with her amazing tits. She was looking up at the storm, enjoying the summer light-show. She eventually closed her curtains and a short while later her light went out and there was no other activity.

The next day, the thought of her amazing body kept spinning in my head. I decided that I would try to see more, but the only way to do that would be to place myself outside her window, hoping to peer through her d****s. I realized this was a dangerous thing to do, if she should catch me I would be in big trouble! But like a moth attracted to a flame I couldn’t resist the idea of getting another chance to look at her beauty, hopefully in a naked state!

That night, I snuck out of my house and headed to Kathy’s window, my heart racing. Her light was on, and her d****s were closed. I moved very cautiously to her window, trying not to make noise. Would I be lucky? Would she leave enough of her d****s open for me to peak into her room? My breathing quickened, and I licked my lips in anticipation.

Yes! There was indeed a good sized opening in her curtains, perhaps about 4 or 5 inches near the bottom. An almost perfect peep-hole to witness whatever state she happened to be in!

Trying to hold my breath, I crept even closer to her window, keeping back just enough that the light wouldn’t shine on my face and alert her to my presence. I could see most of her bed, her back wall and door, and part of her closet. She wasn’t in the room. I waited, the sexy nature of my peeping-tom ways giving me a big boner. I unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them, so that I could get my hand down underneath my underpants to start stroking my cock.

After what seemed like an eternity, I suddenly saw her bedroom door open and in she strutted, wearing a bath towel around her body, another piled on her head and wrapped like a large white turban. She must have just come from the bath! My cock instantly swelled as she moved around the foot of her bed. She sat at the foot of her bed, and I started stroking my cock faster, my heart racing. She started stretching, moving into various positions, and I guessed she was doing perhaps yoga.

Her long legs would be raised high, and I would get an excellent sideways view of her amazing long legs and part of her sexy ass. My stroking quickened, I tried to keep my breathing quiet, but was panting. Suddenly she moved off the bed and headed straight for the window!

I lunged down into the grass at the foot of her wall, hoping I wouldn’t be seen and the alert given. I waited for a while, then my curiosity got the best of me, and very cautiously I got up to peak in her window again. I was amazed to see that she was now completely naked! She must have taken off her towels, and was now on the bed doing her yoga positions again, but 100% nude!

Her breasts were absolutely stunning, her body long, sleek and sexy. Her ass was heart-shaped and her cunt was completely shaven. I was going to explode! My cock had never felt harder, or more sensitive. Pre-cum oozed and helped me lubricate my hand, which was moving up and down my cock shaft with a very tight grip.

I pulled my pants and briefs down to better stroke my cock, and standing in front of her window, watching her naked body, stroking my shaft, I felt the usual sensation of the tightening of my balls, my cock rock hard like never before. I couldn’t control myself and started cumming. My cock spurting hot, white, sticky sperm all over the brick wall of her house and into the grass.

I wiped the cum off her house as best as I could, and retreated back to my house, fearing that by staying I might in some way cause disaster. I had already been granted an amazing sight, and not wanting to challenge my luck too much decided to retreat to the safety of my room.

The next night, I once again positioned myself in front of her window. And once again I was rewarded with a 5 inch window of heaven, meaning her room and her naked body. My feasting eyes devoured her legs, cunt, ass, tits and beautiful face and hair. For over a week I enjoyed a voyeur’s dream, the ability to spy on an amazingly sexy neighbor, masturbating freely to her naked, hot body.

Then, a big surprise!

I was at her window, my hard, slippery cock in my hand, my pants and underwear down at my ankles, when suddenly I heard a noise around the front of the house, just around the corner from me!

Holy crap! Somebody was coming!

Fearing a discovery by her dad or b*****rs I realized there was no place to hide! No bushes or trees were on this side of the house. After a second of sheer, frozen terror I darted to my house, as best as I could with my pants and underwear around my ankles, seeking the relative darkness at the base of my house, slamming myself flat into the corner between the house and ground, trying my best to bury myself into the grass.

Sure enough, the noise I heard grew to the noise of careful footsteps in the grass, and suddenly a figure rounded the corner of Kathy’s house and headed slowly, but straight to her window. I held my breath, hoping that I would remain hidden from this intruder. I wondered who it could be? Was it her dad? Apparently not, for the figure placed itself squarely in front of her window, just as I had been doing for the past week. My eyes squinted in the dark, trying to determine whom this new person was that was infringing on my sexual escapade.

As with me, the figure pulled his pants and underwear down, and I could see whoever it was had started to masturbate, his right arm and hand moving quickly as he stroked his shaft.

Multiple feelings crashed through my head. At first, I was relieved, clearly this was not someone who had come to find me and turn me in. But then I was instantly awash with a feeling of jealousy, after all, this was MY window and MY Kathy that this guy was masturbating to! Then I became angry. Why should I have to give up my masturbation pleasure so this jerk could get his rocks off?
A feeling of ownership and anger possessed me, and I decided to confront the stranger and guard my turf.

I very slowly got up, pulling and buttoning my pants, then very quietly approached the stranger. I came up upon him, and sensing me he suddenly twirled around, plastering himself against the wall next to Kathy’s window. I move up closer, trying to see his face. His cock was still hard, and was actually pretty long.

As I drew up in front of him, I moved my fingers to my lips to hush him, not wanting him to screw things up by screaming or making a confrontation that would alert Kathy. As I saw his face finally, I realized that it was Billy! Billy was Kathy’s next door neighbor on the other side of her house. He was a year younger than me. Although I knew him, we didn’t hang around in the same circles. I felt both relief, and a sense of stern disapproval.

“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded in a whisper.

“Please don’t tell on my!” Billy whispered in a cry. “I’ve been spying on her for a couple years now, and just got back from vacation, I didn’t mean any harm, I just wanted to see her again! Please don’t tell!”

I was stunned. He had been doing this for years? I thought the carnal pleasures of her sultry and slutty body were for my eyes only! Clearly I was the newbie here.

“Just don’t tell.” Billy exclaimed in a whisper, clearly panicked to be found out. “If you don’t tell, I’ll do something for you.” He added.

I was again surprised by this turn of events and could think of nothing intelligent to say. I was about to tell him to forget it and go, but before I could say anything he suddenly exclaimed.

“I’ll give you a blow job if you don’t tell on me!”

The shocks just kept coming, and I had no response for this. I’m not gay, and would much rather have had Kathy’s red lips wrapped around my rock hard cock.

Perhaps assuming my hesitation meant acceptance, or perhaps due to his own nerves, Billy didn’t wait. He knelt down in front of me, and before you can say “fellatio” he had my pants unbuttoned and was pulling them down my legs, along with my underwear.

I stiffened, never having had a blow job but dreaming about one from Kathy, I didn’t know what to do. Billy’s hands cupped my cock and balls, and quickly his warm hands started pulling and tugging on my soft cock.

My mind was a whirlwind of emotions, not the least the sensual feeling of my cock being stroked by knowing and expert hands. Against my will, my cock started swelling and growing, and seeing that as a sign Billy’s head slowly moved forward, his tongue licking his lips in anticipation of receiving a cock in his warm and waiting mouth.

Billy’s open mouth slowly engulfed my cock, and his lips were pursed tight. He worked his head up and down my quickly stiffening cock with slow strokes. I was shocked at how good this felt, but also shocked that I was letting another guy suck my cock.

Billy’s tongue swirled around the tip of my now erect cock, his hot, moist mouth moving up, then slowly down, then back up. All the time his hands were pulling my cock in rhythm with his mouth, cupping my balls and sometimes completely embracing my butt cheeks as he worked my hips in sync with his mouth.

My cock was now rock hard, and the feelings from his mouth were amazing. Not the same hard and tight feeling of my hand stroking my cock, but sensual beyond belief none the same!

I started to feel the tightness in my balls, and the feelings of an impending orgasm started exuding into my brain. Feeling my cock and balls stiffen, Billy increased the speed of his mouth as he sucked up and down my dick, swirling his tongue and lips tightly across the tip of my now fully engorged cock. This was going to be one of the biggest orgasms I had ever experienced!

I started cumming, and Billy kept my cock in his mouth the whole time, while using his hands to push and pull at my cock and cup my throbbing balls. I shot load after load down his hot, warm mouth and throat, and he gulped down each shot of sticky, salty hot cum. I crashed down onto the grass, and at first he thought there might be something wrong. But I assured him I was fine, and that he had delivered one of the best orgasms of my life.

After that day, we agreed to meet each night in front of Kathy’s room. Billy sucked my cock while I watched her doing her naked yoga. If anything, her gyrations increased, showing us more and more of her amazing body. She would frequently place her back on the bed, her legs spread high, wide open, her cunt directly facing the window. Her slit and vagina clearly in our view we would masturbate fiercely to this overwhelmingly slutty show.

I would let Billy take turns watching her, but he seemed quite satisfied stroking and sucking my cock.

After her summer break ended, Kathy went back to college and Billy and I moved on. As is the way with life we quickly went our separate ways. I ended up moving out of the house next year, off to college, and I never saw any of them again.

I always wondered if Kathy knew she had a rapt audience hanging on her every movement of that magnificent body. Perhaps she was on purpose giving us a show, her need for being an exhibitionist being complemented by our need to be voyeurs. Her yin to our yang.

I’ll never know for certain, but I do know one thing. Several of my past girlfriends admitted to me that they would sometimes leave their apartment window d****s slightly parted as they would get undressed, wondering if, and hoping for, passing strangers that might see their naked bodies, and become aroused at their fleshy and hot show of naughty, naked skin.

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5 months ago
oh in my mouth
2 years ago
hot story, shame you never got in kathys panties
2 years ago
I wonder Dirtyoldbiman, what Kathy would have done if she had seen us, or perhaps she already had!
2 years ago
great story. is a shame Kathy never saw you two, especially when Billy had your dick in his mouth!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the stories!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Awesome story, more please!
3 years ago
mmmmm hot
3 years ago
great story. what happened to billy??? young cock sucker
3 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments! Not sure if she knew, but then again, perhaps lots of exhibitionists "show," hoping secretly for someone that might be watching them! Think about all the self-shots taken by cell phones in bathroom mirrors these days!
3 years ago
Excellent story-wonder if she got a new audience each summer break?
3 years ago
that's hot!
3 years ago
good one. Wonder if she knew you were there.
3 years ago
great being a voyuerer and getting a blowjob now thats to live for thanks