Fucking Debbie and Diane, A True Story

This is a true story.

My first three-way happened when my girlfriend, Diane and I were experimenting with our sexuality. She admitted to me that she found women attractive. In fact, when she was younger she had a brief lesbian affair with her cousin. I told her I found the thought of her and I having a sexual encounter with another woman highly erotic, and she agreed.

We thought about whom we might find to have a three-way with. I asked her if she found any of her friends attractive.

“Yeah, actually, I would love to play with my friend Debbie!” she exclaimed.

Debbie had been a friend of hers for years. Debbie was in a loveless marriage and her husband took frequent weekend trips to spend time away from Debbie, having an affair with another woman. It sounded perfect to me, to hook up with Debbie and give her some sexual satisfaction that she must have been craving.

We agreed to arrange a visit to play Trivial Pursuit, Debbie’s favorite game, with Debbie during one of the many weekends Debbie’s hubby was away. Debbie wouldn’t know that our ulterior motive was actually to seduce her and give her a night of sexual gratification she would never forget.

Debbie didn’t know our plans, but gratefully accepted our invitation for us to come to her house to play Trivial Pursuit next Saturday evening. I was horny the whole week, and Diane and I enjoyed awesome sex fantasizing about all the nasty things we would do to, and with, Debbie.

The night of the party we went to Debbie’s house. She opened the door, a smile on her face, and we handed her our gift of her favorite bottle of wine. Debbie was petite, perhaps about 5,5, with medium sized tits and a perfect, small, heart shaped ass.

We played the game while enjoying the wine, and I made sure Debbie’s glass of wine remained full. At a point part way into the game Diane suggested we up the ante, and start stripping every time we missed a question. Debbie thought about it for a moment, then nervously agreed, the wine working to loosen her morals.
The trouble was, I’m very good at Trivial Pursuit, and although both women were down to their bra and panties, I was still fully clothed! At one point Debbie left to get more wine, and Diane hissed quietly to me,

“Help me! Start losing! Take your clothes off and show her your cock!”

With that, I promptly changed strategy and (duh!) started losing. Each time a piece of my clothes came off Diane would mention to Debbie how great I looked. My broad shoulders, my flat stomach, my long legs, my tight ass. Debbie would smile, or laugh and agree, and then we would continue the game, but she had a spark in her eye, and would lick her lips each time another piece of my clothes came off.

When I lost again, and was finally down to only my white briefs, Diane said,

“Why don’t you give Debbie a chance to see what’s under there? Debbie, would you like that?”

Debbie nodded, again licking her lips, her eyes feasting on my tall, slender body. I stood up and approached her chair. I stood directly in front of her, and my cock was perfectly positioned in front of her face. Diane again provided some helpful advice,

“Debbie, do you want to see his hard cock? Why don’t you pull his underwear down?”

My cock was bulging, pushing the white fabric well out, the tip partly exposed above the top band of my briefs. Debbie slid her hands up and down my legs, her face just inches away from my clothed cock. She ran her hands across my tight ass cheeks, grabbing them and feeling them. Her fingers moved down my waistband in the back, slowly circled around to the sides, then ever so slowly pulled my white briefs down my legs. Her breath hissed in hard. My cock jumped out at her face, oozing pre-cum at the tip of my circumcised head.

Diane suggested we go to a bedroom. Debbie quickly led us to her downstairs game room, which included a large round couch. All three of us piled on the couch, and before you can say “ménage a trois” the women were as naked as I was.

Diane started things off by massaging Debbie’s tits, and I circled to Debbie’s side and started rubbing her tummy, legs, inner thighs and eventually her shaved pussy. Diane moved to position herself over Debbie, and gently lowered her larger body and 38Ds to massage Debbie’s breasts, breast to breast. They rubbed their nipples together, and Diane kissed Debbie. I was very turned on as I watched the women French each other, tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

I was presented with the amazing sight of Debbie’s and Diane’s cunts, pressed together as they humped each other, and Diane’s open but tight ass and cunt in the air, waiting for me. I gently pushed both their legs open, and started rubbing my hard cock up and down Diane’s ass crack.

Diane loves doggy style and anal, and she willing lifted her ass higher to grant me access to her now open and wet cunt. I slid my cock up and down her slit, gathering her copious juices, then maneuvered my now slick cock to her wet and open vagina. I pushed my cock head in and around the opening, but didn’t push it in, just to tease her. She moaned, and thrust her hips higher, granting me even easier access to her slutty, wet pussy.

I slowly, inch by inch, shoved my hard cock into her tight cunt. Feeling her open, slippery and hot love-tunnel. She grunted, and I held my cock still, buried deep in her pussy, not moving. She began rhythmically began moving her hips and ass, back and forth, fucking herself on my hot pole. The amazing feeling of my hard shaft alternately buried, then exposed, as he fucked my cock made me so excited. But I wasn’t done! I had a whole set of hot slutty holes to explore with my dick!

I pulled out of Diane, against a moan of frustration from her. I gently pushed her over, and she willing flopped onto her back, next to Debbie. Diane spread her legs and lifted them straight up and out, lying completely exposed and open to my feasting eyes, wanting my cock in her like the slut she was. Debbie followed Diane’s lead and lifted her legs, spreading them wide, their legs crossing high in the air to show me their slutty, wet and ready cunts.

Debbie’s shaved cunt was dryer than Diane’s. But my rock hard cock was slick with Diane’s pussy juices, so with a slow motion I moved up and over Debbie, making sure I used my shoulders and arms to separate her raised legs. I locked her legs around my arms and shoulders so that her knees were almost even with her head.

Debbie’s petite cunt was fully exposed, stretched completely wide open, ready for my cock to enter her and fuck her. I slowly rubbed my cock up and down her slit, making sure I rubbed her clit, which was hard and out of its hood, just like a round eraser. Diane quickly moved down to my ass, and began rubbing my cock and Debbie’s stretched and exposed pussy. Diane played with my balls, ran her hands around my tight buns, and played with Debbie’s holes, circling them with the tip of my shaft. Diane whispered,

“Debbie, it’s time for you to feel this magnificent cock. Are you ready to be fucked?”

“Yes! Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard! Fuck me now! It’s been so long!” Debbie cried

Diane asked, “Do you want that cock? Do you want to be fucked hard and deep by that hot, hard cock?”

“Fuck me!” Debbie whispered. “Fuck my pussy with that hard cock! Ohhh, I love being a slut! I want to be fucked hard by a hot cock! Fuck me hard! Please fuck me!”

Diane placed the tip of my cock against the outside edge of Debbie’s open and willing vagina, circling her exposed and ready hole. Slowly, Diane started guiding my cock into Debbie’s cunt. I was entering her slutty hole, and the feeling was amazing!

Debbie’s cunt was much tighter than Diane’s, and Debbie’s cervix was swollen down so much that if felt like I had a bump the top of my head had to push down and around to get under, then back up to the back of her vagina wall. The feeling was amazing, and as I started pumping Debbie’s open and hot cunt Diane placed a finger into Debbie’s now open and willing anus. At the same time, Diane gently circled my ass and anus, until I relaxed my sphincter, allowing her probing finger access to my now willing bung-hole.

As I kept pumping Debbie’s amazingly tight cunt, and Diane’s fingers worked our asses, the feeling of an impending orgasm starting building in my balls, which Diane was busy licking and sucking. Debbie’s moans were quickly becoming louder, turning to screams as I kept up my thrusting in and out of her slutty pussy. Her hips started pumping much faster, and her legs stiffened, her feet still wide apart and above her head as her legs were held open. My penetrations were causing her an intense build-up to an orgasm.

“Ohhhhh! This feels so gooood! I’m going to get off!” Debbie cried. “Fuck me harder, ohhh, fuck my pussy hard! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! AHHHHHH!” She screamed.

I felt her tight cunt start spasms as her orgasm overwhelmed her body. Diane’s fingers fucking our asses, my hard cock pistioning in her cunt, and her legs stretched wide caused her a tremendous orgasm. She shook and screamed, her hands and nails clawing deep into my back. My cock started its final swelling just prior to a major cum shot.

I pulled out of Debbie’s now used cunt and as Diane continued to fuck my ass with her finger, and tickle my prostate, I started spewing my hot, sticky, white cum all over Debbie’s cunt, tummy and tits. Diane grabbed my cock and milked me, pulling it down and causing additional cum to stream down Debbie’s wet slit.

I rolled over, collapsing next to Debbie, but Diane smiled and moved up to me.

“You’re not done yet stud! There’s still plenty of pussy and ass to fuck tonight!” She said.

Debbie, now starting to come down from her orgasmic bliss, sighed and said,

“I have a double dildo Diane. Do you want to fuck me with it?”

Diane nodded, rubbing her hands all over Debbie’s relaxed but sweaty body.

“Of course!” Diane said. “Let’s fuck each other with that double dildo, I’m ready to be fucked just as hard as you just got!”

Debbie got up and ran to her bedroom. But the rest of the story will have to wait!

Did you enjoy this story my dear reader? Leave me a comment! Let all of us know if this made you horny! I hope you did enjoy my story, especially knowing that this event is absolutely TRUE! Our fucking and sucking continued far into the night!

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2 months ago
HOT & SEXY Thanks for the posting
1 year ago
great story...any other games to be played?
1 year ago
Thanks for the comments!
1 year ago
Great story can't wait for part two
2 years ago
very hot story
2 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments all. Yes Debra, strip Trivial Pursuit was way fun, and I highly recommend it!
2 years ago
Out of everything you wrote, I really like the idea of strip Trivial Pursuit. I might have to try that.
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
A great story, don't stop now you must have much more to tell us.
3 years ago
Great and excellent story!!! Thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
Great story!! And that its true makes it even better..
3 years ago
Actually, in the next round of our sexual session I did cum in Debbie! Just haven't written about that next session yet! :)
3 years ago
It would make it untrue but I wish you'd cum in Debbie and one you licked her out. Good story.
3 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments, glad you enjoyed it!
3 years ago
that was one of the best stories posted on x hams
3 years ago
Hot story! Enjoyed!
3 years ago
Thanks! And the really hot thing about this is it's a true story! Diane, Debbie and I did lots more that night. Even better was when we went back to her house a month later and repeated the adventure!
3 years ago
NICE! Very hot story!