My Cousin, My Wife and Me

My wife is pretty timid and shy out in the day to day world, but in bed she’s a sexy, sultry slut. Her favorite thing is to be tied up to our four-poster bed and teased with toys and my hard dick. She can if she’s really excited have multiple orgasms, and she can go all night long.

Our love-making progressed through the first years of our marriage and we tried new things like toys, locations or telling each other hot, nasty stories. One story we eventually started sharing was of another man having sex with her while I watched, took pictures and enjoyed her used cunt. I don’t remember who came up with the idea, but we both found that fantasy very exciting. As we would make love we would each whisper the nasty things the man would do to her. Frequently she and I would have amazing orgasms together as we worked ourselves up with the thought of another man screwing her.

At some point I decided I wanted to move beyond just a fantasy story, and make this actually happen. When I brought this up to her she was very nervous, but in the middle of our sex sessions she would admit she found the idea exciting. She wouldn’t agree to do it, but I decided to take matters into my own hands.

A fantasy is easy, but having to create an actual sexual event was far more difficult. Who would I approach to have sex with her? Where would we do the meeting? How would I get him inside her without her freaking out? I pondered these hot and exciting questions for almost a year, and in the end just about gave up on the idea. I didn’t want to use just any guy, it had to be someone safe who I knew. And I couldn’t use my friends or work buddies for fear of the secret liaison leaking out. I also didn’t know how I could bring a man into our house without my wife having a nervous fit.

My cousin Mat, a sales guy, used to stay at our house twice a year when his sales conventions were in our town. Mat had come into town to attend another convention. It wasn’t until I was having beers with Mat at our local bar that I suddenly realized I had a potential sexual partner for my wife right here in front of me! Mat was recently divorced, was a nice guy who kept himself in pretty good shape, had stayed at our house multiple times so my wife knew and liked him. And best of all he was f****y so I wasn’t worried about secrecy, I knew he would keep a sexual event quiet. I made sure I bought Mat a few extra drinks to get him loosened up, then asked him what he thought of my wife.

I learned he thought she was good-looking and a great wife for me. I then turned the topic to sex, and asked him about any exciting sexual adventures he may have had in the past with his former wife, and Mat obliged by sharing a few hot stories. I in turn shared some hot stories with him about my wife. He was surprised, thinking my wife far too prim and proper to do nasty things, but I assured him she was a horny, hot slut in bed. I then brought up our fantasy, of sharing her with another man. I asked him if he and his wife had those fantasies, and was excited to hear they had, but had never acted on them.

I asked Mat if he would someday like to act on the fantasy of screwing another man’s wife while being watched. He eyed me for a while before answering that yes, he might like that. By this time I was very excited and had a major erection. I told him that the thought of him getting it on with my wife was very exciting to me. He admitted to the idea being exciting to him too. Together in the bar we agreed to try to make this happen. He had to leave the next morning, but I told him I would come up with a plan so he could have sex with my wife the next time he came into town.

Eventually, I created my plan, which would take place the next time Mat was staying with us. During the 5 months before his next visit I started asking my wife during sex if she liked Mat’s looks. She admitted she did, and I from that point on used Mat as our fantasy sex partner each time we made love, weaving stories about how Mat’s big cock would penetrate her. She enjoyed the stories and we had intense orgasms sharing the hot and nasty things fantasy-Mat would do to her. Little did she realize that I fully intended to make those fantasies real!

Next, I started the practice of blindfolding her when tying her up to our four poster bed, to make sure she wouldn’t be able to see anyone entering our bedroom. She enjoyed the feeling of being tied up and fucked blindfolded, but had no idea as to the real reason. Our love making took on new heights as we fantasized about Mat’s cock and her wet and willing pussy.

I couldn’t wait for Mat to come into town, he would be at our house for three days and I was super excited about what would shortly be happening. I picked him up at the airport and while driving home quickly shared my plan with him. I told him I would start my normal lovemaking with my wife, and have her tied up and blindfolded. After getting her very worked up and hot, I would open our bedroom door, Mat’s signal to very quietly enter the room and watch us. When I felt she was very excited to the point she wouldn’t realize what was going on, I would wave him over to her so he could mount her.

With the plan in place Mat and I entered our house, he gave my wife a hug like always, but I noticed the bulge in his crotch and knew what he was thinking. This excited me even more.

I couldn’t wait for that night to get there. Unfortunately for Mat and I, my wife was not feeling well and was not in a mood to make love. Disappointed I went downstairs and told Mat it wouldn’t be tonight but we would try tomorrow. Knowing I only had two more days to make this fantasy a reality I was very stressed, but also very sexually excited. The next day and evening she again didn’t feel like making love, and my disappointment and frustration grew, as did Mats!

We only had one final night, and if it didn’t happen it would be another 6 months, if ever, that I could watch my wife get fucked by another man! I was on edge, as was Mat, he told me he had masturbated three times in the shower in the past two days, feeling so amazingly horny and ready!

Finally, the third and last night Mat would be with us my wife felt better, and was in a better mood. I took the three of us out to a nice dinner, to celebrate Mat and wish him a safe trip home the next day. I made sure I ordered plenty of wine for my lovely wife, I also made sure I rubbed her inner thighs, legs and feet under the table, something that always stimulates her. My excitement and hardon were barely in containment!

Back at home, the wine and under-table caressing had worked their magic and my wife was horny and ready for some love-making. As usual, once in our bedroom and naked I kissed and caressed her body and tied her wrists and ankles to the bed. I tied the blindfold around her eyes and proceeded to tease her body, especially her ear-lobes, neck, breasts, and inner thighs. Her breathing was heavy, she struggled against the bonds holding her while I caressed her pussy and lightly flicked her clit. Sucking on her magnificent nipples, as usual I gently probed her pussy with her favorite vibrating dildo. When she was very hot and fairly oblivious, I left the vibrator against her mound, got up and quietly ran to our bedroom door and opened it.

Mat stood at the door, naked, with his large hard cock pointing almost straight upward. His cock was slightly longer than mine, but not quite as fat. I grinned to let him know it was alright and waved him to follow me. By now my wife was groaning and writhing against her restraints, panting heavily. Mat stopped, looking at her naked, hot body, shocked at the sight of my usually proper wife in such a nasty, slutty pose. I rubbed the vibrator all over her body and gently penetrated her wet cunt with my fingers, she moaned loudly. From her tightly clenched toes and the way she was stretching her legs wide against her bonds I knew she was very close to cumming.

I motioned Mat over while my wife was whimpering and begging for my cock to fuck her hot pussy. Her nasty talk and slutty pose excited Mat, and as I sucked on her nipples and ran the vibrator around her clit I pointed Mat to her cunt. I moved back, pinching her very sensitive left nipple while allowing Mat the room to maneuver on top of her. My wife was so sex-crazed at this point that she didn’t even feel the bed move as Mat climbed up and hovered over her, his hands on either side of her shoulders and his legs between her completely wide open legs and wet cunt.

Mat’s cock, and mine, were rock hard. I watched in extreme excitement as he slowly lowered his cock onto her pussy, rubbing it up and down her wet slit, tickling her clit, teasing her with his cock’s head. She was moaning and bucking her hips up against his cock, begging to be fucked, not realizing she was about to be penetrated by another man. I grabbed the camera on the bedside table and began taking pictures as he began to penetrate her. His hard shaft worked its way slowly and easily into her sopping cunt, he slowly buried the entire length of his cock into her, then just as slowly drew it out.

Quickening his pace, he began fucking her, gliding his cock deep into her and pushing his pubic area into her clit, then backing slowly out, only to plunge in again, and again. My dream had become a reality! I was stroking my rock hard and leaking cock while taking pictures from different angles, all the while listening to my wife’s gasps of breath and grunts of extreme sexual pleasure. She was lost in her haze of pre-orgasm bliss, feeling Mat pistoning his rock hard cock into and out of her faster and faster. I could tell she was on the brink of a shattering orgasm. I wanted her to know her fantasy was real, and so I pulled her blindfold up and off her eyes, so she could see.

My wife’s eyes pretty eyes fluttered open, and her long eyelashes batted several times before her eyes focused on Mat’s face. His face was not more than 12 inches away from hers and his eyes were looking into hers as he continued to pump her pussy full of his hot cock. She called out, “Oh my God no! Oh my God, Oh My God” over and over as against her now shocked sensibilities her orgasm started to take hold of her, against her will, in her loins and quickly spread through her whole body. She shuddered under the amazing orgasm that seemed to last for several minutes. I knew from experience that Mat’s cock was being alternately clenched and released by her powerful vagina as her orgasm seized her muscles over and over.

Mat grunted, I knew his cock must have been overwhelmed by the intense feeling of her clenching cunt, he pulled his cock out of her soaked cunt and almost immediately started spraying her tummy, breasts, hair and face with his hot, sticky cum. It was my turn now, and as Mat moved off my wife I took his place, positioning my pole directly in front of her now wet, used cunt. I had never been so excited. I entered her, making sure to not touch her clit which was usually too sensitive to touch immediately after her first orgasm. I started pumping her slowly, her cunt wetter than ever and opened by Mat’s cock. I leaned over and kissed her, I told her I loved her and hoped she liked her surprise. She kept repeating “oh my God, oh my God” but returned my kisses and tongue action as she always had. I asked Mat to take pictures and he obliged, as I continued to pump my cock into my wife’s slutty, used pussy.

Usually my wife needs a little time before she again can get excited, and then build to another orgasm, but not this night. As I ground my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt she very quickly became super horny again, and before I knew it was begging me to fuck her harder. I watched Mat as he took pictures and stroked his quickly stiffening cock with his hand. Before I knew it, her toes, legs and vagina were clenching in her second orgasm, and my orgasm quickly overtook me as I shot my load deep into her wet and twitching cunt. I released her wrists and ankles from her straps, freeing her so Mat and I could enjoy moving her into different positions as we continued to please her and fuck her.

For the rest of the night, Mat and I took turns sharing my wife in multiple ways, and multiple positions. I lost count of how many orgasms she had, I had a record three orgasms before I was completely exhausted, Mat I think may have had four. That night lasted until the morning hours, and I barely got Mat to the airport on time to catch his plane. We’ve never repeated that night, but my wife and I share the stories, pictures and feelings of that magic night in our love making to this day.

Mat ended up leaving his sales job and didn’t travel to our town anymore. He got married about a year later. My wife and I attended his wedding and only the three of us knew why he gave me an extra big hug, and my wife an extra long kiss on the cheek.
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Deliciously HOT!!!
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Fuck buddy that was a hot story ! you know how to get our cocks hard and throbbing ! thanks for the great story !
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Thanks all! Glad you enjoyed the story!
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great story, you wove the need for her then used it to make a great fantasy cum true !
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Not only do I not mind, I'm very flattered! Thanks!
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Great well written story. We like the same things :) xx Will read more of your stories for sure xx
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This story got me so damn horny. So HOT and sexy! Must have been an incredible experience.
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Thanks for all the nice comments. I've got plenty more stories, will start working on the next one. A true story about my first three way! :)
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Fantastic story and well written. Thanks for posting.
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hot story)
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