Fucking Sandy, a TRUE story

This is a true story.

Sandy, my third girlfriend was sucking my rock hard cock, her lips and tongue swirling around my tip, then down my shaft, then back up to the tip again. She slid her mouth back up my cock and tasted my pre-cum. My pants and underwear were around my ankles, my shirt pulled up to under my neck, as I sat on the couch with her between my legs, sucking my dick.

Ready to plunge my hard cock into her I grabbed her under her armpits and pulled her up on top of me. Her blouse and bra were pushed up her chest just below her neck, her jeans and undies down around her ankles. Her wet, willing cunt rested on my throbbing hot, hard cock. I reached up and firmly pulled her blouse and bra up over her head and off her completely, she tried to stop me, but it didn’t work. I threw her blouse and bra on the floor.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed in a whisper near my ear.

“That door doesn’t have a lock! Anyone can just open it and come in here and see us! I’d be naked! Don’t take my clothes off! What if we get caught?” She whispered in my ear.

My cock got even harder, thinking of the risk we were taking. I reached down to her undies and jeans, and pulled them off her ankles, also throwing them on the floor.

My girlfriend Sandy was now completely naked. Her hot cunt rested on my twitching cock. We were in our University dorm, in a study room that had a couch, table , window and a couple of chairs. The door was closed, but as she said, there was no lock. At anytime someone could come in and see us naked, fucking our brains out.

The risk was very real, and VERY stimulating!

“Well, two can play at that game mister!” Sandy said, pulling my t-shirt over my head.

She pulled my pants and underwear down, and off, and now we were both completely naked, my hot hard cock throbbing and pre-cum oozing, her went cunt making tracks on my cock and stomach.

Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock, she slid it up and down her wet cunt several times, moaning.

“Oh my god, this is SO scary! And SO hot!” she whispered.

She placed my cock at the entrance to her hot, wet and open cunt. She then slowly, very slowly, lowered herself onto my shaft. I felt her tightness as my cock slide into her slutty cunt, deep. She rested, getting used to my thickness inside her.

Then, she started grinding her cunt and clit into me, and then moved her hips up high, to the tip of my cock, then slowly back down, engulfing my dick with her slippery love tunnel.

We started fucking slowly at first, then, as is the way with all lustful lovers, started pumping our hips together faster and faster. I had never felt her so wet! The thought of the risk of getting caught, and of getting away with fucking, naked in the study, was incredibly arousing!

Within a few minutes her breathing was fast, and she was moaning, her eyes closed as she felt the orgasm building in between her legs. She pumped me faster and faster, our smooth college age skin slapping together as her wet cunt made squishing noises as she fucked me.

Her orgasm was building quickly, and she brought her left knee up toward my armpit, her right leg d****d across my left leg. I knew this position made her clit even more exposed as she kept grinding it against my pubic bone as she continued to ride my pole up and down.

Her orgasm rushed upon her, and she cried out as she almost yelled…

“Oh yeah! I’m cumming! Fuck me harder! Fuck my pussy so hard!”

I ground my cock into her, matching her up strokes and down strokes. Her vagina started pulsing as she came into her massive orgasm, the spasms of her muscles making my dick extra sensitive. I went over the edge and started cumming too, shooting my hot, white spunk deep into her twitching, steamy college cunt. We came together for what seemed like an hour, feeling the amazing rush of our orgasms together at the same time.

After the rush, we both collapsed, she resting her full weight on top of me, me massing her back, stroking her hair, softly kissing her neck and ear. Time stood still.

We heard a noise out in the hallway, it sounded like a door in a dorm room near us closing. Suddenly, brought back to the risk of what we were doing we jumped up. We laughed at each other as we quickly tried to grab our clothes and pull them on. She skipped putting her bra and panties on, opting just for her blouse and pants. I did the same, stuffing my pre-cum filled tight white underwear down my pants, which helped to soak up the mix of her cunt juice and my cum that coated my cock.

Barely dressed, we opened the door and peered out into the hallway. Nobody was there. I kissed her on the mouth, my tongue dancing with her warm and willing tongue. We squeezed each other tight, then she went to the door of her room, and me to mine. We parted, but both knowing that we would be hooking up as soon as possible to have more hot, nasty sex.

Sandy was my third girlfriend, and I’m ashamed to say it now but the first woman that I intentionally used. I treated her as my personal, living sex doll. I’m not proud of this, even today, but to me she was just a hot, willing walking cunt and set of boobs for me to cum into and on. I really didn’t care about her as a girlfriend. I really didn’t care about her as a person. She was in my mind just a slut I intentionally used for the sole purpose of obtaining sex and getting my rocks off.

Maybe that’s why college was good for me, maybe I had to go through this nasty phase of using women for sex to get to a better place, where I truly appreciated them for the amazing beings they are.

But back then, in my sophomore year of college they were just walking, talking, living sex things that prior to that I had masturbated over in Penthouse magazines. Sandy was to me nothing but one of those pictures come to life, and all I wanted from her was hot, nasty, slutty, sex. Nothing more.

I had taught Sandy a lot about sex in the year or so we were together. She had been on an IUD and diaphragm when she first came to college. I had convinced her to replace those and take birth control pills, just so I didn’t have to wait while she was getting ready for sex. Yeah, I was that kind of tool. Horrible, right?

I had also taught her to enjoy risky sex in public places. It started when we first started ‘dating,’ before I got into her tight, wet cunt. We would sit in the lobby of the dorm, which was a co-ed with women and men on the same floor, two women in a room, or two men in a room. We would watch TV in the lobby, and she would sit on me in a large sofa chair. I didn’t hide the fact that I had an erection, my dick so hard, knowing her cunt was just some thin clothes away. Even then, I knew she could feel my hard cock rubbing against her ass, but she didn’t mind, and I loved it.

After a few times of this, we would get more daring. While she was sitting on top of me, watching the TV, people would come and go in the lobby. When a short period of time of nobody being in the lobby happened, I would start feeling her breasts through the fabric of her t-shirts and bra. If someone came, I’d quickly put my hands back down. The risk of being seen feeling her up was intoxicating to us both.

After that, I started unbuttoning the button of her jeans as she sat on me, at first she would push my hands away, and we would have a quiet and intense hand fight as I did all I could to unbutton those tight jeans. I was successful quite often, and would push my luck and pull her zipper down, she fighting me and trying to pull it up, all without being overly conspicuous as people occasionally walked through the dorm lobby.

As we dated, I took her out to dinners, and we talked and walked a lot through the school. I don’t remember our first kiss, but I’m pretty sure it happened on one of the many occasions that we would do our homework in her room, he roommate being absent.

As to Sandy, our period of dating I’m sure was useful for her as she tried to get to know me as a person, sizing me up as a potential boyfriend and maybe someday husband. Me? I was just buttering her up, in hopes of getting into her pants and fucking her. I had no intention of marrying her, or even making her a permanent girlfriend.

Like I said, I wasn’t a really upstanding person at that time of my life.

Our first sex happened in my room, the door locked, my roommate absent. As sex goes, it wasn’t my best effort. We were as usual watching TV in my bed, her on top of me but lying down. I had successfully pulled her t-shirt and bra up to her neck, and had also successfully unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her zipper down.

During commercials, my left hand was busy feeling her small, tennis ball shaped tits and hard pencil sized nipples. My right hand was underneath her panties, busy rubbing her slit, feeling the juices pouring out and rubbing the slimy cunt ooze all over her clit and labia. Meanwhile, I was awkwardly kissing her neck and mouth.

Each time the show would start, she would push my hands away, and we would stop.
Finally, after an intense period of rubbing her cunt and gently squeezing her nipples the show came on, but I didn’t stop.

“The show is back on,” she whispered in my ear.

“I don’t care!” I exclaimed.

We continued our heavy petting, and after a few moments she asked.

“Is your roommate coming back soon?”

“I’m not sure,” I said.

“Is your door locked?” she asked.

“No, but it will be!” I said.

And with that I got up, locked the door, then turned to her and doing my best impression of a stripper started taking off my jeans, sliding them over my raging hard and dripping cock. I slowly pulled my tight white underwear down, my cock springing out of its confinement, bobbing up and down to the pulse of my quickly beating heart.

I got back onto the bed, and pulled her up, moving her t-shirt and bra completely off her. I then pushed her down, and grabbed her legs, which I lifted high over her head. I pulled her jean legs up and off her white legs, past her red painted toenails. I then more slowly pulled her wet panties up her heart shaped ass, up her legs, and off her pretty feet.

We were naked, in my bed, in my dorm room, and I was about to have sex with my little blonde haired living sex toy. I climbed slowly on top of her, and spread her legs wide. I brought her knees up and pushed them apart, she was now spread wide, her feet on the bed but legs open, revealing her pink, dripping pussy to me.

I climbed on top of her, and resting my weight on my elbows positioned myself face to face, stomach to stomach, cock to cunt, to give her deep tongue kisses. Her tongue and mine played a dance, and as our tongues slide around each other I started pushing my rock hard cock up and down her very slippery and wet slit.

After a short while, I positioned my cock over her cunt, and tried to slowly penetrate her slutty vagina. But my cock wasn’t positioned correctly, and I failed several times. Finally, she reached down and using her hand on my cock guided my tip to her willing, wet opening. I pushed in, probably too fast.

She grunted as my erect cock plunged into her hot, wet love tunnel. Without waiting, I started pumping her, pulling my dick into and out of her nasty, slutty cunt. It didn’t take long for me to cum, probably less than a minute or two of me pumping her, my cock nearing piston speed near the end. As I started cumming she realized what was happening and yelled.

“No! Take it out! I don’t have my diaphragm in!”

I sat up, and pulled my cock out just before I started shooting. I shot my hot cum all over her cunt, on her wet cunt hair, on her belly, on the bed.

As my orgasm subsided I collapsed back onto her, letting my full weight rest on her.

She had not cum, and due to the scare of potentially being impregnated was most likely out of the mood.

I didn’t really care. I had enjoyed having my first fuck with her, fucking a real cunt instead of just my hard slippery hand. I was not a nice person then, and it showed.

The fact that I got better quickly when having sex with her, and from that point forward always made sure that she, and my other sex partners, had orgasms, was in no way because I was becoming a better person. It was more about me feeling in power, with the ability to get her off, which was another ego boost to my college age messed up mind.

The very next night, and for about 8 months afterward, we had lots more sex in lots of different places on the campus. She was willing to forgive me my solo orgasm, and feeling no doubt that I made up for it by being a much better lover in giving her orgasms from then on, may have felt our relationship was growing.

Me? I was just enjoying fucking a woman and not masturbating into a toilet anymore.

We had sex in empty classrooms, elevators, hallways, courtyards, cars, stairs, rooftops. We even almost attempted to have sex in an adult movie theater, but I got cold feet, worried about all the other guys that might be in there, and we ended up not doing that.

Eventually she grew tired of my one track sex-only mind. We had lots of arguments and fights, with Sandy wanting to form a closer relationship with me, and me ignoring her until I was horny. She started realizing I was never going to form a deeper relationship with her.

At one time, I brought her to my dorm room one night so we could spy on a coed in the next building that sometimes got undressed with the window blinds open. I masturbated in front of Sandy as the woman stripped to her bra, Sandy was not happy and became very jealous, she stormed out of my room.
Whether we went to a movie, attended a class together, or just drove around the campus, no matter what we did, it always ended up with me wanting to fuck her.

During summer break, she temporarily moved back home, and when she got back to school in the fall informed me that she was breaking up with me, but that we could be just ‘friends.’

She had started dating an old high school boyfriend, and so wanted to end our relationship.
I, being the complete jerk that I was, saw that as a challenge and did everything in my power to get back into her pants, using my charms and lure of a potential relationship to get her to have an ‘affair’ with me.

My smooth talk and knowledge of her erogenous zones eventually won out over her desire to stay faithful to her back-home boyfriend, and eventually I seduced her and fucked Sandy once again.
Of course, as soon as I had done that I was back to my callous ways, ignoring her and treating her badly.

She realized then what kind of bad person I was, and left me for good.

Frankly, she deserved better than me, or at least who I was at that time. I recently found her on Facebook and LinkedIn, she owns her own business and is a grandma now. I sometimes wonder if her husband was that former boyfriend from high school, or someone different. I also wonder if she ever thinks about me, and if so, I hope it doesn’t cause her too much pain.

I have thought about reaching out to her, to apologize for being the complete jerk to her that I was. But how would I even start that conversation?

I eventually matured and realized that women are not sex objects, not just walking vaginas and tits.

Or, is that really true? Here I am today, 30 years after fucking Sandy, and today I’m still masturbating to internet porn whenever I can, which is a form of cheating on my wife. Likewise, my addiction to masturbation and porn has never slowed, I’m still drawn to slutty images of hot cunts, hard dicks and nasty sex. Have I really changed?

Perhaps the only good thing is that at least I don’t hurt other women the way I hurt Sandy. Masturbating to internet porn may not be good, but at least I’m not messing with another human’s emotions, the way I did with Sandy.

Sandy was my third girlfriend, and I fucked her both physically and mentally. The sex was fabulous, but I feel bad about how I treated her, and I am sorry about that. I’d like to think I’ve matured since then, but I’m horny now as I finish writing this and am going to masturbate to porn. So, what do you think, have I really changed since then?

83% (7/1)
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6 months ago
Good point. The worst apology of all is the one not said.
6 months ago
Not to sound like a Tool but if you know and truly want her to forgive you,you have to say the words!