My Second Girlfriend, A True Story

My Second Girlfriend, A True Story

This is a true story about the second girlfriend I ever had, and the first time we fucked.
My cock was rock hard in my pants as I drove to her house. We had been dating a few weeks now. A chance encounter had led to a friendship, which had led to soft kisses, which had progressed to frenching, which had progressed to me getting to feel and eventually see her soft 34C breasts, which had progressed to her inviting me to her house for what I hoped would soon be an escalation of our sexual adventure.

Amy was a cute, medium height, straight-haired blonde who was in some of my college classes. I had noticed her in my sophomore year of college walking around campus. I especially noticed her big blue eyes, wide face, bright smile and sexy heart-shaped ass. She was built, having a 34-24-36 body that I had pictured in my mind as I masturbated my hard cock and tight balls from the sexual pent up energy of our early dates.

My friends were not all that impressed with Amy. They thought she was rather average looking. But I thought she was a hottie. She liked to wear long flowing skirts, flowers in her hair, no makeup and was very much a flower-c***d, with a strong passion for nature and all things natural.
After my breakup with my first girlfriend Vicky, who had introduced me to sex (my story of meeting her is here, I was more than ready for another hot sex partner, er, I mean girlfriend.

My chance to get to meet Amy came in the college theater. She happened to walk in when I was up in the lighting booth. I dashed downstairs, but then nonchalantly strolled in her general direction when I came into view.

“Hi there!” I said.

“Oh, hi.” She said.

So far, I thought to myself, so good.

“Are you in theater class?” I asked.

“Not now, but I’m supposed to take a course here coming up this semester.” She said.

I was trying desperately not to stare at her breasts. She was wearing a flowery blouse that was unbuttoned well down her chest, doing a great job of showing her cleavage. Being a flower c***d, she apparently didn’t believe in bras, because her awesome 34Cs were floating free and clear just behind her thin blouse. She was wearing a longish flower skirt, and her long, long blonde hair fell in a perfect straight line down her back to just above those magnificent hips.

Trying to keep my eyes locked on hers, instead of on her oh so hot chest, I said. “I’m taking several classes here. I’ve been working up in the booth, as well as backstage. Can I show you around?”

“Sure.” She said.

“I’m Tommie, nice to meet you!” I blurted out suddenly, trying desperately to sound cool.

“My name is Amy.” She responded back.

And with that introduction I showed her around the theater, eventually working up my nerve to ask her out on a date. To my surprise and delight she said yes, and from that point on our relationship grew.

We had been dating only a couple of weeks when she asked me to her house for dinner. It turned out she was several years older than me, owned a home already, and was taking college classes part time.

On our last set of dates we had been kissing mostly, but in our very latest date she had let me feel those perfect boobs. The night I went to her house I suspected would be the best chance I had to see those tits, and maybe even get a chance to see more!

Her house was small, not in a great neighborhood, and what I would today consider kind of dirty. She wasn’t a housekeeper, but then being a sophomore in College I wasn’t all that interested in those kind of skills. I was far more interested in what kind of positions she liked during sex!
She had cooked us a nice meal, and after I had helped her clean up we sat on her couch. She lit incense, then asked me if I enjoyed weed. I told her I was fine and didn’t want any, due to it giving me headaches, but if she wanted to please go right ahead. After she had used her pipe, she laid her head next to me on the back of the couch.

We started kissing, and our hands started exploring, my hands up and down her breasts, chest, legs and hips, her hands around my chest, neck, legs and eventually just next to my crotch. We kissed for what seemed like hours, eventually with me laying down on the couch, and her positioning herself on top of me, planting kisses all over my face, mouth, ears and neck. My cock was super hard, and pressing against her crotch through our clothes.

She reached for my shirt, and slowly tugged it up and over my head, throwing it down on the floor. It was my turn I guessed to do the same to her. But I was now somewhat in a quandary. I had completely forgotten my protection, and was in a bit of a jam. I so badly wanted her, but at the same time was worried about my situation.

You see, my first girlfriend, Vicky, had been great in bed, as it turns out a little too great. I learned near the end of our relationship that she was a complete cock slut and as such had slept around with lots of other guys besides me. Which is perhaps why I had ended up with a dose of what I suspected was the clap, but what my doctor informed me was Non Specific Urethritis (which apparently is an infection of the urethra which has symptoms just like the clap, but isn’t gonorrhea). Either way, I was taking strong antibiotics and was warned by my doctor about not having unprotected sexual intercourse until I was completely healed and had taken the entire bottle of huge pills.

Unfortunately, I now found myself with a woman who clearly was interested in going all the way. But I couldn’t. She kept up her frisky kisses, and after a long time of kissing sat upright on me, her legs straddling my chest, and smiled.

“I’m very impressed,” she said. “You can just go all night kissing! Are you interested in trying something a little bit more naughty?”

I quickly thought about ignoring what the doctor had said, and just going for it. The idea of plunging my hot, rock hard cock into her wet and willing cunt was really exciting! But I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t sure if I was 100% okay and definitely didn’t want to give her anything. So, I told her the whole story.

“Man. I’m pissed with your ex, what a bitch to give that to you!” She stated. “Well,” she continued, “there’s still a lot of fun we can have.”

She tugged at my belt, pulling it open, but not off.

“Come with me.” She demanded, as she pulled my belt up.

I of course obeyed.

She lead me by my belt to her room, where she closed the door and then went into her bathroom. I heard the sound of a shower being turned on. There was a rustling noise, then she called to me in a high, cute voice.

“Why don’t you come in here? I think you’ll like what you’ll see!” She teased.

My heart shaking faster, I walked to the bathroom and looked in. She was completely naked, waiting for me next to her large stand up shower. Her perfect breasts and hard nipples were pointed straight at me. She had trimmed hair around her pubic area, but not much as apparently she kept it trimmed close. She had a naughty smile on her face. I looked at her and gave her a long wolf whistle.

“Wow!” I managed to stammer.

“Do you like what you see big boy?” She asked innocently, batting her eyes.

“Oh man, I absolutely LOVE what I see.” I whispered, as I walked into her arms and planted her with a big kiss.

She reached for my belt, and slowly pulled it off me. Barely slowing down she unbuttoned my jeans and slowly pulled them down my legs. My raging, hard cock pushed against my white briefs. I didn’t even think about being self-conscious about the pre-cum that had stained my underwear.
She slowly sank down on her knees, and carefully, gently pulled my underwear down, away from my rock hard and bobbing cock, down to my ankles. I stepped out of my jeans and underwear in one motion. I was dying inside, wondering what she was going to do so close to my raging cock, her face just an inch away from my throbbing and pre-cum oozing shaft.

Ever so slowly, she moved her lips to just inches away from my throbbing cock.

“Well, I can’t kiss it and lick it like I usually love to do.” She said. “But I love feeling and stroking them too! Which I guess is something you won’t mind?” She asked me, looking up into my eyes and batting her pretty eyelids at me pretend bashfully.

“I think I might be able to make an exception just this one time and let you do that.” I said, with a laughing smile.

She reached for a bottle of baby oil and poured some all over my cock, then her hands. She pulled me by my cock into the shower.

“Just rest your back against the wall, I’ll do all the work.” She whispered at me.

Kneeling in front of my rock hard and now super slippery cock, she started rubbing me with both her hands. Working up my stomach, down around my cock to my legs, then back up. Her hands were extremely slippery from the baby oil and hot water combination. After a small eternity, her hands started moving to my pulsing shaft. Gently at first, she started stroking my cock. All the way from the shaft up to the tip, then slowly back down. Her grip was tight, and the slippery oil made the feeling intense.

She continued stroking my shaft, balls and even ran her hand and fingers behind my to my ass, where she played with my anus with one hand while continuing to stroke my rock hard cock with her other hand. She picked up the speed of her masturbation of my slippery, hard dick. I felt the most amazing sensation as this beautiful lady masturbated me in her hot shower.

My balls got very tight and were pressed into my body, allowing her hand easier access to my ass and hard shaft.

I was in ecstasy, and started to feel that familiar swelling feel of my cock and balls as I got close to cumming. Perhaps realizing I was getting close, she tightened her hand on my cock as she stroked it faster and faster now. Up, then quickly back down, then back up, hard, fast, strong. The intense feeling of being almost on the edge gripped me and I started gasping and shaking. I was grunting, unable to control myself, feeling the need to shoot my hot cum all over her tits and chest.

Realizing I was close, she started stroking my cock even faster, but then started sliding the middle finger of her other hand all over my anus. Her finger probed my hole, and then started pushing gently but firmly up, into my ass hole. I couldn’t resist her finger, and I loosened my hole, letting her finger slide in. The stroking of my cock and her finger in my ass was bringing me to the edge. But when she started tickling and rubbing my prostate using her finger deep in my ass it was just too amazing!

I started cumming, the overwhelming sensation of her finger in my butt, her hand tightly stroking my rock hard cock, her pretty face looking up at me with a wicked smile. I shot hot load of cum after hot load, my cum making a sound of “Thurk!” “Thurk!” “Thurk!” as my cum shot through her hand and directly onto her tits and chest, slowly sliding and dripping down in the hot steamy water of the shower.

I had never cum so hard in my life! My knees buckled and I slumped down into the shower. She kissed my face, neck and mouth.

After I had recovered a bit, she swapped positions with me, putting her back against the shower wall in a seating position.

“Let me show you how I have fun!” She said, opening her legs wide and placing her feet up high on the shower walls.

The shower stream hit her clit and pussy, and with her cunt spread wide to let the water massage her she started fingering her clit, her little fingers flying back and forth across it, giving shivers of pleasure up and down her body. After just a short while, she used the fingers of her left hand to open her vulva lips wide to the stream, then stuck one, then two, then three fingers into her hot and open cunt. Her left thumb continued playing with her clit while she fucked herself with the fingers of her right hand. Faster and faster she fucked herself, her thumb moving faster and faster on her clit. She tightened her legs and toes, and stiffened her body, her mouth open in a big “O” shape as the feeling of her intense orgasm started sweeping through her body. She cried out as her whole body convulsed with her orgasm.

“Oh!” “Oh!” “Oh!” She cried out loud as her orgasm took her.

Slowly, her body relaxed as she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm. She let her legs down, took her fingers out of her cunt and licked the juices from them, then held her fingers up to me. I bent down and sucked the salty taste of her wet cunt from her fingers.

After that, we washed each other with soap, and I enjoyed washing her body, taking time to feel her entire body as I thoroughly soaped her clean.

I ended up sl**ping over that night. I wish I could tell you that we had more adventures after that, but things cooled on her end and we became just “friends.” It crushed me that she didn’t want to date me anymore, as I for the first time felt like I loved someone other than a direct f****y member. I wanted to be with her as friends and lovers but that was not to be.

We drifted apart, perhaps because she was worried about my “disease.” It was ironic that less than a week later the Doctor gave me a clean bill of health. I was cured of my NSU as it was called. Amy was my first true love, but not my last. And she definitely wasn’t my last girlfriend either!

In my next true story I’ll introduce you to my third girlfriend, Sandy. Tame and timid by day, Sandy eventually turned into a hot, nasty and sexually amazing adventuress at night!

So, did you enjoy this story? It's a true story, which I think makes it even hotter. But what do you think? Leave me a comment, thanks!

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3 months ago
SEXY Thanks for the posting
5 months ago
thanks for sharing
10 months ago
Loved your story. I have had several simular myself. Tell us more about your next one and latest. Bet you had some very tasty ones.
11 months ago
Absolutely was! And just wait until you meet Sandy, my 3rd, I think you'll be VERY excited!
11 months ago
she was a cutie for sure