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Austin Sex Shop Tour

Since I'm alone in the house this weekend I figured I would take the opportunity to explore the Sex Shops in Austin. I was feeling the need to find a dirty porn place to maybe have an encounter, preferably with a guy/gal couple! But if I could find a glory hole I might seriously consider doing some cock.

I started with New Paris Adult Book and movie, which interestingly was one of my favs. The only problem was when I visited it (8pm Sat night) I was the only one there.

Things I liked about it were the huge number of DVDs for purchase or rent, the very tight and small space literally filled with Porn, and interesting the "dirty" smell (which sorry ladies, is what I think a Porn shop should smell like, nasty, dirty sex!). The had coin booths or booths you could rent for $10 to preview any DVD in the store. If there had been a couple there I would have been all over that!

But, since I was the only one there I ended up leaving, driving a short distance north to the Adult Video Megaplexxx. I didn't really care for this place, mostly because it pretty much resembles a clean, well lit, store that just happens to sell porn and toys. I really didn't get any feeling of dirty, nasty porn that I was hoping for.

There were two couples there and some single guys like me, one couple with a good looking Hispanic gal left as soon as I came, but the other couple (a bald older guy with decent figure and petite woman with short dark hair) stayed around and shopped. Not quite knowing how all this works, I every now and again examined the titles in the same isle with them, to get close to them, but without making eye contact. Nothing happened, they kept shopping, and I looked around a bit more. There was a hallway (also very brightly lit) with dressing rooms and other doors (maybe movie preview rooms?). Not feeling the ambiance of nasty sex I was looking for I left.

I ventured up north to the All Things Adult store. I liked this place, but was disappointed to find there were nothing but guys lurking around, no couples as of 10pm on a Sat night. Although disappointed, I might have stayed to enjoy the porn, except that you have to either insert a coin or dollars to keep the movie playing every minute in a booth (and here at xHamster the movie plays uninterrupted). The booths in ATA were large, had two benches and could easily hold two couples. Unfortunately, without the glory hole I just couldn't bring myself to interact with any of the guys there, and ended up leaving.

Someday I might try going back to ATA and New Paris, if there's more people there. Most likely I was there way too early for any potential couple action, but oh well! I had fun visiting them and will do it again!
Posted by Tommie_tomm2 2 years ago
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8 days ago
You are right ATA really needs some glory holes, there business would sky rocket
1 year ago
Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check it out!
1 year ago
I've never had any luck at all at New Paris. Too small and the booths are right on top of the clerk's desk (and I've never seen any interest from them either). Right down the street from that one is an XXX shop on a hill. It has two floors of booths and there are always people willing to play there.