A short history of masturbating & the s****r i

I had my first orgasm a few weeks before my thirteenth birthday. My older b*****r (he was fifteen) was always flashing his hard at me. Most mornings the pare of us would wake with hard on's. The two of us would run around our bedroom flashing our cocks at each other. He had a loads of sex magazines under his bed, he's show me the picture of all the naked woman, we'd both get hard on's looking at the images. That when he showed me how masturbate. I'd been having wet dreams for mouths. I'd would happen almost every night, half way through the night I'd wake up with this sticky mess all over me and the bed. I thought there was something wrong with me so I asked my bother if he knew what was wrong with me. He gave me a big smile and said that I needed to have a wank before going to bed. What's a wank I asked, he said he would show me that night before going to bed. We both want to bed very early that night. He locked our bedroom door and got some of his sex magazines from under his bed ,he lay two of them on the bed. We both looked though the magazines , he'd tell what he liked about each woman, how great her tit where or fantastic her cunt looked. All the time he'd rubbing his cock. Go on fuck your cock with your hand, he'd say. I was loving this, the feel of my hard cock in my hand was amazing. I could see loads of this clear liquid dripping from the end of his cock. He'd rub this over his cock, he said it makes it feel much better. My cock was also dripping the same clear liquid. I rubbed it over the head of my cock and boy did it feel good. I was really enjoying the feeling of gently of rubbing my hand up and down my cock. When suddenly I had this amazing feeling that my head was going to explode. the feeling run right down though my body and ended in my cock. Then it happened, my cock just went mad, semen shooting all over the pictures of the woman in the magazine. Every time I shoot spurt of cum out my climax would be stronger, at one point I thought I was going to pass out. My b*****r had a huge smile on his face, he began rubbing his cock very fast now, he aimed his cock at the woman in the magazine, and shot his load all over her face. We sat down and asked if I liked wanking, I told hem it was amazing. Over the next few weeks I masturbated three or four times a day. One day I came seven times. I loved it when the cum would run down over my fingers, I'd lick it of my fingers. Sometimes I would jam myself in a corner and f***e my legs over my shoulders so my cock was over my face, sometimes I could lick the end of my cock but most of the time I just wanted to cum in my mouth. I just love the taste of cum. It wasn't until much later that I came to realised that my b*****r and I were very will endowed in the cock department! In its flaccid state my cock looked like every cock I've ever seen. My b*****r and I used a ruler once to see how big they were. He was just under eight inches and mine was seven when erect . Buy the time I was eighteen my cock was the same size as my bothers.
I had sex with a girl when I fifteen. She lived next-door and we'd always played together as k**s. She was always trying take a peek at my cock I'd let her hold it while I had a piss. She loved waving it about as I peed. I told her one day that I wanted to piss and did she want to hold it. As she held my cock it started to get hard, she looked at me and asked what was happing. I told her that I really needed to piss and the only way I could do it was for her to rub it back and forth. She loved it when my cock exploded. What was that she said, I told her it was semen or cum and some people call it. sometimes the cum whould land on her dress. I'd get her to wank me off a couple of times a week, I even got her to lick the cum of her fingers, she said it tested very salty. We finally got to fuck, but it was all a bit clumsy. She was not very happy about me putting my cock in her, she thought my cock was too big. I took her virginity, but she never let me push my cock in all the way. I'd end up coming over her pussy, to be honest the feel of her cunt was not as good as her fingers around my cock! Even today I find it very hard to come just by fucking. I much prefer to fuck a woman until she comes and then bring myself off by masturbating over them. The feel of a pussy is great but it just can't get me off, it the same with anal sex, love the feel of a really tight arse but it's just get me off.. We tried a few more times but I got a bigger thrill playing with her pussy. My b*****r had told me that his girl friend's loved him licking their pusses. I asked if I could lick her pussy, I really enjoyed licking her out , my cock would get so hard doing it. She was mad for it and let me do it whenever I wanted to, she'd have an orgasm in no time. She always wanted to suck my cock after coming, it was like she was on some kind of high.
I was nineteen when I found a girl that really liked fucking. This girl loved my cock and loved the way I could fuck her without coming. She said most guys would cum after a minutes or two and that was it! We fucked on our second date, I made her come twice before I came over her very wet pussy. I loved the way her pussy that swelled up when she got excited. Rubbing my cock over her wet swollen pussy was such a turn on. I could make her come just by rubbing my cock over her cunt and clitoris, she loved it. She was also the first girl that really loved sucking my cock. Some nights we'd be in the back of my car where she'd just spend most of the night playing with it and sucking my cock. She loved me coming in her mouth, she just loved cum. She'd suck me and tell me come in her mouth, then we'd share my cum between us, fantastic. She also liked me to watch her masturbate, seeing her fingers deep inside her swollen pussy, she loved licking her cunt juices off her fingers. The two of us would sit opposite each other and watch each other masturbate. Seeing how she would finger her arse hole, that was just amazing, I'd never seen anyone fuck there their own arse hole, it was such a turn on. She would finger fuck my arse to get me off sometimes. The funny thing is I've been marred to this woman for the last f******n years!
About a year ago my s****r in-law came to live with us, she was going through a very messy divorce. Her husband was knocking her about, so she came to live with us until things cooled down. We didn't have any k**s and s*s didn't have k**s either. She was a few years young than the wife. s*s not any better looking than the wife, but she had a very nice pear of tits and an arse to die for. We'd been on a few holidays with them and we'd always got along together. She always whore a very tiny bikinis, just like the wife but somehow she always looked a little bit sexier in them. The girls would always shave they're pusses before going on holiday. This was a job that I loved helping the wife with , shaving her cunt was always a big turn on for us. I'd shave her first then she'd shave me, of course my cock would be hard all though the shaving. We'd fuck and then I cover her cunt in cum and lick it off. I loved watching my s****r in-law in her bikini, it was all I could do to stop getting a hard on. When it got too much I'd nip back to our apartment for a quick wank. The wife would sometimes follow be back to apartment. You need to stop looking at my s****rs arse, that way I want have to gave you a quick blow job. I was forever fucking the wife from behind when ever we had holidays with them. I'd imagine I was fucking her s****rs arse. The loved that her s****r could get me so hot. Sometimes the wife would lend one of her s****rs outfits and pretend that she was her, she'd tell me how her s****r was always asking what my cock looked like, and how it felt in her pussy. This would get me so hot that I'd fuck her like a madman! Her s****r had been with us for seven weeks when the wife asked me If I'd like to help her s****rs out. She said that they'd been chatting about their sex lives. s*s had told her that her x-husband had never really been in to sex, yes it was good at first but, then they'd do it two or three times a week. The problem was it was almost always the same, he'd be on top. He was never keen on her sitting on him, or getting him to give her an orgasm using his tongue, and he never let her go down on him. The wife told her that I liked to be watched while I masturbate. She said her s****r had never seen her husband wank. She said her husband had never masturbated in all the time they'd been together. She said, he thought it was wrong to masturbate once you where marred. How do you want me to help I asked. I'd like you to have sex with her. I know you've always imagined what it would be like, so now you can. Does she know about this I asked, she said that I'd ask you first. If your happy it, and she up for it I'd love to have sex with her. Will you be with us I asked, yes she said. About three nights later, we were having diner when the wife just came out with it. Will s*s, do you want to have sex with my husband. I almost choked on my food, but her s****r just looked at me and asked was it OK. I said yes. We went into the lounge. The wife told me to strip of, and to sit on the settee. By the time I'd undressed my cock was rock hard. The wife looked at her s****r and asked if she liked my cock, she nodded her head and said it looked so much bigger then her Xs husbands. I began rubbing my cock quite slowly at first, using some spit to make it feel better. The wife had her dress up, I could see she had no knickers on, the sexy cow had shaved her cunt. Show him your pussy s*s, she said.
Her s****r lifted her dress, she also had no knickers on, and she'd to had shaved her pussy. We shaved our pusses for you today. I was getting very excited. My cock was twitching like mad. I had to stop rubbing my cock to let it cool down. My s****r in-law stood up and removed her dress, she then removed her jumper and bra, she came over and sat on my left. I was now slowly wanking with my right hand, she held my left hand and placed it over her pussy. Feel her pussy with your fingers the wife said. The wife was playing with herself, she had three or four fingers in her cunt. s*s is cunt was very wet and I slipped two fingers. I gently rub her clitoris with my thumb, it felt bigger than the wife's. Fuck her, you know she wants it. I looked at the wife, go on gave her a good one for me. I stood up and placed myself between her legs. s*s was fingering her pussy, I asked if she was OK, she just said for fuck sake just stick that fucking big cock in me! I'd only been fucking her for just under a minute when she had one hell of an orgasm, she came very hard and long. She had her hands on my arse forcing me into her. Come for me she said, I'm not ready I said. Turn around, I said, she was on her knees in no time, I slipped my cock back into her cunt and fucked her like I knew she wanted, hard and deep. This was a dream come true for me, fucking my s****r in-law from behind, seeing her arse was such a turn on that I felt I was going to cum. But I wanted her to come again, I reached around and played with her clitoris, a few gentle finger movements over her clitoris, and she stared to cum. She came very hard again. I pulled my cock out and turned around, and told her to suck me off, seeing s*s sucking my cock was just too much. I shot my load in her mouth and over her face. I could hear the wife behind me having an orgasms. Twenty minutes later I was fucking the both of them, first the wife then s*s. I made s*s come three times that night. The wife came once more. The two of them spent quite a bit of time playing and sucking my cock at the same time, heaven!
My s****r in-law is still livening with us and we fuck together most weekends. The wife is a nurse and she sometimes has to work nights. The nights she at work s*s and I often spend a few hours fucking the night away. She's had a few boyfriends over the last year but she tells my she looking for someone that fuck like me, prise in deed

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