Str8 Guy Seduced By A Tranny (ch2)

For a str8 friend here at xHamster... who is a fan of my writing and when I told him I would write a story with him in it... I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into..

Chapter 2


We entered my room, it is mid-afternoon, so it is warm; the sun is bright and there is a warm sweet scented breeze wafting in the open window... I always splurge and get the "nice view" rooms, and so, I was on the top floor of the hotel (only five floors) and had a balcony that overlooked the ocean, and yet, it was private enough that no one could look in.

He walked straight over to the balcony to check out the view, and I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a few beers. I liked that he did this...
I mean... we both knew that we came to my room to fuck, and the "move" most guys make is to immediately grab and kiss and undress and throw down on the bed and fuck - and there is nothing wrong with that... its just that sometimes, it seems like the more you can build up to it, the longer and more enjoyable it is.

We haven't said much, and that may be good because it is sometimes hard for me to talk too much in my femmy voice, it is more like a whisper.

I handed him a beer and stand next to him on the balcony, I was looking at him... and I wondered if he knew I had a dick. I have a big dick, luckily for a t-girl like me it is more of a grower, so I can be creative in hiding it... but I have no real titties, I am kind of a flat chested girl. so, I am wearing a bikini top (I have a little padding in there) and bikini bottoms with a short little matching skirt/wrap. Yes, I look hot!

And so, soon he is looking back at me. I guess the question of whether he knows I have a dick will be answered later, because I really want to suck his dick now. I lean in and we kiss and he wraps his arms around me... squeezing my ass, his hands roaming over me... and I feel my cock begin to rise... we are holding each other tightly, and rubbing full bodies, I am careful to move in a way that his hand does not reach for my goodies...

As, we do this, I start to feel his cock rise through his shorts, and I know he will be able to feel mine soon (if not already). so I pull back and go to my knees. I am reaching up and playing with his chest, his nipples and his hot tight tummy...

And then, with our eyes locked staring deep in his soul, I slowly, undo his shorts... and with sensual deliberation, pull his shorts down... and... naught boy... he is not wearing underwear... its like he was built for me, I love a guy that goes commando.

I am exhaling deep warm, moist breath over his exposed cock and balls...
His cock reacts by jumping at the sensation. I am pleased with his cock, it is perfect sized... I look forward to this... I inhale deeply, filling my nose and lungs with his manly scent...

So... here we are... on the balcony five floors up, anyone caring to gaze upward can see me on my knees, Tim's hard cock is just inches from my sexy mouth, he is throbbing with anticipation, and I s-l-o-w-l-y bring my hands up his leg... lightly... ever so lightly brushing with fingertips... my nails making the barest of contacts... up his ankles... up his calves... up his knees... the outside of his legs, up his thighs, his hips, his sides and his chest, circling back to center, still light, light light touch... and still my inhales breathing in his masculine essence, and my exhale the warm moist essence of my femininity... my fingers linger on his chest, playing more and still lightly with his man nipples, his tummy and just to the sides of his erect manhood, down the front of his legs, his thighs, his knees, and then again... more slowly now, up the inside of his thighs, slowly approaching his junk... and then... even more lightly his balls.
My nails just "hinting" at a touch, his cock is bouncing like mad now...

And I run my hinting fingers up his shaft and back down a few times...
His head is thrown back now, he has broken eye contact, and I need it back...
So I whisper, "Tim, do you want me to suck your cock?"
"Yes" you croak out.
"If I give you this pleasure... what do I get?" I ask you.
"Anything you want..." you say without much thought...
"ANY-THING" I enunciate clearly, some of my masculinity creeps in to my voice... and you see in my eyes that I am telling you there may be more to me that you realize... and before you can stammer and answer, I whisper "Are you sure you want to make that promise? I can get pretty kinky... and pretty demanding" I pause, "Do you understand?"
"Yes" you desperately reply, "I understand... I will do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G you ask of me"
"Well," I whisper, "I don't really think you do understand completely, But, I will take you for your word."
"Please," you plead, "Please blow me, and I will do anything you ask, without question, I will be your slave, I will do what you ask... PLEASE"
And without pause his cock is deep in my throat... and... poor, poor boy, it is too much for him... in two strokes he is cumming in my throat and mouth.

Which is disappointing and thrilling all at once... I know that now I have him, I can use his guilt at cumming so fast to get him to do everything I want, plus, the fact that he just promised to do anything I want... I will just act a little pissed off at him, and I can get anything and everything I want... and just a little foreshadowing here... I want to fuck his virgin straight boy ass!

And so as he continues to convulse and "gaaaack" and squack and moan and cum his huge, albeit quick load into my throat I hold him tightly by the ass so that he deposits it all in my mouth...

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2 years ago
Wow i just imagine what next
3 years ago
I would love to have you do me i would love to suck your cock too
3 years ago
Keeps getting better and better
3 years ago
Love these stories keep up the good work!
3 years ago
i love you story can wait for part 3 and 4 about str8 guy we need more t-girl stories
3 years ago
I like this story it is so sexy and hot. I am a cross dresser I like to wear all black short skirt stockings garter belt high heel pumps panties make up and a long black wig. I imagine I'm am her and I swallow his cum and then make him suck me and swallow my cum. We need more t-girl stories.