Str8 Guy Seduced By A Tranny (ch1)

Str8 Guy Seduced By A Tranny (ch1)

For a str8 friend here at xHamster... who is a fan of my writing and when I told him I would write a story with him in it... I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into..

Chapter 1


To say I was nervous was a bit of an understatement... but I was also very, very excited. This was my first time putting it out there in a big way.

Back home, I had gone out a few times and was completely passable... I guess I should explain more...

I am Lexi, that is my girl name... I was born a boy, or I should say with a boys body... I love having a dick, and I love being a guy, but I really identify more with being a girl... I won't get into the details, the psychology, the physiology of it all, because there is lots to it... and it's not what I want to talk about.

Suffice to say, that I am absolutely gorgeous as a girl.. and I can say that... because I am pretty qualified to know what a hot girl looks like.
I have grown my light sandy blond hair to just beyond shoulder length.

I have a very feminine face, and have pretty good hips (very girly) as well as an ass that guys tend to notice from across the room.

You get the idea...

And... I should tell you... that I LOVE to suck dick... but equally as arousing to me, is the idea of seducing a straight guy. And that is where this story really starts.

Spring break - I know it is cliche', but well, seriously all those HOT bodies rubbing up against each other all in one place... hot sun during the days, swimming, surfing, lots of beach sports and action... all that sweat, all those pheromones... (shit I am getting turned on now, just thinking about it.) so, you can imagine it all.

My friends were all off doing their thing... mostly lounging around the pool, I tend to be more active, so I had been out on a jetski all morning... such a blast... as I was returning I saw a guy with a really hot body... he was walking with his shirt off by kind of d****d over his shoulder, his trunks were wet and he was walking back from the beach, I hate to be like over dramatic or anything, but it was like slow-motion - like you see in those cheesy romantic comedies... little dapples of moisture was dripping of his hair... and I watched as a drip slowly made its way down his tight hot chest, and I dreamed for a moment of licking it... of tasting the salt of him and the ocean water off his hot manly chest, and his nipple, and, down... his... belly.

Startled I shook myself out of my dream... and saw that he was looking right at me, I blushed, and he smiled. he smiled that was a good sign.

I said something to him, he said something back,and there was more to it than that...but, it was on... as simple and as complex as that. The beauty of the flirt, and the beauty of knowing what you want. And... the magic that is Spring Break, in Manzanillo. He was a bit shy... but I had some beers in my room, and we were right in front of the hotel I was staying, so we headed to my room (I had booked a room alone, he was sharing with a friend).

I could tell he was attracted to me, it was obvious... but, in honesty I did not know if he knew exactly what he was getting into... I suspected he didn't know entirely... hehe.

But... as we walked to my room, joking and flirting and... in deep... anticipation of what was to come... I knew for certain, he would soon find out exactly and ALL of what he was getting into...

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Wow what a star loking forward tothe next chapter
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