ST: I'm Straight (Part 4)

I'm Straight. (Interracial oral anal) Part 4

If you are u******e to read this, don't.
Know your local laws, don't read this if it is i*****l.
This is a story - not real-life. Safe sex is not used in this story, but
you should use it in your life.

<>*<> This is how part 3 ended <>*<>

I am in the showers for another 5 minutes trying to get my body back
into working order - out of shock. I'm finally able to hobble my way back
to the locker room, and get changed. I am walking a little slow, I can feel
my asshole is a little damp I am cinching tightly trying to hold as much of
Trey's precious seed in me, for as long as can.

As I am crossing the parking lot I see Trey is sitting in his car he
waves me over. He is smiling a devious, k**-in-a-candy-store
smile. Wordlessly I approach. He is cavalier.

"Shelia ain't around anymore..." he says emotionlessly referring to
the girlfriend that left him because in his words, she couldn't suck his
cock the way he liked her too. "So, I need a replacement." He is looking me
in the eyes. He is spelling out in no uncertain terms what that means for

"Stop by my place after work for a beer." He turns the key, starts his
car, and drives away.

<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<> I'm Straight - Part 4

There was not a moment in the day that I thought about doing anything
besides what Trey had asked. I had to call Michelle, by beautiful
girlfriend and cancel our plans for the night. It was just dinner
together. But she understood, when I told her the truth... "Trey and Shelia
broke up and he needs me to be there for him" I used chick talk - it makes
them think you are sensitive.

I was so distracted at work, and just thinking about going to Trey's
that afternoon and what he had planned had me getting erections throughout
the day. The fact that his semen was trying to leak out of my rectum didn't
help me to focus much on my work either.

A half-hour before I left work I gave Trey a call on his cel. I asked
him if he needed me to bring anything. He told me to pick up some beer, he
had ordered some Chinese delivery, so we wouldn't have to worry about
taking any breaks in the action. With those words, I swear my asshole
literally palpitated.

On the drive to Trey's house I thought about what a disgusting faggot
I had become. It boggled my mind, no where in my history, had I so much had
thought about a guys dick like I thought about Trey's - what power did he
have over me, what was making me want to be his bitch, his hole. What was
making me want to be below Trey as he was fucking the living shit out of
me? Why was I so willingly and excitedly hurrying off to Trey's house to be
used like his bitch?

When I got to Trey's house an hour later, he was just coming home from
a run... he was shirtless, and his glistening cut body gave me an instant
hard-on. And there was my answer, in the flesh. All the thinking about Trey
on the way over, I had a hard-on, and seeing him here, shirtless,
glistening aroused me all that much more.

"Hey perfect timing" He smiled easily, "It's like we're so on the same
page..." now stopping and looking me deep in the eyes, "... in tune with
each other, or something."

I thought to myself as I flushed with his words, "what a romantic
thing to say."

Romantic. That's gay. I am getting a full body arousal from Trey
saying we are "in tune" with each other. But, I'm straight. I love Michele,
I love to have sex with her, the way her eyes roll back and the way she
squeezes the sheets in her hands when she is orgasming.

The spell is broken, when Trey notices the full hard-on in my pants
and makes the comment, "damn boy, you can't wait to get on this, can you
faggot?" he gives his cock a good squeeze through his shorts. I blush, we
are still on the street in front of his house... a neighbor could see,
someone could hear...

Trey just laughs a comfortable laugh when he sees me blush, "come on,
let's get inside," With a friendly slap on the back. As we are walking up
the walk he is a pace ahead of me now. I can smell Trey. He is pretty
sweaty, and has worked up a heady scent from his day and from the 45-minute
run he just took.

As Trey turns his key and walks through the door he says to me, "Take
of your jacket, grab us two beers, put the rest in the refrigerator and
then get over here and lick the sweat off my balls.."

I am a little startled by his lack of subtlety, but I do as he tells
me. I don't question. I am getting to learn my place.

When I return to the couch, he has removed his shorts and underwear;
they are casually tossed to the side of him on the couch. I hand him his
beer, I set mine down on the coffee table.

I start to remove my tie. "No" he says, "leave your shirt and tie on."
I pause, a little confused... "Bitch, lick my fucking balls!" He barks

I go to my knees in front of Trey, I am immediately hit with his ripe,
sweaty smell (stench, stink?). It is repulsive, and yet... there is
something very a****l, very masculine... like the smell of a locker room
full of athletes. The scent of virility, the scent of manly brio. I have
smelled wafting whiffs of it on my own body on my fingers after I pee at
the gym, and now here it is an inch before my nose, at it's source and I am
drawing grand, deep huffs of it.

I notice now, that Trey is watching me, as I drink in his sweaty ball
scent. His face says it all, but his words make sure we are both
aware. "You are such a faggot! You have become a cock hungry faggot bitch."
He says with disgust... and yet... he has made me this way and there is a
tinge of pride in his voice.

He slaps me. Abrupt, sudden, stinging. "you're not here to sniff them,
you are here to clean them, now get to it." He says, grabbing my head in
both hands drawing my face to his lap, and to my first taste of ball
sweat. His legs spread wide now, he is guiding me deep, I am licking his
balls, the space between his balls and legs, below his balls, the base of
his cock.

He lifts his legs and jams my head down to his ass, and I almost
retch, he wants me to lick his ass I think, I am learning not to say no, I
resist a little and he literally jams my head with both hands into the
crevice of his ass. I am licking. The taste is different, spicy, hard to
describe, and I am feeling pretty degraded and humiliated, when the door
bell rings.

Not missing a beat, Trey stands shoving me backwards, I tumble to the
floor. I am looking at a very aroused Trey standing over me, "It's the
food," he explains, "get the door, pay for the food, put it on the coffee
table, then come into the bedroom, we'll get to the food in a awhile."

I do as he says. The Chinese food delivery guy looks at me funny, I
realize as I pass a mirror in the hallway, I am looking all the whore I am,
disheveled, hair mussed, spittle covering my face, and even some stray
pubes plastered to my cheek.

I guess I take to long and Trey is soon commanding me to hurry my
white-whore-ass up.

He is standing next to the bed. Trey instructs me "Lay down on the bed
face up, head off the end of the bed. It's time we open up that throat of
yours bitch."

I am very scared now. It is one thing taking that huge monster slab of
meat up my ass. When he fucks me I can tune out a little if the pain gets
too much. I can go somewhere else if I need to as he is hammering away at
my ass. But now he is going to be fucking my face, I realize there will be
no tuning out, there will be no dissociation, it is going to be my head, my
throat, my face my skull he is going to fuck now.

I am very afraid now. "Trey... I..." I begin to say, trying to find
the words that will get me out of this, but Trey is on me... fast.

He grabs the front of my shirt and literally throws me, flipping me to
the bed in the position he had told me he wanted me. My fear is palpable,
my erection gone, this is not going to be pleasant at all, Trey is
mad. Trey is horny. Trey knows I can do nothing to resist him, it's not
Like I can go to the authorities and cry assault, or... or... ****. So he
is gonna **** me. And he is going to be as rough as he damn well wants to

My erection is gone; Trey's is harder than it has ever been. I am
lying, face up, my head off the end of the bed, Trey's massive donkey dong
is inches from my mouth, my mouth is open and ready, waiting for the
onslaught. I know it will be worse if I resist, I am trying not to.

Trey, stands over me. He aims his dick at my mouth. He rubs the tip of
it against my lips. Precome smears my lips, he squeezes his dick, drawing
more precome out the length of it, dripping several drops into my mouth,
then he pulls up and drips the last two drops in my eye...

It stings my eye. He lets out a low chuckle. "oh this is so fucking
degrading" I think to myself. I am looking up at Trey now through one eye,
he has such the look of superiority.

"You want this?" he asks, I pause. "just please..." Slap. I am going
to say, just please take it slow, but he slaps my face hard cutting me off.

"DO YOU WANT THIS?" he asks much, much more f***efully. I pause
again... SLAP.

"ANSWER ME, BITCH!" SLAP, SLAP, another couple slaps, one on each side
of the face.

"Yes!" I say finally.

"Yes, what?" he asks more calmly.

"YES, I want this, I want to suck your dick, Please Trey, Let me suck
your dick," A pause, "Please, please Trey, please let me try to suck your
dick all the way Trey, Make me suck your dick deeper than anyone has ever
sucked it before. Make your white pussy bitch deep throat your big black

"YOU GOT IT BITCH!" one of his hands is cradling my chin and the side
of my face the other has a light grip around my throat. He pushes his cock
into my mouth and does not stop pushing, I know somewhere in my body that I
need to relax. But, he keeps pushing, and now I am gagging, and he keeps
pushing, and I am gagging around the helmet tip of his cock, and he keeps
going in. With his balls seated against the bridge of my nose, I am
convulsing, dying, smothering, panicking to get away from him, to draw
breath, to get his huge dong out of my throat so I can throw-up, but, he is
holding me down, holding my throat open with his cock, holding the vomit
in... and miraculously, I am able to relax and the moment passes, he draws
his cock out.

I am sputtering and retching and coughing. And he laughs again. Ok,
now, you did it, remember how that felt and lets just keep doing it till
you can take it all, all the way in. you know what you need to do to relax
and take it, now lets keep doing it till you can take it all the way in.

I am finally able to relax and stop coughing and gagging, so he places
just the first few inches in my mouth, and starts fucking that slowly in
and out of my mouth, he is saying a litany of encouraging words to me,
"that's it bitch, take it in, open up for me, use your tongue, oh yeah,
just like that, good bitch, good cock sucker..."

He keeps up a good steady pace. And he starts going just a little
deeper each time, and soon, I know what is coming, and I have time now, I
know I need to open up and relax... but...

His Cock is so fucking big, and my throat has never had any sized cock
in it before and just as he starts hitting my gag button in the back of my
throat, the retch reflex kicks in, and he has to stop. I recover and he
looks at me disappointed.

SLAP, SLAP. "Bitch, you ain't trying very hard.. You need to open up -
I am gonna fuck your throat today, and you are going to open up your throat
for me to fuck your throat, is that clear?" he yells angrily at me, and
then two more hard slaps. SLAP, SLAP

"Yes Sir, I am trying sir, please don't be impatient with me sir, I
will try harder".

"Let's try again, now." He says with frustrated patience. Pushing his
cock back into my mouth now, setting up the slow rhythm, setting the pace
and again slowly a little deeper and a little deeper and a little deeper
each time, and now it seems like I am more eager to please.

"oh, that's it cock-sucker, yeah, take it bitch, oh yeah..." he is
saying. And now he is deeper, and he goes past my retch button a few times
and I let it pass, and now he pulls all the way out.

"Oh that's good, bitch!" now he pushes in to the same depth, and I
take it. And now all the way out, there is spittle and precome and sticky,
frothy saliva covering my face and his cock. And now his cock is back in my
mouth... deeper, deeper... bottoming out... and now he pulls it back out. I
am panting heavily now, grasping and gasping at breath when he is not
blocking my throat with his fucking.

Back in deep suddenly, and he is holding it, I am struggling to stay
relaxed, it is hard.

"Oh, there it is faggot. Your gonna be a good cock sucker. Trey made
turned you out, bitch, you like sucking this cock... you ready for a full
mouth of my jizz, bitch?"

oh shit, I think. I inventory my situation just as Trey is bottoming
out in my throat. I am being skull-fucked by a huge black mother-fucking
cock - all the way in all the way out - and I haven't thought about him
cumming. Of course he is gonna want to cum in my mouth, he is gonna want me
to swallow.

All the way in all the way out, Trey is deep-dicking my face now. I am
staying relaxed, and he is getting faster now, he is building in momentum,
and fervor and f***e.

"Oh, Bitch... oh bitch... you ready for it bitch?... You ready,
bitch?... You are gonna swallow my cum bitch!..." and he is gone now
completely a****l, and I am feeling my throat is being rubbed raw. It is
open for his hammering.

And now I feel his muscles start to tighten, I can hear it in his
breathing and he is there, "take my cum bitch, take it, Take IT, TAKE IT!!"

And I am swallowing, even without tasting it yet, I start to swallow,
and now I taste it, and it is his cum, and I am swallowing Treys cum, his
ball juice, his baby making batter, and he is holding it still now deep in
my throat, I am feeling it pump out of his cock straight into my
gullet. Explosion after explosion, after explosion... he is pumping and
pumping and pumping his spewing cock in to my throat. And just as I am
getting desperate for air, he stops, and slowly pulls out.

I am gasping huge violent gasps for air. It takes me 15 minutes to
recover my breathing, in that time, Trey has recovered, and gone into the
living room turned on the tv, and started eating his meal.

I eventually follow him. He laughs when he sees me. You are gonna need
to pick up a new shirt and tie before you go to work tomorrow... I see that
have spittle stains all down the front of me. He laughs again and tells me
it's cool to take them off before round two.

I try to answer him, but my voice is shot, maybe something to do with
the condition of my throat - and the way a huge black cock has been rubbing
it raw for the last 40 minutes or so. I merely croak out something

This makes Trey Laugh out loud - a loud boisterous laugh - "Bitch
can't speak! I fucked her throat raw!" and between guffaws, " looks like
round 2 is gonna have to be bitches ass!"

97% (23/1)
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3 years ago
Tjhat was pretty rough but very hot thanks
3 years ago
I just got to this Chapter and Im glad I did!!! Thanks for making me shoot!!
3 years ago
Loved it...
3 years ago
Thanks, excellent story!!!!