ST: I'm Straight (Part 1)

Title: I'm Straight. (Interracial oral anal)

If you are u******e to read this, don't. Know your local laws, don't read
this if it is i*****l. This is a story - not real-life. Safe sex is not
used in this story, but you should use it in your life.


Trey was hammering my ass with his huge black cock. As well as being
filled with too muck cock, I had confused feelings, that coursed through
me. Trey had taken me, and was fucking me hard, I don't know exactly how I
ended up in this position, but he got me, I gave in and he was fucking the
life out of me.

You see I am straight. I have never looked at a man with sexual
desire, but something about this man's pure a****l masculine power, had me
dangling off of the end of his turgid fuck prong.

Trey is a friend from the gym, he is in great shape, I noticed and
admired his body but, again I'm not gay so it was purely as appreciation of
the work it took to get himself in that shape. We talked at the gym, he
gave me advice from time to time. I would spot for him and him for me on
occasion. We would occasionally grab a beer together after working out. We
had that in common... not much more, but I am a guy, and for guys it don't
take much in common for guys to hang out together.

When I got to the gym this morning, it was about 10am. On weekdays I
got there a lot earlier, but on the weekends I was a little lazier in
getting there on time. Trey and I arrived at the same time he pulled his
car right next to mine as I was getting out.

"hey, Tom", he said getting out of his car "you just getting here

"yea", I say "I'm feeling lazy today, Michelle's out of town so I'm
moving real slow today. You know how it is", I continue. Michelle is my
girlfriend. She practically lives with me. She kind of kept me from being
lazy and; was really active. I appreciated the way she could keep me
motivated. When she wasn't around, I tended to be a little more

Trey smiled there was something in that smile that was somehow sad
though; I guess I kind of brushed it off. We talked a little more and
agreed to workout together.

We went about our work out, building a quick sweat. He has a great
body and it usually inspires me to work harder when I work out with him,
but again I really wasn't in the mood to push too hard today. He wasn't
pushing too hard either... he seemed distracted today.

We called it quits after about 45 minutes, jokingly blaming the other
one for being lazy. We headed for the showers. The gym had posted a note on
the showers saying they were out of order for the day, something about old
pipes being worked on in the whole building.

Cursing the gym, he offered me a shower at his house, and then a beer
and watch the game on tv after that.

"Great idea" I said, "But, I live closer, I am really wet and sweating
and Michelle is out of town, how bout my place?" He agreed.

We arrived at my place a few minutes later. As we walked into my
house, I apologized for the underwear on the couch and the porno dvd laying
open on the coffee table. Trey snickered, understanding, Michelle wouldn't
be happy with this state of affairs, but, again, she was gone. He sat down
at the couch unlacing his shoes and kicking them off casually. I turned on
the tv warming it up for the game, grabbed two beers from the fridge, and
when I returned, Trey had flipped on the dvd. On the screen there was a
big-titted blonde chick getting double teamed by two guys, one had his hard
cock in her dripping pussy and the other was getting head from her and she
REALLY knew how to suck a dick.

Trey watched enraptured, "I wish I could get head like that..."

"What do you mean... Sheila doesn't take care of that for you?" I

"Nooo... she says I'm too big", he said quietly, dolefully... almost

I laughed an abrupt chortle. I thought he was joking, he had said it
like a k** deprived of his favorite snack treat. Who would ever complain
about having too big a dick - It's like saying I have too much money or my
car is too nice, or my wife likes sex too much...

He looked at me with a sudden sincere pained look in his eyes... I
realized he was being serious. I suddenly felt bad, I didn't mean to hurt
him... his reaction was so real...

We sipped our beers, any levity or lightness sucked from the room. The
Blonde sucking cock suddenly became darkly dreamlike; the shower
temporarily forgotten.

Then without warning, without explanation, Trey stood and took off his
sweaty clothes. Shirt, sweatpants, socks, it didn't seem too strange until
he dropped his shorts and stood before me naked in my living room... with a
porno on. Darkly dreamlike plodded toward downright surreal.

"She just left me... cause she can't suck my cock the way I like her
too." Trey stated matter-of-factly. "She got frustrated and left."

I found myself staring at his meat. He was half-hard, but the girth
and length was amazing, I wouldn't have believed the person describing it
had it been described to me. I'm not small in the dick department. I think
I'm bigger than average, but this motherfucker was huge. It was like a very
long, arrow headed. Like a black velvet cucumber, his balls were huge
too. Surrealer and surrealer, I found myself admiring how well his cock and
balls looked together.

I'm not gay. And I'm not one to check out other guy's dicks, but, ya
know... you see what you see in the locker room and in pornos... and well
the cock that Trey was packin was... was... well... impressive - king
like. I felt somehow... I don't know, somehow inferior to him... somehow

My mouth literally hung open. I was speechless. I felt bad for him. I
like getting head from Michelle and she likes giving it... but Christ, the
size of his cock was... well, I know it's clich^? but he was hung like a
horse. I understood why Sheila was intimidated.

I didn't realize that Trey was staring at me. My mouth hung-open for
too long. I was stunned. In shock. My vision started to tunnel, the edges
darkening. I noticed his dick expanding and rising, getting bigger and more
excited... the porno and maybe something more was acting upon him. Trey was
getting aroused.

Trey started stepped toward me, we were no more than a foot or two
apart, but that step or two was like slow motion. A slow sensuous
spectacle, a seductive dance; I was hypnotized by his massive black cock,
his slightly swaying balls and the powerful undulations of his tightly
bound musculature..

I became aware of the strong, virile body of that beautiful dark
skinned example of masculine, muscle and power. His chest was cut, chiseled
muscular perfection, his shoulders broad and strong. His legs were powerful
and thick. I became aware of the glistening of his skin; the sweat still
clung to him from the work out. I became aware of his scent... the strong
pungent post-work-out scent of his sweat, of the pheromones wafting and
exuding pure a****l lust. That scent more than anything else affected me in
ways I was not yet aware.

Without speaking he grabbed my head, I was still seated, he simple
pushed his cock in my mouth.

I was overwhelmed. I am straight. I'm not gay. I have never had any
sexual desire for a man. I haven't played around or experimented with
another man... ever. It just had never interested me. And now I had this
huge black cock trying to make it's way down my throat.

I reached out in reaction to steady myself and grabbed his hips. His
skin was damp with sweat, as I filled my lungs with his manly, musky sweat
I melted, his cock throbbing in my mouth.

Somewhere there was a voice, I heard it screaming out... "I'M NOT GAY,
Why am I letting this dick go into my mouth?" And somewhere else there was
this quiet place telling me that this was my place. That I had to do what
was demanded of me, and that it was not my place to question why. I was
fading; somehow the person was becoming the thing... The thing that was to
make Trey feel better.

I reached up and felt the hard muscles of his stomach, chest and
sides. I continued my exploration of his body as I sucked his cock more and
more receptively. Trey was trying to get more and more of his cock into my
mouth. But, I was not up to the physical challenge of his body's superior
dimensions; I gagged.

"You can't take it all either, Bitch" he growled at me. I understood
suddenly that he was angry. I had laughed at him. I had made fun that his
girlfriend couldn't accommodate all of his cock; this had hurt and angered

"Stand up" he ordered. I did, I was his inferior now. Then, "turn
around and bend over." I understood the words and complied... I guess I
kind of knew what he was going to do to me, but I really wasn't completely
aware of what all that meant.

He pulled my shorts down to my knees, exposing my ass. He spat in the
crack of my ass and rubbed the spit around a little bit with his thumb into
my asshole. I then felt his massive cock begin to push at me... Just then
self-preservation kicked in... I snapped out of my hypnotic delirium...I
understood what was going to happen to me... and too late I tried to pull

"No" I begged.

"YESSSS", He said suddenly driving into me.

Time stopped. I screamed, but no sound came out. I was frozen, in
shock, stunned into incapacity. And in that moment, that moment when his
massive cock insinuated itself into me... any sense of self was replaced,
momentarily replaced by pain; pain that would eventually be replaced by
surrender, surrender that would eventually be replaced
by... Pleasure(?). In the mean time, however, there would be much more pain
to endure.

He was ripping me open. And he wasn't even a quarter of the way in me
yet... A fact he was to drive home shortly.

I felt my body urgently scrambling to get away from him, to get him
out, to get him off of me. My body folded and collapsed to the floor.

Trey fell on top of me, his cock wedged partially up my ass. Air had
finally found it's way to and from my lungs, I was screaming till he
grabbed a pillow from the couch and jammed it into my face. The pain was

"Shut the fuck up bitch", struggling on top of me shoving my legs
apart, stuffing more and more of his impossibly large cock into my ass. He
reached out and locked both of my arms; in a full nelson, pinning me in
complete physical submission. His body flat on mine, face down in the
pillow on the floor, his thick man-prong digging it's way into me.

His face close to my ear now, "take my fuck" he whispered, low and
guttural, his hot breath on my neck and ear. I was struggling to breathe,
between gasps of pain. I saw blackness creep into my vision, I squeezed my
eyes shut, I felt as though I was going to faint from the pain. I didn't,
but the pain being as intense as it was, I wish I had.

He used his strong legs to pry mine further apart. As he was moving
his groin against my ass from side to side, trying to burrow deeper and
deeper into me, he pushed my shirt up over my head. I could feel his
masculine chest covered in dewy sweat on my back... in a rush it felt
erotic... a small island of erotic (dare I say pleasure) in a so far
endless sea of pain and submission. He rested there for a moment, I can't
say how long, and somewhere in my deep hidden mind, I had a secret hope
that he had felt the same erotic sensation/connection (pleasure) that I
had; his sweaty chest on my sweaty back.

He was slower now, more deliberate, more f***eful. I could feel the
impossible stretch of my sphincter muscle as he spread me wider and
wider. I could smell the pure a****l lust of him as he f***ed himself on me
and into me. I felt all of his weight on my back, I felt this sexual
creature inflicting himself on me, forcing himself into me... I felt him
r****g me.

Once he felt like he was far enough in me he just laid on top of
me. He had wedged his arms up underneath my arms, and each hand was
grabbing on to my shoulders to pull me back on to his short jabs and (so
far) restrained thrusts.

He leaned in close to my ear, and spat, "I'm fuckin this ass." He
pauses letting the words sink in and percolate for just a bit.

"I'm gonna ruin it" He says this with such venom and so close to my
ear it felt like he literally spat this at me, my ear was wet.

He laid on top of me for a long time allowing me to get used to his
cock, and I think to prolong the fuck. This was a fuck about power; it
wasn't about sexual pleasure, certainly not for me.

"now whiteboy, I'm gonna break in that new pussy of yours and your
gonna love it." He said in a clear, unemotional, matter-of-fact voice. We
were on the floor, right next to the coffee table in my living room, he
reached up and grabbed his beer and downed it. Then with his fat, thick
slab of a cock still wedged well up my ass, pinning me to the ground, he
grabbed my beer and told me to drink it down; he had plans for me for a
while I would be getting a break for a while. I took his advice and downed
it awkwardly from underneath him, His cock firmly planted deep in me. I was
strangely touched by his thoughtfulness.

When I finished the beer he started in on me. He started with slow
short jabs and gradually built speed. The pain was still quite excruciating
and I occasionally found myself screaming in the pillow he had provided
me. He kept up an almost constant barrage of name-calling. He called me
bitch, pussy, cunt, slut, whore, faggot and every combination of those
words... the humiliation was second only to the pain.

Pretty soon he was hammering into me with all his weight and might,
long-dicking my ass then, short jackrabbit humping, then slow withdrawals
and vicious stabbing punch thrusts. He was brutal.

I felt myself submitting to this man. I am straight. So, It wasn't as
though he turned me on or anything, but his dick was jammed up my ass, and
he was fucking me, it was about him inflicting his power on me as each
thrust of his cock shoved further and further up in me. And my submission
to him was more and more complete as he pumped me again and again with his
turgid manhood. In my submission I was happy that I could provide this
black masculine stud with proof of his power. I would be his receptacle, I
would be his bitch, his whiteboy pussy, I would gladly be his cunt whore
slut faggot.

I began to meet his thrusts, as he fucked me deeper and deeper, I felt
him going up me further and further, he was moaning now. He was still full
out laying on my back, his hot wet breath in my right ear singing to me in
grunts and groans a song only he and the ancient cadence of male-fuck-power
dominance could understand.

He suddenly stopped and punched me in the side. Maybe just hard enough
to bruise me, not enough to break a rib, but certainly enough to startle
the hell out of me. He must have loved how the surprise of the punch made
my sphincter tighten around him, cause he moaned and did it again, and
again, and again. I got the idea, and tightened my ass around him, milking
him. He had trained me, I realized later.

Without warning he lifted me, flipped me over and drove himself deeper
still now in missionary; his cock never leaving the warm home of my
intestines. It happened so fast, I lay there blinking, incomprehensibly
looking up into my captors face.

There was no break in the fucking though. He had my hands pinned at
the wrists increasing his leverage there on the floor of my living room. In
this new position he hammered at my ass with even more f***e, he had found
a way to gain momentum, and inertia and raw unbridled f***e. His face was
pouring sweat and I tasted him, drinking him, desperately wanting to lap up
every essence of him.

In a deeply a****listic way, he knew exactly what he was doing, by
flipping me over and forcing me to watch him **** me face to face, he made
me realize that he was in charge. He made me realize that this was for
him. He made me realize that there was just one thing here that
mattered... his pleasure, his domination, his busting a nutt.

He was the only person that existed in this coupling. I was a hole. A
thing that he was using to get what he needed. And in that instant that I
stopped being, my sphincter tightened, to give him more and more pleasure,
my submission was absolute

Any pain I had felt, any insistence that I was straight, any
reluctance to what Trey wanted from me was entirely subjugated by this
amazing fuck he was throwing me.

There was no way for me to be conscious of the fact, but Trey had been
fucking me for more than an hour - a fact that I would be intensely aware
of the next day.

I could feel subtle changes in Treys fuck barrage and knew that his
climax was approaching. I was excited by the fact that I would soon be
fulfilling my destiny as cum receptacle I wanted to receive his essence, to
be impregnated by him, to have him fill me with his sperm.

I thought it impossible that the intensity of his fucking me could
ever possibly intensify, but he seemed to surprise me again. He rammed and
jabbed and plunged into me deeper harder, faster in his last ditch effort
to reshape me into his perfect and exclusive cum bucket.

As he drove his cock into me again and again and again... hammering my
ass with all the physical power he possessed, grunting with effort, his
face contorted with erotic exertion panting and driving and jamming into me
cumming great heaving jolts. Hot white jettisoning man juice fills me, I
feel it, again and again and again, injecting me, his massive cock
unloading it's precious nectar in me as a warmth fills me from my core
outward. He is howling and shuddering and he keeps going on and on and

And finally with a few mighty gasps he collapses on me his face next
to mine, his sweat drowning me in pheromonic heat, His breath hot and moist
in my ear, I shiver, and convulse in pleasure, like an orgasm in my ass as
I squeeze him. I feel his amazing manhood throbbing lightly in me
dribbling last bits of sperm pump in me, never losing it's power over me,
never losing it's turgidity in me.

I am so fulfilled right now, this is so right, I am exactly perfect,
whole, and satisfied. Right now, nothing else exists in the world; but the
power that was exerted over me, the essence that was injected into me and
the pleasure that was taken out on me.

A strange sadness fills me as I realize that when Trey takes his cock
out of me I will no longer feel the fullness of being I feel now. I begin
to gently, massagingly squeeze my sphincter around his wondrous man-prong
in time to his slowly fading cum cadence.

I know he has just released his seed in me, but, I want him to fuck me
again, without pulling his cock out of me.

96% (48/2)
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story, shame that it isn't real or is it...
2 years ago
WOW WOW WOW Tom, GREAT READ my MAN...fuk! i stare at a few STUDS like this at my gym...need to keep on doing it..could go for one or all of em taking me and using me like this!
3 years ago
really a good read :)
3 years ago
awesome story, it gave me a hard-on. I agree with rafael0058. You may not be gay but bi is great too
3 years ago
Amazing story, what a lucky guy!! "I'm not gay" - that's what we all think, but then taste the forbidden fruit and realize that it is the ultimate pleasure in sex: to serve a dominant male.
3 years ago
i wanna go camping
3 years ago
Awesome! Can'wait to
3 years ago
Fantastic story, very well written. Makes me want to go to the gym!!! Thanks again, Hank
4 years ago
this a great tale. more like prose than porn i do love a good large tugid
4 years ago
You may not be gay but bi is great too thanks
4 years ago
maybe we should go camping... and change that... give your tight white asshole a stretching with my tongue and fingers and see if I can't fit my hard smooth cock up in there...

I will be gentle (at first) and use lots of lube...
4 years ago
I never had anal sex with a guy but i have given oral to a few friends and strangers over the years ,it totaly caught me by suprise the day i wanted to give a guy on a camping trip head and i enjoyed it so much i continued for a few years just sucking various people .I never went any further but i enjoyed what i did.