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This story is about how I seduced a 39 year old married milf off a dating website. This is a genuine story and I will be recording and taking pictures the next time we meet up. This happened last year so I was 23 and she was 39. I had a girlfriend and the time but I wanted Kate's pussy too bad to miss out. Kate is 39 , married and has 4 k**s, she lives relatively local to me so it was quite easy to meet up.

We got talking over a course of a few weeks , exchanged numbers and started to flirt more and more each day, then one night I thought I'd try my luck and asked for a sexy pic, she was a little hesitant at first but she soon sent me a picture of her amazing breats, they were so perfectly shaped and natural. I returned the favour and sent in some less raunchy pictures whilst she was sending me various pictures of her boobs, she started to talk dirty to me and I started wanking off.

I got the picture of her boobs up on my phone and wanked off to the sight of them, I told her what I was doing , she was shocked but wanted to see, I took a picture of my throbbing cock with a little pre cum on top and she was shocked again with the size of it , her first comment was "well your hung aren't you" I teased her more and sent her a video of me playing with my cock till I cummed and shouted her name . Kate love the thought of me wanking over her and started to finger her wet pussy.

Over the next few days I started to press for a meeting, after a few nights of pictures and videos kate agreed to meet me, she had to go out shopping and said she would meet me then so no one could think anything was going off. She told her husband that she had to go to the shops. He wanted to go with her but she insisted he stayed with the k**s.

She text me to come meet me at the location we chose. I dropped a Viagra an hour before meeting her as I wanted to fuck her hard. She was parked in the corner of the car park in her little blue car, I met her in the van so we could fuck in the back. She got out her car and was wearing leggings , a white shirt and jacket. The shirt was undone and could see her massive breasts through the opening of her jacket. We greeted each other and then I said let's get in the back of the van, she was a little nervous asking what she was doing here and why is she cheating on her husband, I just laughed and sunk my tongue deep into her mouth.

She kissed back furiously, my cock got instantly hard, i pulled away and she said "that was a good ice breaker" I laughed again and started kissing her neck and her lips, I removed the jacket and cupped her massive tits as I kisses her, they felt amazing, so big but yet so perfect shaped. I finders her tits till each nipple was standing to a point and the slivered my hand into her leggings, I placed my hand on top of her clit which was wet through , like she had already cummed in her pants, I pulled the laced material to one side, played with her pussy lips and then eased my fingers into her.

She gasped as my fingers sunk into her dripping pussy, she kept on gasping and arching her back at each moan, I wanted her to suck me off so I told her to kneel down , I dropped my trousers and my cock flopped out, she played with it for a few seconds and then I grabbed her head and sunk it into her throat. She suck me off for a few minutes and then I told her to turn around.

She was bent over in the van , her pussy was oozing cum, I drover me fingers into her hard and fast, wet my cock with her juices and then rammed it in her pussy , she was surprisingly quite tight after having 4 k**s, I fucked her hard and deep for as long as I could hold my cum In for , she orgasmed twice in the same position, I was ready to explode so I pulled my cock out turned her round and shot it all over her huge tits.

I wiped her down, we had a chat and she went on her way, luckily she bought some clean pants and put them on, the filthy bitch left me her pants as a momento, I of course gave them a good sniff.

Video and pics will come as soon as I meet her again
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11 months ago
What a great story. You got her off good.
1 year ago
Great story. Can't wait for the follow up
1 year ago
my slut milf gf picks college boys up and brings em home
1 year ago
oh yeah, milf hot
1 year ago
Awesome,,,yes hit me when you get the pics and videos..thanks
1 year ago
1 year ago
great story. cant wait to see her. what a slut