Holiday with my wife and mom

It was summer 2012, we had arranged to go away for a small break so we booked 7 days on a beach and invited mom along, we had separate rooms across the pool from each other. My wife has never known about how I've fucked my mom many times.

On the 3rd day of being on holiday we was on the beach, I was sunbathing as my mom Tina and wife Elaine were in the sea, they both got out together, and I didn't know which one to look at, my wife had a bright yellow bikini on, it shown off her body well, you could tell she worked out, her ass cheeks bellowed through the bikini bottoms, unaware mom had removed her bikini top in the sea, her massive FF breasts were on show for the whole beach to see.

I managed to get good glimpses of both of them and took a picture in my head of them coming out the sea all dripping wet. Elaine wanted to head back as it was around 5 and she wanted to go out for a meal around 7. We headed back to our rooms, and had arranged to meet mom at 7 in the lobby area.

It was time to go meet mom, Elaine wore a causes pair of short shorts and a low cut top, she kept sending me messages and hints that she wanted me to fuck her. Mom was wearing a flowery maxi dress, both of them looked amazing and we set off to a nice little Italian restaurant which was 10 mins away, we arrived and got a nice table in the corner overlooking the sea. Elaine sat next to me and mom opposite .

By the time we had eaten our meals and had a few glasses of wine we was all getting a little tipsy, through the course of a few more drinks my wife kept putting her hand on my cock and rubbing it till it was hard, I wanted to rip her shorts off and fuck her there. Mom had also started playing footsie, she often slipped her foot around the shaft, I removed my shoe to return the favour, this was when she grabbed it, placed it under her dress and onto her pussy, she wasn't wearing any panties and it felt like she had already cummed.

It was time to head back, we arrived back at the hotel, we walked mom to her door and said night , I turned around as we walked away and she expressed she wanted my cock in her mouth .

We got back to the room, I went for a quick shower but before I could start washing the soap off Elaine and appeared , naked and her nipples rock hard, she kissed my lips and started to fondle me, I quickly got hard, and started to kissing her passionately , she dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock, she was under the shower head , her head was getting faster and my cock was getting deeper , she looked amazing , all wet, her boobs were dripping and made me want to fuck her even more. I shot a load into the back of her throat and picking her up off the floor.

I had both ass cheeks in each hand , holding her against the wall , she rubbed my cock around her pussy then guided it in. Elaine loved to be fucked hard, I switched the shower off and fucked her up the wall of the bathroom, I caressed her massive tits and fingered her ass at times. She orgasmed after about 5 minutes and I quickly came after. I then proceeded to shower as Elaine got out and jumped into bed.

By the time I had washed Elaine was fast asl**p, I woke her and said I would go check on mom. I walked across to moms room and all the lights were still on. I knocked quietly and she called me in , I locked the door behind me, turned around and mom was stood there in fish net stockings and a bra. She knew what she wanted, so do I!!

I walked up to her and kisses her soft wet lips, she groaned as we kissed deeply , tongues mixing around each others mouths. Mom guided me to the bedroom, she was playing with my dick all the way , when we got to the bed I pushed her down on the bed, got on my knees and buried my face between her legs. Her pussy tasted amazing , it was still so tight and neat. My tongue drove deep into her pussy, twisting and licking savouring every drop of cunt juices, I played with her clit and fondled her breasts, her nipples were static, as hard as my throbbing cock.

Moms body started to shake and I knew what was coming, a big load of cum was heading my way, my tongue got faster and deeper , my fingers got further into her Ass as she exploded into my mouth, it filled my mouth and some dribbled out , I swallowed what I could and then mom licked the rest off my face. I got up off the floor and teased mom with my cock on her lips.

I rubbed it around her soaking wet soft pussy lips, I placed the head inside and then back out , I carried on teasing her till she told me to fuck mommy! I eased my 9inches into her clit, the 3inch thickness f***ed her cunt wide open, I took a few slow strokes to get my cock soaked in her pussy juice and then I started to pound her, I got her legs only shoulders and drove my cock deep into her womb , my balls were bouncing off her ass and made a loud slapping noise after each stroke . I had one of massive tit in each had, whilst I fucked her hard. We swapped position so she could ride me. I laid down and mom stood over me, playing with her dripping clit and asking if I wanted to fuck mommys tight pussy, there was no wanting to, I was going to I told her.

She lowered herself down and guided my throbbing cock into her, she looked amazing on top as her boobs bounced as she did, she bent down a couple time for deep lingering kisses. As she rode me I could feel my balls filling and getting ready to shoot.

I told mom to get up and bend over so I could fuck her ass, but before she let me fuck it she started to clean my cock of all her cunt juices, her tongue was soft and wet, her tongue swirled around my cock and I grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth till she started to gag.

I bent mom over, wiped some of her pussy juices her her ass hole. , plunged my fingers in to lube her up, and then started to ease my cock in. I hadn't fucked her ass in a while and you could tell, it was a very tight squeeze . After a few pumps I got into a rhythm and started to beat her asshole with my cock, she moaned and groaned whilst I rubbed her clit too. as I was ploughing deep Into her ass I couldn't help looking at her amazingly tone ass cheeks.

I was ready to cum and told mom that I was going to going faster and harder so I could shoot my load into her stomach. She started to play with her pussy, I could see her cum dripping out at each poke, her body gave way as she orgasmed and fell face first Into the bed, I carried on fucking her till I cummed deep Into her ass hole.

I turned her over and gave her a long lingering kiss, I told her I had to shower before returning to Tina , I brushed my teeth and hopped in the shower. Mom came into the bath room as I was washing, she wanted to taste my cum again, she sucked me off faster than ever, I cummed all over her face and breasts, she licked some off and rubbed the rest in like it was a body lotion. I gt dressed and headed back to my room to Tina , luckily she was a deep sl**per and didn't notice I had been gone 2 hours.

We carried on the holiday as normal, mom giving me a grope when she could. On the 6th day she told me she wanted me to come round her house when we got back home for an all day session!!!
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4 months ago
wow 9 inch and 3 inches thick quite impressive
8 months ago
Very HOT!!
9 months ago
Please tell me all three of you get it on
9 months ago
You lucky guy,,,although I feel moms are always best
9 months ago
what a great story hope to read what happens after the holiday.24.5.2014