My fiancés birthday

It was the day of my fiancés birthday, it was her 42nd. She was really excited about this one as I had told her for weeks she was getting a double surprise. Through out the day I teased her what it could be, I sent her naughty messages to get her horny , she responded with pictures of her amazing breasts which were a natural 32DD and incredible ass that looked like it was off a model 20 years younger.

For dinner I cooked her favourite meal, lasagne , I wasn't a fan of it but I'd do anything to make her happy, it was around 8pm and she was on her second bottle of wine, I whipped out her birthday present which was a 3carat diamond ring. She loved it and gave me a massive hug.

It was time for her treat, I got her into bed and she wore her pale green lace panties and bra, just seeing this made me hard, I was such a lucky man. I got her onto the bed, slowly kissing her , caressing every inch of her body, I kissed her neck and down to her nipples, and sucked them till they couldn't get any harder, I snook out the handcuffs and placed them around her wrists . I then blindfolded her, I kissed slowly from her nipples to her clit, I removed her panties with my teeth and lovingly massaged her tight wet pussy.

My tongue was deep into her as the door opened, the big surprise was here, it was my aunt Tina ,she wore nothing other than stars over her nipples. Elaine didn't hear her come in, I signalled to Tina to swap places, Tina buried her tongue into Lucy's wet lips and fingered her, Elaine knew it wasn't me now as she felt a woman's touch (her nails) she tried to guess who it was but she couldn't move, I rubbed my cock around her mouth and she started to suck me off.

She froze Into gasped as my aunt made her orgasm many times, I shot my load into Elaine's mouth where she swallowed every drop of it, I removed the handcuff and Elaine removed the blindfold, there she seen my aunt Tina licking her furiously, Elaine loved it but wanted to return the favour.

The two ladies got into a 69 position and sucked and fingered each other's pussys, I watched for a few minutes, but then Tina squirted heavily into Elaine's face, Elaine was so turned on she cummed violently into Tina's , they both was licking eachother cum off their faces and clits, I was rock hard seeing them do this, I picked up my fiancé and laid her on her back, I eased my cock into her pussy.

Elaine liked to be fucked hard, I pounded her as my aunt had sat on her face , burying my 9inchs into her , I have her tits a good squeeze. We rolled over so she was on top, I carried on fucking her and Tina started to lick Elaine's ass out and finger it. I've never seen Elaine so turned on, she cummed again but my cock was buried and kept her juices In, I could feel it all slushing around to every pound. Tina had two fingers up Elaine's ass as she removed them and swapped it for the strap on dildo she was wearing, Elaine was getting fucked in both holes.

He head was buried into the pillow to obtain her orgasmic screams, she bite my neck and she had an amazing orgasm, it was now my aunts turn.

Elaine got up her pussy was dripping in cum, I wanted to eat her out but she insisted she wanted to fuck Tina, Tina bent over to allow Elaine to fuck her from behind with the strap on, seeing my fiancés ass grinding like it was made me wank off, it was an amazing ass and for it to be grinding deep to fuck my aunt made me want to cum.

I wanked off at the side until Elaine told me to cum in Tina's mouth, I shot it into her soft mouth almost instantly. Elaine loved fucking Tina, we then went into position so I could fuck Tina's pussy and Elaine could pound her ass, Elaine was already pounding before I entered Tina, as my cock touch the lips of Tina's cunt she cummed all over me, I slipped in easily and fucked her, Elaine had reached around to fondle Tina's clit and rubbed violently, I pulled out as Tina was about to squirt, she shot a load over the bed.

She smiled with orgasm, my future wife wanted more cock, Tina stood up and wiped herself down from the dripping spunk, I started fucking Elaine again, I cummed deep into her and kept on pumping, after about 5 minutes Elaine was ready, she got off my cock and hovered over me, she rubbed and fingered herself , her legs gave way and she squirted heavily into my face.

This was some birthday treat, my aunt rings up now and then to see if it's anyone's birthday.
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Loved it thanks for posting it for us