Three some in the van

My friend Mitch rang me up on a Saturday night, explaining that he had got back with his ex girlfriend Lucy , as you may be aware, I've mentioned Lucy in one of my previous stories. A quick recap- Mitch is about 5ft11 and well built , being my best friend and gym partner we do a lot together. Lucy was a size 6/8 really toned ass and size EE fake boobs.

Anyway as I was saying , Mitch rang me and told me the situation he was in, he wanted to give Lucy an amazing night, and she wanted to be treated like a slut. I had just the idea, I told Mitch to take her out in his van, go for a meal and a few drinks, then for dessert go to a dark country lane and fuck her in the back of the van.

The night came and Mitch text to say all was well, he told me where he would be on the country lane, I approached the van from behind so they couldn't see my car lights, the van was rocking but wasn't much noise coming from the inside. I banged violently on the side and they both squealed, I couldn't help but laugh.

The side door on the van opened, Mitch was kneeling there has hard as a rock, and Lucy was laying on the floor of the van, her eyes lit up when she seen it was me, judging from our previous encounters she loved my cock. I asked if they needed an hand, Lucy grinned and Mitch invited me in.

Mitch started licking Lucy's pussy out whilst I undressed, before my trousers in the floor Lucy had my cock in her mouth , she wasn't bothered about what Mitch was doing, she was concentrating on me too much, I thought Mitch might realise something had happened.

I swapped places with Mitch and started to lick Lucy out, I got her dripping wet and had her body grinding to my tongues stride, Mitch was near enough fucking her mouth to get enough movement out of her .

I gave my cock a few tugs to makesure I was solid, and eased it into Lucy, her face told me what she was feeling , her eyes shut and her mouth opened as I started to drive my 9incher deep into her cunt, I told Mitch to work her ass and then fuck the shit out of her. I was pounding Lucy's pussy and Mitch was in her ass, she cummed all over my cock but I wasn't done yet.

I got Mitch to lie Down and fuck Lucy's now gushing wet pussy whilst I buried my cock in her ass, again she didn't seem to Intrested in mitches actions , I drove my cock hard and deep into her ass, forcing her face into the floor of the van whilst I pumped.

Mitch had cummed up Lucy's cunt and she knew he did from her comment "get out Mitch and let tom fuck me properly" I didn't know where to look to be honest, but I pulled out her ass, didn't even tease her cunt and rammed it straight in, I fucked her on the floor, up the sides if the van and over the front seats, Lucy suddenly started shaking a cum squirted out her pussy , I pulled my cock out and rubbed her clit hard and fast to make her squirt even more.

Lucy took my cock deep into her mouth and sucked hard and fast, her tongue was so soft and warm I wanted to cum instantly, instead I held it in and at the last minute pulled out and cummed all over her fake breasts.

Mitch didn't talk much afterwards and I departed, Lucy then sent me a text to come round her house. I replied that I would be there in 5 ;)
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