New house surprise

This story is about how I ended up sl**ping with the estate agent who sold me my new house, I'm 24 and just managed to scrimp and save to put a deposit down in a new house, I'm 6ft 2 and very athletic due to being into most sports. Elaine is the estate agent who works permanently from the site where I now live.

She had always been a little flirty when I started looking around the estate, giving me some sexy smiles and winks and the occasional dropping the pen routine but I assumed it was to sell houses and thought nothing of it.

Until the day I went running around the lakes , it was a hot summery day and I ended up whipping the vest off and coming into my estate with a sweat dripping six pack on show, Elaine's eyes lit up, she howled "When do we see the rest with a naughty wink " and my reply was when I see yours!

It was then she dropped the bombshell, "ok come see it in the show house" she winked and walked across the street into the show house, Elaine was 5ft 10 nice slim figure, all naturally toned . She had blonde/brown shoulder length hair and looked around 40.

I laughed and thought she was joking till she shouted to hurry up. As soon as I walked in the door and shut it behind me, she pounced on me like she hadn't had sex in years, her kisses was long and passionate, I picked her up by her ass and carried her to the lounge sofa.

Her top was off by the time I placed her down and she wore a blue bra which started dark and faded light, her breasts were incredible , looked so firm, I wasted now time and whipped my no hard 8inch cock out!

Elaine sucked and wanked vigourously , my cock was so hard the veins were even pumping . I shot my load deep into her mouth , I then literally ripped off her pencil skirt and matching blue lace panties

My tongue was soon deep into her warm smooth cunt, her back was arching on the sofa as she bumped and groaned in rhythm . I put to fingers in her cunt and 2 up her ass, she was now virtually screaming in ecstasy.

My cock was still rock hard , I rubbed it around the cunts wet lips and slowly eased it in, it was pretty tight, warm and wet, Elaine wanted to take control now, she rolled over and was on top of me, her naked breasts looked amazing as they bobbled to her flow, her ass was grinding deeper and deeper.

I wanted to put my cock up her ass so I got her into doggy position and got her to open her ass cheeks wide, after using some of her cunts juices to lube the entrance I rammed my cock so far in her ass she screamed in pain, but she carried on fingering her self. I was about to come her Elaine's as she pulled away but as she did I let go and cummed all over her back.

She spun round and sucked her ass off my cock and begged me to fuck her more, I lifted her up against the wall and fucked her against the stripey wall paper. As she was about to cum her body started shaking and she bit into my shoulder , she must of had a lot to get out as it f***ed my cock out her tight cunt and sprayed the floor with her cunt juices.

Elaine is no my fiancé and pregnant with my c***d. We have amazing sex every night and I couldn't ask for a sexier wife to be!!
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Great thanks for posting it for us
11 months ago
Great story